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London, England, UK

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About this Association

The Jewellery Valuers Association (JVA) is the only fully independent membership organisation in the UK and Ireland focusing entirely on the appraisal and valuation of jewellery, diamonds, gemstones, watches and silver. Founded in early 2020 by some of the UK's most qualified and experienced expert valuers, this new trade association aims to raise, maintain and monitor jewellery appraisal standards in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland.

This trade organisation believes that creating professional jewellery valuations is a great responsibility and must be carried out by a fully trained, experienced professional with expert knowledge, skills, equipment and resources. To this end, the JVA assists its members with training and continued professional development to enhance their knowledge and expertise. These exceptional standards and their member’s services are promoted to the public, insurance industry and legal profession.

Full Valuing Member level (MJVA)

This requires the member to have a minimum of 5 years jewellery trade experience and internationally recognised gemmological qualifications, evidence of diamond grading training and successful completion of appraisal and valuation theory training in addition to having their work scrutinised by the JVA Registration Panel.

Fellowship level (FJVA)

The highly respected Fellow of the Jewellery Valuers Association (FJVA) status can only be achieved after significant time, dedication and skill has been demonstrated and the Full Valuing membership level has been held for a minimum of 3 years. The candidate is also required to successfully complete the JVA Monitoring Programme.

In addition to membership and fellowship levels for professional valuers, the JVA also offers membership options for:

  • Retired Valuers
  • Students learning to become a professional jewellery valuer
  • Associate members
  • International experts
  • Valuers who perform solely in specialist field, e.g. Masonic Jewels, Clocks.

To find out more about this association, visit the JVA website or contact them directly, their contact links are at the top of this page.



  • Identity: NonProfit, Limited Company
  • Managed By: Committee
  • Parent Entity: Automonous
  • Inception: 2020


  • Appraisal (primary)
  • Jewellery
  • Gemmology
  • Horology


  • Trade Professionals only
  • Home Country & International
  • Number Members: 51-199
  • Min Member Fee: £150
  • Post Nominals: hover to reveal


  • Courses Available: Yes
  • Topics: Appraisal
  • Travelling Workshops
  • Online / Distance Learning
  • Annual Conference


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The JVA Office


The Jewellery Valuers Association
Palladium House
1-4 Argyll Street

  • Access
  • Chargeable, Close-by
  • Visitors by appointment only
  • Mon-Fri 9am-5pm
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The jewellery appraisal businesses below have a least one staff Valuer who is a member of the Jewellery Valuers Association. Sorted by country, state and then by city.


Kym Hughes - Jewellery Valuer

Symmetry Jewellery Valuation Specialists

Nerang, Queensland

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5 star5.0


George Spyromilios - Jewellery Valuer

IGLcert Independent Gemological Laboratory


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5 star5.0

Republic of Ireland

Padraiv Lavin - Jewellery Appraiser

Jewellery Valuations Ireland

Ballaghaderreen, Co. Roscommon

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5 star5.0

David Dupuy - Jewellery Appraiser

Irish Valuations

Dublin, Co. Dublin

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5 star5.0

United Kingdom

Gareth Brown - Jewellery Valuer

Clarity Valuations

Bristol, England

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5 star5.0

Crystal Clear - Jewellery Valuer

Crystal Clear Valuations

Crawley, England

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5 star5.0

Mike Inkpen - Jewellery Valuer

Michael Inkpen FGA Ltd

Exeter, England

Rating (49 reviews)Profile button
5 star5.0

Julian Cousins - Jewellery Valuer

Julian Cousins Valuations

Faversham, England

Rating (19 reviews)Profile button
5 star5.0

Raji Ashwin - Jewellery Appraiser

Treasured Valuations Ltd

Harrow, England

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0 star0.0

Geoff Whitefield - Jewellery Valuer

GW Valuations

Kidderminster, England

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5 star5.0

Tim Bicknell - Jewellery Valuer

Jewellery Portfolio Valuations

London, England

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Kehan Li - Jewellery Appraiser

Loupe Jewellery Valuation & Consultancy Ltd

London, England

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Valentina Scuderini - Jewellery Valuer

Jewels Valuation

Loughton, England

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Georgina Deer - Jewellery Valuer

Valuation Services UK Ltd

Manchester, England

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5 star5.0

Gaynor Haylett Mustafa - Jewellery Appraiser

GHM Valuations

St. Neots, England

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5 star5.0

Phil Withington - Jewelry Appraiser

PKW Jewellery Valuations Ltd

Telford, England

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5 star5.0

Shirley Mitchell - Jewellery Valuer

Shirley Mitchell FGA DGA Ltd

Windsor, England

Rating (68 reviews)Profile button
5 star5.0

Lee-Ona Long - Jewellery Valuer

LFL Valuation Services

Kilmarnock, Scotland

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5 star5.0

Sammantha Maclachlan - Jewellery Valuer

Sammantha Maclachlan FGA Ltd

Glasgow, Scotland

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5 star5.0

Adrian Smith - Jewellery Valuer

Surety Valuations

Perth, Scotland

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4.5 star4.9

United States

Teri Brossmer - Jewelry Appraiser

Gem Appraisals Unlimited, LLC.

Glendora, California

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0 star0.0

Cigdem Lule - Jewelry Appraiser

Kybele LLC

Arlington Heights, Illinois

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0 star0.0



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avatarAdrian S. Perth

Review starsFeb 2021

Extremely Quick

In the short time that I have been a member of the JVA, one notable observation is how quickly they respond to everything. Adjustments to my listing in the ‘Find a Jewellery Valuer’ area or the corresponding jewellers' listings are jumped on nearly immediately. Their member service rating is top notch. Thank you.