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About this Broker

Every piece of jewellery, be it a diamond engagement ring, prestige watch, or an inherited antique jewellery item tells a story. Each piece grows with you and collects the memories you make within it. Such an important treasure in your life deserves proper protection.

Affinity Brokers Ltd have joined forces with Gallagher to create ‘Adorn’, dedicated specialist Jewellery Insurance that covers you wherever you may be. With this policy, you will benefit from a quick quote through our online platform. Once you've finished, you will be protected immediately.

Unlike many other Jewellery Insurance offerings, there is no need to add this cover to your Household Insurance. You can hold it as a standalone policy. No matter where you are, this policy will cover you, offering worldwide protection as standard. This additional cover means that if your item is lost, stolen or damaged while at home or abroad, you will still be eligible to make a claim.

  • Instant premium quote
  • Immediate insurance cover
  • Accidental damage, partial or total loss and theft cover
  • Experienced friendly team members

To discuss arranging Adorn Jewellery Insurance for either your combined assets or for individual items, simply get in touch with Affinity Brokers Ltd using the contact links at the top of this page. Their experienced team be on hand to help you.

In addition to standalone Jewellery Insurance policies, this specialist insurance broker can also provide quotations for Private Client Household insurance.



  • Entity: Broker
  • Chartered: No
  • Parent Company: Autonomous
  • Inception: 2010

This data is intended as a guide only, exceptions will exist. None of the details below form part of your policy.


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  • Consumers & Trade
  • Jewellers Block: Yes
  • Stand-alone policies: Yes
  • Max single item: £15K
  • Can insure on SHRV: Yes
  • Overseas Cover: Yes
  • Apply online: Yes, Obligatory
  • Instant Cover: Yes/No


  • Replacement Route: Broker's Preferred Jeweller Network
  • Other options at Broker's discretion


  • Monthly Plan
  • Annual Plan
  • Stand alone jewellery premiums start at £81 PA

Customer Service

  • Based in UK: Yes
  • Mon-Fri: 9am to 5pm


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Amethyest and Diamond ring


Affinity Brokers Ltd
21 Blythswood Square
G2 4BL

  • Restricted access
  • Chargeable, on-street
  • Visitors by appointment only
  • Mon-Fri 9am-5pm
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