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Juanita Addeo, Jewelry Appraiser
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About this Appraiser

Juanita conducts comprehensive detailed ‘certified’ appraisal reports with all qualitative and quantitative features of your personal jewelry items for many purposes of valuation: Estate, Insurance, Divorce, resale, orderly liquidation or hypothetical- or, simply identification.

Clients set appointments for consultation because of her reputation as an accomplished Gemologist together with professional appraisal skills. Considering 43 plus years′ experience in the grading, examination, and valuation of diamonds and diamond jewelry, her expertise is in delivering the market value within context to the client. This ultimately empowers the owner with better comprehension of their items′ ‘worth’ and to whom.

With a complete laboratory, (including a certified diamond master set registered with the GIA) most diagnostics are determined, including any treatments, damage or suspicious gemological activity.

Metal testing, colored stone grading and identification, plotting diagrams, period/antique identification, (photomicrographs are taken, if need be) for a fully qualified, quantified value analysis of your fine jewelry.
The complete report is presented as a pdf format for immediate delivery.

In the event the assignment is a larger project, Juanita will review and assess the parameters of the task at hand with the client as needed.

Established in the heart of Central Florida in 1973, an appointment with Juanita is quite the clear choice in valuation needs and services because of the highest qualification standards, requalifying requirements, compliance, and standards set by the American Society of Appraisers, for legal firms within the State of Florida. In a pristine, highly secure environment, your time set for an appointment is totally devoted to the assessment of your specific valuation need.

Whether a diamond engagement ring or wedding set for Insurance replacement value, a Lab re-check (GIA, EGL, IGI ‘cert’), damage issue, or a post-purchase investigation of quality (cruise ship or port of call purchase), the comprehensive analysis of your item will be conducted while you wait.

Very simply - give Juanita a quick call, or email her and she will set the appointment promptly to facilitate your needs satisfactorily.

  • Compliant and competently designated Master Gemologist Appraiser® as Accredited Senior Appraiser with the American Society of Appraisers.
  • A set appointment and consultation giving you a complete analysis of all the features of your personal fine jewelry items, including consultation of those items which may or not be needed for scheduling.
  • Finally, a clear idea of exactly what the diamond, gemstone or period piece of jewelry is worth − to whom and for what amount.
  • Totally vetted and approved Appraiser by the Jewelers Vigilance Committee.

Make your appointment now. You′ll be glad you did.


The Business

  • Private Practice only
  • Business mix: Mainly Appraisals
    Also sells jewelry
  • Principal + 0 staff appraisers
  • Mon - Fri: 8.30am to 4pm
    Some evenings and weekends
  • Home visits and at Appraiser′s office


  • Time-based fees
  • All major cards accepted
  • Full valuation reports start at $165


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  • FGA, GG
  • ASA, MGA


  • AGA, GIA Alumni
  • ASA
  • JVC
  • ASJH


  • DeBeers Diamonds Today Competition ′84 - ′85

Curriculum Vitae


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Juanita E. Addeo, GG.
ADDEO Appraisals
P.O. Box 95-0515
FL 32795-0515

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  • Free, on-site
  • Visitors by appointment only
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avatar??NAME??. Orlando

Review starsFeb 2021

Highly Accredited Appraiser

Juanita has been our appraiser for decades now. As I recently reviewed my purchases, mostly diamonds, I was impressed at how my jewelry has increased in value. More importantly, I still love every piece. Under Juanita's expertise, the gem selection and setting recommendations have definitely stood the test of time. Both of my children are now clients. Juanita's dedication to her continuing professional education is a strong qualification that few jewelers in this country possess.

Expertise / Items Examined: Diamond stud earrings, diamond engagement ring, diamond pendant, diamond hoop earrings

Company Response:Thank you very much. Very much appreciate the time taken for a review and confidence in our professionalism.

avatarKN Petrone. Windermere

Review starsJan 2021

Knowledgeable & Trustworthy

For insurance purposes, we sought out Juanita's expertise for appraisal of some diamond stud earrings. She was extremely professional and knowledgeable, answering any questions we had along the way. Her appraisal report is thorough and well-organized. Not only is Juanita extremely knowledgeable but she is passionate about her job and her business. She is proud of her talent as an accomplished gemologist. We were so happy to find her and will definitely use her again in the future!

Expertise / Items Examined: My diamond stud earrings.

avatarSteDeb. Middleburg

Review starsSep 2019

Two Time the Winner

Two times the winner - After my husband bought me a ring for our 50th anniversary we wanted to have it insured and appraised. Ee looked online for an appraiser who is well-versed and qualified expert in the jewelry arena and we found Juanita Addeo. The first ring we initially purchased was beautiful but was not the quality that we had wanted or thought we had purchased... so we returned it and came back with a second ring. Again the appraisal was done and met our expectations of quality. The real jewel in this is Juanita herself - she is very courteous, professional and meticulous in her appraisal methods. Juanita explained to us very thoroughly the appraisal report when completed and has gone well beyond our expectations. We will return again.

Expertise / Items Valued: Wedding anniversary ring.

avatarRogi. Lake Mary

Review starsJan 2019

Incredible Experience!

I was already working with another jeweler and then was recommended to Juanita. I ended up switching to her as the quality of diamonds she offered was incredible versus what I already had in my possession. She was excellent to work with and was able to find me a great diamond for the upcoming engagement. I highly recommend her as she has all the documentation to back up each item. You will not be disappointed!

avatarSusan. Daytona Beach

Review starsFeb 2018

Very Professional

I had my Crown of Light diamond appraised. Juanita was thorough and informative. She explained everything that she was doing and described what she was looking at.

avatarCullen. Altamonte Springs

Review starsSept 2017

What a Great Experience

We have known Juanita for many years. Recently, Juanita went above and beyond to assist us with a local state jewelry auction that went awry. Juanita’s experience and passion put us on track for a resolution. I want to thank Juanita for such personal and professional service; we couldn’t have done it without her.

avatarJ.B. Clermont

Review starsApr 2017

Addeo Appraisals Gets An A+

My husband had purchased a rather expensive diamond for me and we wanted a private appraisal. We were referred to Addeo Appraisals and could not have been more pleased. Juanita was wonderful. My family had worked with only one jeweler until his retirement. His qualifications were impeccable and I always feared I could not find someone like him. I was pleasantly surprised to find Juanita was the answer to my search! Her qualifications and her professionalism were beyond reproach. I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for an honest and professional appraisal.

avatarSunny Ohri. Orlando

Review starsJun 2016

Professional and Knowledgable

I met with Juanita for a consultation on a ring I was going to purchase. When I Googled Master Gemologist Orlando, her name came up as an accredited appraiser/gemologist. She has achieved the highest level in Gemology and with over 3 generations of experience she was very patient and clear with the information she imparted. I felt very comfortable with her assessments and comments. If you have any questions about a diamond purchase and want a real assessment − Juanita Addeo is definately a great resource in Central Florida! I would highly recommend and go back to her for any future needs.