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Jewellery Valuer, Exeter Devon
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Over fifty years of jewellery trade knowledge is available to you when you obtain a valuation report from him. Michael has worked in the West End of London as a jewellery designer and maker, owned a small private jewellery shop and then gone on to provide a jewellery valuation service providing the most detailed and professional independent valuation reports available today. Gemmological and Appraisal learning is also at your disposal as Michael holds the Fellowship of the Gemmological Association of Great Britain (Gem-A) and is a Founder Fellow of the Jewellery Valuers Association.

The city of Exeter is strategically placed as a key commercial hub in South-West England. What better place then to have a dedicated jewellery valuation service which serves Devon and Cornwall, parts of Somerset and Dorset and other areas of Southern England. This business has offices in a purpose built modern complex and offers helpful reception staff, a waiting area for visitors, air conditioning and is close to the M5 motorway, the A38 expressway from Plymouth and Cornwall and is near to Exeter International airport.

Michael Inkpen also brings his extensive experience to help maintain standards within the profession, he is a Monitor with the Jewellery Valuers Association ( JVA ) and, with other scrutineers, checks the professionalism and accuracy of other Valuers work.


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  • IRV - David Wilkins Award 2011 & 2018


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Michael Inkpen FGA Ltd
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Reviews (49)
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avatarMark. Exeter

Review starsNov 2022

Ring Value

Thank you Michael for a comprehensive and thorough valuation. Really helped to explain the origins of the ring and reasons for the valuation.

Expertise / Items Examined: A ring.

avatarK.H. Exeter

Review starsOct 2022

Excellent Service

Michael valued several pieces of jewellery for me for insurance purposes. He was professional, fast, thorough and communicated throughout. I wouldn't hesistate to use him again or recommend him.

Expertise / Items Examined: Michael valued a mixture of diamond, emerald and opal rings with different metals. He also valued a diamond and platinum necklace.

avatarKizzie. Exeter

Review starsAug 2022

Excellent Service

This was an excellent service, that provided me exactly what I needed, a valuation for insurance purposes. Michael was pleasant, knowledgable and professional. I would highly recommend Michael Inkpen FGA Ltd to anybody looking for jewellery appraisal and valuation services. Should I need any of these services again, I will returning to Michael in the future.

Expertise / Items Examined: A diamond trilogy engagement ring.

avatarJ.Summers. Exeter

Review starsAug 2022

A Very Professional Service

I needed a valuation for my insurance company of a recently purchased diamond pendant. Michael's report was extremely comprehensive and, during the time I spent with him, I learned a great about precious stones and metals. Michael clearly knows his stuff and I consider myself lucky that I was able to use his service. I cannot recommend it too highly.

Expertise / Items Examined: Diamond perndant.

avatarTracey. Exeter

Review starsJun 2022

Excellent Professional Service

I bought quite an expensive ring (for me) recently and wanted to verify it was both genuine and that the price paid was about right. I booked an appointment for this and was really impressed at his depth of knowledge, the detail gone into and just the all round genuinely great service for a reasonable price. Thankyou, I would definitely use Michael's expertise again and thoroughly recommend him.

Expertise / Items Examined: A ring.

avatarREH. Exeter

Review starsApr 2022

Highly Professional Valuation

I had two recently inherited rings valued by Michael Inkpen. I had not bargained for the degree of information and the quality of detail that I received. This was a true professional at work. I cannot recommend his services too highly.

Expertise / Items Examined: Two rings for an insurance valuation.

avatarJill. Exeter

Review starsMar 2022

Brilliant Service

I have had the valuations of quite a few pieces undertaken by Michael Inkpen and I have always found it a truly fascinating experience. He discusses each part of the process and explains exactly how he reaches the valuation. I always leave knowing much more about each article than I did before I took them in. An excellent and informative service.

Expertise / Items Examined: Diamond jewellery, gold pieces etc., previously and a diamond ring on this occasion.

avatarJohn. Wiltshire

Review starsJan 2022

Thoroughly Professional Service

Michael kindly updated his valuations on a number of items and new opinions of some that he had not previously seen. As before, very professional in all respects, and no question of mine too petty.

Expertise / Items Examined: Jewellery and holloware

avatarJohn. Exeter

Review starsDec 2021

Excellent Service

Rolex watch appraised for Insurance valuation. Excellent, very professional and diligent service. Highly recommended!

Expertise / Items Examined: Rolex watch.

avatarDT. Plymouth

Review starsDec 2021

Extremely Helpful Valuation

I needed a valuation of my watch that had been purchased some years ago for my household insurance. I was pleased to find Michael Inkpen within a a short drive from home. He reassured me that I didn't need to leave the watch with him and that the valuation would only take a short while when I contacted him by phone. The business was easy to find and there is plenty of parking. True to his word, the valuation was carried out whilst I waited and the substantial report was with me in a couple of days - exemplary service.

