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Jewelry Appraisal experts around Rockville MD

Reviews of respected Appraisers, Gemologists & Gem Labs who provide jewelry appraisal and gem testing services to the City of Rockville and throughout Montgomery County. Appraisals for insurance replacement, probate, equitable distribution, donation, resale, divorce and services to assist in purchase verification and expert witness scenarios.

All JAW Associates:

  • Are full-time accredited Appraisers and diamond experts, not retail jewelers.
  • Are fully qualified and experienced.
  • Have had all of their credentials independently verified by us.
  • Are held to account by national and sometimes also international appraisal governing bodies.

Click the "View Profile" button on the Appraisers' listings below to view their full profile. This displays their credentials, appraisal cost, gallery, client reviews, an outline of their appraisal & gemological services and advice on how you can do business with them.

The Appraisers below are arranged in order of the number of customer reviews they have received.

Faceted gemstone
Sherlene Bradbury  - Diamond expert

Yantz Bradbury Associates

Rockville, MD, USA

Rating (6 reviews)
Star rating5.0

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This mobile gem lab appraises your jewelry, watches, diamonds and gems in your own home. All the equipment required to accurately create a detailed appraisal is brought to you. Typically all documentation will be presented to you on leaving your home. All assessments are performed by Graduate Gemologist and jewelry expert, Sherlene Bradbury GG (GIA) who, for your protection and confidence, has undergone a background check by Global Investigative Services.

Appraisals and jewelry consultations are also available from YBAssociates' office in Rockville MD... [more info, fees, reviews etc]

info iconTypes of Jewelry Appraisals

Only those specifically referred to on this page are described here

Further types will be mentioned on the Appraisers' profile pages as there are several other types of appraisal reports, each with its own particular wording, purpose, objectives and resulting values. For an expanded list of valuation types, go to the Appraisal Definitions page.

Liquidation (commonly requested) - an appraisal provided to assist the client in the relatively rapid sale of their jewelry or watches may take the form of an appraisal report or a restricted report. It may be presented in either written or verbal format and as with other types of resale valuations the level of detail included and the type of value(s) requested are the client’s choice.

Fair Market Value (occasionally requested) - This type of value is most commonly defined by law, regulation or a local jurisdiction. In general there is no presumption that a sale will occur within a specific time in the future but rather the assumption that the sale had occurred as of the valuation date. The broad, generic definition is: ‘The price at which the jewelry would change hands between a willing buyer and a willing seller, neither being under any compulsion to buy or sell, and both having reasonable knowledge of relevant facts’.