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There is a long tradition of consumers taking their jewellery, gemstones and diamonds to a Jeweller for appraisal and valuation as opposed to an independent professional Valuer. This situation is changing as jewellery valuation becomes more specialised, technical and has increasing legal implications. However, a large number of far-sighted jewellers see the benefits of using an independent jewellery valuation service and engage the services of an external specialist.

Benefits for the consumer include:

  • A consistent, timely turnaround, as the Valuer is usually contracted to complete the work within a set time frame.
  • Generally, you will receive a higher standard of appraisal report as it has been produced by someone who spends all their time analysing markets, examining jewellery and performing gemmological testing procedures.
  • A service that is carried out in a well-equipped laboratory using the latest equipment, techniques and instrumentation that are required to grade diamonds accurately, identify the latest gemstone treatments and synthetic gems.
  • The most highly qualified and experienced people in the jewellery trade are usually professional jewellery valuers. They spend a great deal of time and money updating their education, as required by the governing bodies who oversee and monitor this section of the trade.

For a Jeweller to use an independent business to handle their valuation service says volumes about the integrity of the jeweller involved and the faith that they have in their own stock, as very often the jewellery valuation business will be assessing jewellery that has been previously purchased from the jeweller.


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