Expertise / Items Examined: My Zenith chronometer

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avatarMandy & Gary. Paignton

Review starsOct 2021

Very Professional & Friendly Service

We had four items re-appraised by Michael. We have used his services previously, both directly and indirectly. On each occasion Michael is extremely diligent, friendly and knowledgeable. He takes time to explain the intricacies of the gems and answers any questions we may have in a straightforward understandable manner. Would highly recommend Michaels services.

Expertise / Items Examined: Solitaire diamond ring, topaz ring, two pairs of gold earrings.

avatarSMC. Exeter

Review starsOct 2021


Mr Inkpen is a most professional and personable gentleman and listening to his fascinating descriptions of my jewellery was fascinating. No question of mine seemed trivial. I will recommend him to anyone and everyone who needs his services.

Expertise / Items Examined: I had gold items, pearls and a brooch.

avatarLaur. Exeter

Review starsSep 2021

A Very Professional Service

I had my ring valued. The service was very professional from start to finish. He is very knowledgable and highly competent with a very good reputation. I recommend this service highly.

Expertise / Items Examined: Diamond ring.

avatarA Cloverdale. Topsham

Review starsAug 2021

First Class Valuation

Such a pleasure to ha e met Michael Inkpen. He was so professional, thorough in detail and explanation and clearly very knowledgeable. My jewels came back so clean and sparkly as well. Very pleased with this service and would recommend to anybody.

Expertise / Items Examined: Diamond rings, sapphire rings and bracelet

avatarJ.L. Taunton

Review starsJul 2021

Helpful and Thorough

I took several items of jewellery to Mr Inkpen for a valuation for probate after the death of my mother. He did a very thorough report with descriptions and pictures of each item, with a verbal explanation of the difference between valuations for market value, probate and insurance, and was generally very helpful in his remarks about each item.

Expertise / Items Examined: Jewellery collection for a Probate valuation.

avatarCharlotte. Exeter

Review starsDec 2020

Ring Valuation

I can not recommend Mr. Inkpen highly enough. My family have used him for years and every-time he exceeds expectations. He is beyond professional, helpful and very efficient. Thank you!

Expertise / Items Examined: Ring

avatarNikki Stanger. Newton Abbot

Review starsOct 2020

Professional service. Very satisfied

Michael has appraised my jewellery for many years and I keep returning to him knowing he is professional and thorough in his work. I would strongly recommend him to anyone.

Expertise / Items Examined: Diamond pendant

avatarIan. Bude

Review starsSep 2020

Professional & Thorough Valuation

I had a diamond valued by Michael. His report was thorough, professional and extremely helpful. I have no hesitation in recommending him to others.

Expertise / Items Examined: A diamond ring.

avatarLucy. Exeter

Review starsJul 2020

Thorough, Knowledgeable & Excellent

Michael couldn't have provided a more thorough or detailed report for insurance purposes, and we were extremely happy with his service. His communication is great, and we would very much recommend him.

Expertise / Items Examined: Engagement ring.

avatarH Morse. Taunton

Review starsJul 2020

Excellent Personal Service

Booked on appointment line. Personal service of the highest standard. Covid-19 aware and professional throughout. Items photographed when left with Mr Inkpen as a receipt. Communication via electronic message efficient and easy to understand. Would highly recommend. Thankyou.

Expertise / Items Examined: Four rings - three diamonds and one sapphire.

avatarJeremy & Jeanette. St Austell

Review starsMar 2020

Thorough and Friendly

Michael Inkpen is clearly an expert in his field. He explained exactly what he was doing and why in relation to our insurance valuation. He is extremely thorough and takes his time. We left happy knowing that we had received a totally professional service at an amazingly reasonable price. Thank you

Expertise / Items Examined: Diamond solitaire ring, diamond eternity ring, diamond dress ring and a gold bracelet.

avatarAlan & Carol. Exeter

Review starsMar 2020

Reflections on an Amazing Meeting

Mr Inkpen is unbelievable. He combines vast knowledge and experience in his field with a relaxed, informative and factual style which leaves you in no doubt about the voracity and accuracy of his assessment of the items examined. He is clearly a master in his field and yet combines this with a very personable manner which engenders total trust.

