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Jewelry Appraiser in Princeton and Red Bank NJ
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About this Appraiser

Barbara Nevius began her life as an Appraiser/Gemologist while living in the Philippines. Disenchanted with graduate school and wanting to know more about the gemstones she saw in the local jewelry stores, she enrolled in GIA′s correspondence course. She had the good fortune of meeting a Manila based gemologist and his partner, owner of a local jewelry store. He generously shared his well-equipped lab and his knowledge of gemstones with her for over a year, at the end of which she spent a month at GIA headquarters in California doing the final exams. That was in 1987 and she has never looked back.

After a few more years in Singapore and Switzerland, she returned to the states and continued building her business. She completed all the requirements to earn the designation ‘Certified Senior Appraiser’ with the NAJA (National Association of Jewelry Appraisers). This included having to log many hours of appraisal work as well as passing the final 5 hour exam. Hours of appraising jewelry for estate/trust attorneys, the U.S. government and private individuals has gained her the reputation of being reliable, honest and hard-working. A world-wide network of colleagues helps when she had the occasional challenging piece to identify and appraise.

She is based on the east coast of the U.S., with two offices, in Princeton and Red Bank, NJ. However, she is available to make ‘house’ calls when necessary. She does all the appraisal work in front of her clients. When they leave with their item/s, she does the necessary research and puts together the final Report. Whether for insurance, divorce, estate, donation or re-sale purposes, all Reports contain detailed descriptions and digital photos of each piece. The client receives one copy in PDF format and one hard copy via snail mail.

When requested, Barbara does expert witness work and enjoys advising high net worth individuals on their collections.


The Business

  • Private Practice & Trade Appraiser
  • Business mix: Mainly Appraisals
    Also Expert Witness
  • Principal + 0 staff Appraisers
  • Mon - Fri: 9am to 5pm
    Saturday option
  • Mobile lab & at Appraiser's office


  • Per-item & time-based fees
  • All major cards accepted
  • Full appraisal reports start at $100


  • GG
  • CSM


  • AGA, GIA Alumni
  • NAJA

Languages Spoken


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Jewelry Appraisers & Consultants
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