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Presenter at a Jewellery Association conference Worldwide jewellery and gem associations

Worldwide Associations, Institutions and Organisations

Jewellery, Horological, Gemmological and Gem & Jewelry Appraisal

Like all the sections on the JAW website, this area is centred on the topic of jewellery valuation but has also been expanded to encompass other areas of the jewellery trade.

This part of the directory is concerned with associations connected to the various aspects of jewellery design, manufacture, repair, marketing, retailing and appraisal. It also lists associations connected to other facets of the jewellery trade: Coloured gemstones, diamonds, clocks, watches and organisations that promotes education and agendas and attitudes held by the members that they represent (e.g. Responsible Sourcing).

Some larger organisations have offices in several countries. These satellite offices are noted in the profile of the association, and where possible, is linked to a separate profile specific for that country.