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London, England, UK

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About this Association

The Expert Witness Institute is the voice of the Expert Witness community; championing experts from all professional disciplines and the lawyers who use their services.

Their mission is to support the proper administration of justice and the early resolution of disputes through high-quality expert evidence from specialists by setting standards and providing training for Experts.

For further information on the EWI or to find a professional expert witness, please use the contact links at the top of this page. Any JAW Associates who are members of the EWI, are listed below.



  • Identity: Limited company, non-profit
  • Managed By: Board of Govenors
  • Parent Entity: Automonous
  • Inception: 1996


  • Expert Witness (primary)


  • Public & Trade Professionals
  • Home Country & International
  • Number Members: 500-999
  • Min Member Fee: £70
  • Post Nominals: hover to reveal


  • Courses Available: Yes
  • Topics: Expert Witness, Law, Marketing
  • Classroom
  • Travelling Workshops
  • Online / Distance Learning
  • Annual Conference


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Exterior of the home of the EWI


Expert Witness Institute
159-161 Temple Chambers
3-7 Temple Avenue

  • Access
  • Chargeable, on-street
  • Visitors by appointment only
  • Mon-Fri 9am-5pm
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The jewellery valuers below are listed on JAW and a have a least one staff Appraiser who is a member of, or has credentials with the Expert Witness Institute. Sorted by Country, State and then by City.

Richard Taylor - Jewellery Valuer

Taylor & Co. Ltd.

London, England

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