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Jewellery & Diamond Appraisal Experts in Brisbane

Reviews of Jewellery Valuers and Gemmologists in the Brisbane area of Queensland. Covering Hamilton, Chelmer and further afield in QLD.
Valuations for insurance retail replacement, probate, auction reserve and private sale on all types of jewellery and watches. as well as loose diamonds and gemstones.

All JAW Associates:

  • Are full-time valuation professionals and Gemmologists, not retail jewellers.
  • Are fully qualified and experienced.
  • Have had all of their credentials independently verified by us.
  • Are held to account by national and sometimes also international appraisal governing bodies.

Click the "View Profile" button on the Valuers' listings below to see their full details. This displays their credentials, valuation fees, gallery, client reviews, an outline of their valuation & gemmological services and advice on how you can do business with them.

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Megan Austin - Jewellery valuation expert - Brisbane

Megan Austin Valuations


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A highly qualified Independent Jewellery Valuer & Gemmologist holding two Fellowships with the most respected gemmological institutions and registered with the National Council of Jewellery Valuers. Megan specialises in valuations for insurance, estate and probate, all contained within a detailed and beautifully presented report.

Located in the Brisbane CBD, Megan is within easy reach of the West End & New Farm areas, offering a fast same-day service from their central office, or a home-visit option where the valuation can be carried out at your home or office... [more]

Appraisal info iconTypes of Jewellery Valuations

Only those specifically referred to on this page are described here

Further types will be mentioned on the Valuer's profile pages as there are several other types of valuation reports, each with its own particular wording, purpose, objectives and resulting values.

Deceased Estate (commonly requested) - Used to establish the value of a Deceased's jewellery, watches, gems, diamonds and other precious items that form part of their estate. Since there is no Inheritance Tax in Australia, the ATO are unlikely to be involved and guidance should be taken from the Executor of the Will. The cited values in this valuation represent their assessed open market worth at the date of death, this figure is then used in the settling of probate and/or distribution among heirs.

Retail Replacement (routinely requested) - Most likely used to gain cover from an insurance company, in other words, a valuation for insurance replacement. The value represents the likely cost of replacing the lost or stolen item of jewellery with an article of equal merit, usually from a jeweller. The replacement should be as a near as possible, similar in style, quality and construction. If the item is an antique, period or vintage jewel, the value may represent replacement from the secondary market (second hand), in which case the condition and desirabilty of the watch or item of jewellery becomes a value factor.

There are other Valuers on JAW who cover this area. Please see the Queensland page for further options.