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About this Broker

Established almost 40 years ago, Bruce Stevenson is one of the leading Insurance Brokers in Scotland. They provide specialist products and services to both commercial and private clients across the UK.

They are wholly committed to staff training and development, producing a superior client service.

  • Exceptional Customer Experience
  • Great Teamwork
  • Assured Consistency

These core values help set them apart, as their client retention rate above 95% attests.


Losing a piece of jewellery or a diamond can be traumatic. Not having adequate insurance to cover it can make the situation even worse.

Bruce Stevenson uses their expertise and unrivalled personal service to advise on innovative and comprehensive ways of protecting clients' jewellery.

In partnership with a leading insurance company operating in 37 countries worldwide, Bruce Stevenson has developed a jewellery insurance policy to protect your valuable items. This policy is beneficial if you don't have any other contents insurance or it is not possible to insure the jewellery under your household policy due to the high value.

Do I need a valuation for a Jewellery Insurance Policy?

Having the correct value applied to your jewellery is crucial and ensures that a replacement is of equal merit. You will need to have an up to date valuation or purchase receipt as insurers will ask for this. Ideally, it should be no more than three years old.

If your jewellery is lost or damaged, you need to be able to prove ownership and have a full description and value of the item. A lost diamond needs to have its quality assessed prior to loss. Trying to establish these details once the item is lost is very difficult.

Settlement of a claim can be quicker and more satisfactory if a valuation is available from the outset. It avoids disputes over the insured value of the item. Your jeweller or independent valuer will help achieve this.

Do I Need a Safe?

Insurers may require that you have an adequately rated safe for your jewellery. In some cases, they may also require that you have an intruder alarm. This will depend on the values at risk.

Safes have cash ratings. You multiply this cash rating by 10 to realise the valuables rating. A £10,000 cash rated safe can take up to £100,000 of jewellery.

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  • Entity: Broker
  • Chartered: Yes
  • Parent Company: Aston Lark Group
  • Inception: 1981

This data is intended as a guide only, exceptions will exist. None of the details below form part of your policy.


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  • IIC Gold Award 2015 & 2019


  • Consumers & Trade
  • Jewellers Block: Yes
  • Stand-alone policies: Yes
  • Max single item: Unlimited
  • Can insure on SHRV: Yes
  • Overseas Cover: Yes
  • Apply online: Yes, Optional
  • Instant Cover: Yes


  • Replacement Route: Client's preferred jeweller
  • Other options at broker's discretion


  • Monthly Plan
  • Annual Plan
  • Stand alone premiums start at £241

Customer Service

  • Based in UK: Yes
  • Mon-Fri: 9am to 5pm

Other Offices

  • Glasgow, Turriff, Scottish Borders, London


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Jewellery Insurance


Bruce Stevenson Insurance Brokers
76 Coburg Street

  • Access
  • Free, on-site
  • Visitors by appointment only
  • Mon-Fri 9am-5pm
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