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Loupe Jewellery Valuation and Consultancy Ltd is based in London and it is operated by Kehan Li who is a highly qualified gemmologist and Registered Valuer with the N.A.G. Institute of Registered Valuers. The business offers valuation for insurance, probate, family division, post-loss and expert consultancy service for auction houses, and private buyers on all type of jewellery, specialise in valuing large colourless and fancy coloured diamonds of any size including stones of over 100 carats, extraordinary jewels and gems, also expert in modern and antique jade jewellery and jade carvings.

The business can also provide Expert Witness service complying with Part 35 of the Civil Procedure Rules.

Loupe Jewellery Valuation and Consultancy can offer valuation while-you-wait or arrange a visit to your home and quote an estimate before your appointment is made.

Kehan Li FGA DGA PJValDip FNAG MIRV has 25 years experience in the jewellery trade, she is the valuer and consultant of Aspey London, Former gemmologist and diamond specialist for Graff Diamonds and Tiffany & Co. Former Education Executive, tutor and examiner for the Gemmological Association of Great Britain. She gives lectures on diamond, jade and other gemstones at Colleges such as Holts Academy and Kingston University.

  • Professional Jewellers′ Valuation Diploma − NAG
  • Fellow of the Gemmological Association of Great Britain
  • Gem Diamond Diploma (Dist) − Gem-A
  • Fellow of the National Association of Goldsmith
  • Advanced Diamond Grading Certificate − Gem-A
  • Member of the Association of Independent Jewellery Valuers − AIJV
  • Member of the Society of Jewellery Historians


英籍华人, 宝石鉴定师,珠宝评估师,高级珠宝鉴赏师

专业机构:李柯函珠宝评估和咨询 (Loupe Jewellery valuation & consultancy) − 英国伦敦


  • 英国国家珠宝商协会 (NAG) 注册珠宝评估师 (MIRV)和学术会员 (FNAG)
  • 英国宝石学会 (Gem-A) 宝石鉴定师(FGA)和钻石师 (DGA)
  • 英国珠宝史研究学会(SOJH)会员
  • 国际珠宝评估师协会(AIJV)会员

李柯函女士是第一位也是至今唯一的获得英国国家珠宝商协会注册珠宝评估师资格的华人珠宝专家,专长于评估大颗稀有无色和彩色钻石,彩色宝石,翡翠玉石,天然珍珠和奢华珠宝首饰其中包括大于100克拉的彩钻,她是英国皇家御用品牌Asprey的特聘珠宝评估师和专业顾问。作为宝石鉴定师和钻石师,她曾就职于Graff Diamond 和Tiffany & Co 她所承接的珠宝评估项目包括保险评估、私人买卖交易、法庭授权的家庭珠宝财产和遗产分配、和商业贸易方面的银行借贷抵押等。她的客户从拥有高额珠宝的私人个体、名家、珠宝公司到拍卖行、保险公司、英国和欧洲国家法院,更有令人不可思议的中东阿拉伯王室。近年来她所评估的稀有珍宝总值超于三亿英镑

李柯函女士曾任英国宝石学会 (Gem-A) 的教育主任、讲师和考委,任职期间曾多次回中国考察,在香港和中国内地发展设立英国宝石学会的教学中心,将具有百年历史的国际上最具权威性的英国宝石学会的宝石鉴定师(FGA)和钻石师(DGA)课程在中国推广,这些教学中心包括中国(北京)地质大学、同济大学、中国(武汉)地质大学、中山大学等

近年来李柯函女士在做珠宝评估工作的同时继续从事教学工作,除了英国宝石学会(Gem-A),还曾被邀请授课于Holts 学院 (Holts Academy)和金斯顿大学(Kingston University),并且经常受英国珠宝商家邀请讲授关于钻石、彩色宝石、珍珠等方面的培训和讲座

李柯函女士热衷于宝石学术方面的考察和研究,每年届时参加国际上重要的珠宝评估、宝石学学术会议、大型国际拍卖和国际珠宝展。她曾多次回中国考察国内珠宝产业的发展状况。2008年,为了庆祝英国宝石学会宝石学课程设立100周年和促进远东地区的宝石学教育,李柯函女士负责在香港举办了大型的业内庆祝活动,参加者来自中国大陆、香港、台湾、日本、新加坡、 印度、新西兰等国家,并且翻译发表了‘宝石学上下五千年’和‘何去何从,宝石学现在和未来的趋势与挑战’


The Business

  • Private Practice & Trade Valuer
  • Business mix: 100% valuations
  • Principal + 0 staff valuers
  • Mon - Fri: 10am to 6pm
  • Home visits, at the Valuer′s office & via jewellers in London.


  • Per-item & time-based fees
  • All major cards accepted
  • Full valuation reports start at £110


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  • DGA(Dist), FGA
  • PJValDip


  • Gem-A

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Loupe Jewellery Valuation & Consultancy Ltd
Woodgate Studios
2-8 Games Road

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