Expertise / Items Examined: Two diamond engagement rings

avatarRouke. Exeter

Review starsMar 2020

Brilliant Experience

I had a while you wait valuation. It was the first valuation I have had done in 25 years. It was so interesting. Michael has so much knowledge and experience and he told me what he was doing every step of the way. I learnt so much. Michael Inkpen is professional and friendly. I would have no hesitation in recommending his services.

Expertise / Items Examined: A three stone sapphire and diamond ring.

avatarPolly. Exeter

Review starsFeb 2020

Hugely Knowledgeable and Excellent Service

I was hugely impressed by Michael's extensive knowledge, thoroughness and also his professionalism. I arranged a while you wait valuation and actually enjoyed the experience, learning more about my items too which was an added bonus. I thoroughly recommend him.

Expertise / Items Examined: A diamond solitaire ring and a gold watch.

avatarCB. Exeter

Review starsFeb 2020

A Very Professional Valuer

I found Mr Inkpen very helpful and professional in helping me determine an up to date valuation for insurance purposes. The report was very thorough and I have very confidence in the valuation he placed on my items.

Expertise / Items Examined: A vintage 18ct golg gents watch by Omega. Two ladies diamond rings and one gold necklace.

avatarHappy Customer. Devon

Review starsFeb 2020

Excellent Valuation

Our insurance company needed an up to date valuation. Very pleased that my husband found Mr Inkpen on line who gave a concise informative valuation whilst we waited. The final valuation was produced in a quality information pack as well as pdf form. Thank you Michael. We will not hesitate to use you again.

Expertise / Items Examined: Solitaire engagement ring.

avatarDH. Exeter

Review starsJan 2020


Needing a ring valuation for specific insurance every three years I returned to Mr Inkpen. The report is detailed, precise and exceeding expectations. Six years ago a jewellers gave, and charged, me for a basic valuation telling me that would be sufficient for individual item insurance. Not true - it was rejected and I found Mr Inkpen - wouldn't go anywhere else. I had an extra item valued this time too.

Expertise / Items Examined: A diamond solitaire engagement ring and a full eternity ring.

avatarFi. Exeter

Review starsDec 2019

Professional, polite and experienced

Extremely involved valuation of my rings by Michael. Every care was taken, not rushed at all. Would definitely recommend him and very professional in his work.

Expertise / Items Valued: Solitaire diamond ring and sapphire and diamond engagement ring.

avatarRTJ. Falmouth

Review starsOct 2019

Highly Recommended

Michael was very thorough, took his time to explain and very pleasant. I had the finished report quickly and I understood it all. I have never had anything appraised before, but Michael took his time to explain it properly.

Expertise / Items Valued: Diamond ring and a watch.

avatarNathaniel. Exeter

Review starsSep 2019

Very Impressed

Thorough, professional, informative service while-you-wait which was ideal for me. Would highly recommend Michael for his knowledge and expertise. The appointment booking service works well too.

Expertise / Items Valued: Collection of jewellery

avatarChris. Exeter

review starsJun 2019


Michael was very informative when handling my valuation for several pieces of jewelry. He took the time to explain how he arrived at the values and for certain items explained how they would have been made. He was also very prompt and documentation was perfect. Everything was returned cleaned!

avatarJudith, Torbay. Torquay

review starsMar 2019

Simply the Best

I had no idea that having my diamond engagement ring valued for insurance purposes would be so interesting. Like most people, I was not too sure about sending it away to be appraised so was very happy to find that we could watch Michael do his work. The appraisal took around an hour and he was extremely informative about all the tests, measurements etc. that he was carrying out. I learned about facets and what could cause the inclusions and how they both affected the look of the stone. The appraisal was carried out in a very professional and friendly manner and I would certainly recommend Michael to others needing jewellery valuations.

avatarAlison. Exeter

review starsNov 2017

An Easy Process

I didn’t want to send my jewellery away to be valued, so was delighted to find I could stay and watch the whole valuation process. Michael was very informative and explained everything he was doing. I can fully recommend his services.

avatarJ.Blumgart. Exeter

review starsNov 2017

Very Professional

I was present whilst the review was undertaken and it was both informative and professional. A full explanation was given on why the item was rated as it was. An excellent service was given which resulted in me coming away with the appraisal in hand. The valuation was for insurance purposes and the electronic report was sufficient to satisfy the needs of the Insurer.

avatarHarry. Devon

review starsOct 2017

Very Professional, Thorough and Prompt Service

I needed a valuation for some items of jewellery and the service was provided in a prompt, efficient and pleasant manner. The documentation appears to be thorough and all in all, an excellent job done. I would recommend.

avatarImpressed. Exeter

review starsMar 2017

Very Professional and Helpful

We found Michael Inkpen after a search online for some help with valuing some precious items. I was incredibly impressed with the professionalism and the thoroughness of Michael′s service and the documentation provided afterwards.

The whole experience was enjoyable and very interesting. I asked several questions and Michael was happy to share his knowledge and was very patient in answering anything I wanted to know. We would have no hesitation in recommending Michael Inkpen′s valuations.

avatarRowlands. Exeter

review starsMar 2017

First Class

Michael is extremely professional with excellent attention to detail. The service we were provided was absolutely first class, not often that you come across such good care. I cannot recommend Michael enough.

avatarTravellingmarz. London

review starsFeb 2017

Lovely personality & a Talented Valuer

I'm very happy with Michael′s overall service. I LOVED the online booking system, the ease of access to his location, the electronic copies of my valuation to meet my exact needs and on top of all this wonderful efficiency. It′s very clear that the Michael is an expert. Before referencing his sources, his valuation was only a few pounds out - IMPRESSIVE! Would thoroughly recommend. Thank you.

avatarK Glanville. Exeter

review starsJan 2017


I found the service very professional and extensive. All aspects were explained and advice given. The end report was well presented and exactly what I required.

avatarRose Gold. Exeter

review starsSep 2016

First Rate Service

My insurer asked for a valuation on an item of jewellery I own, so I turned to Mr Inkpen to produce an official report. I am delighted to have made so fine a choice! Mr Inkpen is painstakingly thorough and works with the greatest care. He clearly loves assessing jewellery and displays the depth of his knowledge with a reassuring and informative array of anecdotes touching upon the item requiring valuation, all shared with genuine kindness, courtesy, and sterling professionalism. Mr Inkpen also employs the use of cutting-edge technology in making his valuation; this includes the production of high-res digital photographs, which appear in his valuation report.

The report itself is of outstanding quality: clear, thorough, impeccably honest, and -- I must add -- impressively presented, inclusive of photos and a copy on CD. This is quality I can trust. Thank you, Mr Inkpen.

avatarAndyChudleigh Knighton

review starsJun 2016

Thorough, Friendly, Knowledgeable

Fantastic service. Very helpful and flexible. Michael was very knowledgeable and provided great insights. Very happy with the report. Highly recommended.


review starsApr 2016

Thorough and Interesting

An extremely thorough valuation. The whole process was fascinating. Michael was extremely knowledgeable and took time to explain what he was doing at each stage. It was a pleasure to watch him at work. Thank you.


review starsApr 2016

Professional and Thorough

Michael went to great lengths to explain how he would set about carrying out the valuation on a number of different types of jewellery.

I was impressed with his professionalism and depth of knowledge. The report was very descriptive and included information on the age of the various items and definitions of the terms used in the report.

avatarMrs OldrieveChristow

review starsMar 2016

Professional and Interesting

I found Mr Inkpen extremely professional and helpful throughout the whole valuation process. He valued several pieces of jewellery and spent time with me, looking and describing each piece. I found him incredibly knowledgeable and he was able to tell me something about each piece, which was fascinating - the whole process was much more thorough than I had expected (I′d not had jewellery valued properly before). He also gave me advice on remodelling my Mother′s diamond engagement ring, for my daughter, who had just got engaged. The finished result is a stunning new ring.

Company Response: I was very happy to advise you on the possibility of having your Mother′s ring re-modelled. The work was carried out by Exeter Jeweller Michael Spiers Ltd and I am glad to hear that the result was a great success.


review starsFeb 2016

Very Professional

Michael provides a very professional and thorough service. He explains every process whilst you watch and wait and the report is beautifully presented at the end. I would definitely recommend his services it was interesting to be able to see the process of the valuation too.

avatarS MarleyExeter

review starsJan 2016

Professional & Friendly

Michael recently provided a "watch-and-wait" insurance valuation for my engagement ring at his offices in Exeter. He was very friendly, explanined each step of the process thoroughly, and gave a detailed, professional valuation report. I couldn't have asked for anything more and would not hesitate to recommend his services.

avatarJ & H. Jones Exeter

review starsJan 2016

Professional and Personal

Michael assessed and valued our jewellery recently and was professional throughout. He explained all aspects of how the earrings are valued and his opinion at each stage. A thorough and well-executed jewellery valuation.

avatarHelen & Andrew. Tavistock

review starsNov 2015

Very thorough and professional valuation

Thorough and professional valuation, carried out for insurance purposes. Great attention to detail. Michael also provided invaluable advice on looking after the jewellery as well. We would have no hesitation in recommending Michael's services.

avatarJ & S. Exeter

review starsNov 2015

Insurance Review

Very thorough and professional approach to updating the valuations we required, having recently moved into the area. Many thanks