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Debòrah Villepigue - Jewelry Appraiser
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About this Appraiser

The Jewelry Appraiser, Inc. is a well established gem lab located in Manhasset, NY and is headed by Debòrah Ann Villepigue, an Independent Certified Gemologist Appraiser. The appraisal of your diamonds, gems and watches can be carried out on a while you wait basis from Debòrah’s comfortable office that is equipped with the latest state-of-the-art gemological instruments.

Valuations for all purposes are performed by this company, including:

  • Replacement Valuation for Comparable Insurance Coverage Underwriting.
  • Fair Market Appraisal for Estate, Equitable Distribution, or Taxation
  • Marketable Cash Value for Trade or Prospective Sale of Personal Jewelry, Gemstones and Diamonds
  • Donation Appraisal and Valuation for Charitable Giving

Additional consultations and reports are also available, for instance, forensic gemological analysis to assist in the resolution of legal issues and damage assessment reports to establish insurance or capital loss. You will typically leave Ms Villepigue’s office with documentation that is widely accepted by major insurance companies, important auction houses, estate and probate attorneys and in most court situations.

The Jewelry Appraiser, Inc. also has a mobile gemological laboratory allowing Debòrah to carry out the examination of your treasured items in your home, office, bank vault or lawyer’s office. Areas covered include New York City metropolitan area and all of Long Island.

Debòrah Villepigue has been featured in several magazines, has shared her knowledge on several TV shows and looks forward to being of service to you. Please contact her using the email and phone links at the top of this page.


The Business

  • Private Practice & Trade Appraiser
  • Business mix: Mainly an Appraiser
    Also: Educator, Expert Witness, Buyer, Seller & Broker
  • Principal + 0 staff Appraisers
  • Mon - Sun: 10am to 11pm
  • Mobile lab, via jewelers & at Appraiser′s office


  • Per-item & time-based fees
  • All major cards accepted
  • Full appraisal reports start at $85


  • GG


  • AGA, GIA Alumni
  • NAJA
  • JVC


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The Jewelry Appraiser Inc.
1295 Northern Blvd
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Reviews (44)
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avatarMoe & Renata. Kendall Park

Review starsOct 2019


I am very happy we drove 2 hours to have my ring appraised by Deborah!! It was worth each minute being stuck in NY traffic. She is very professional but at the same time funny. I am highly recommending her and Louie !!!

Expertise / Items Valued: Crown of Light diamond ring.

avatarJordan Krassner. Miami

Review starsAug 2019

Deborah is the Best!

If you are looking for a jewelry appraiser that is honest, extremely skilled, caring, knowledgeable and overall an amazing person, you need look no further than Deborah Villepigue and her company The Jewelry Appraiser Inc. I had her appraise a ring that is a family heirloom. She took the time to thoroughly explain the history and nature of the diamond. She also educated me on all the aspects of diamonds in general. She takes the time to make each client feel special and she is excellent at answering any questions you may have. She did an excellent and detailed appraisal report on the ring. I trust her implicitly and any prospective client can rest assured that Deborah has their best interest in mind.

avatarDavid W. New York

Review starsAug 2019

A+ Jewelry Appraiser

My father was very generous to my mother, and over the 57 years of their marriage presented her with a few pieces of expensive jewelry. When my parents were both gone, I had the responsibility of assessing the value of this jewelry and liquidating the pieces. I had no experience and had no idea what to do. That’s when I found Deborah, the Jewelry Appraiser, and her able assistant and partner, Louis. Deborah delicately cleaned each piece and inspected it under a microscope. She was able to tell a little bit about the approximate age and history of each. This was followed by a more extensive and thorough written report and appraisal, which helped in liquidating the estate. After the estate matters were finished, my wife and I went back to Deborah for help in evaluating and selling a piece of jewelry that had been in my wife’s family for many years. On both occasions Deborah was supportive and encouraging. To her, jewelry is a passion and an art. She navigated us through a stressful process, and for that we are very thankful. I recommend Deborah without hesitation.

avatarM.Vidal. Little Neck

Review starsJul 2019


The jewelry industry can be so overwhelming and deceitful... but NOT with Deborah. Deborah is one-of-a-kind. Deborah appraised my engagement ring for me. She is trustworthy, knowledgeable and a beautiful person in general. She took her time to explain all the details of my engagement ring. I never felt rushed and I always felt welcomed. I will return to her for all of my jewelry needs and concerns. She is an absolute pleasure to work with.

avatarNostrings. New York

Review starsJul 2019

An Amazing Experience

I found Deborah Villepique online with exceptional rating and reviews. I feel so lucky and blessed to have found her. I brought in some antique jewelry as well as more modern pieces, all unique and meaningful to me, and Deborah took her time to clean, give a detailed description, take photos and then appraise each piece. We spent over three hours together and Deborah was kind enough to offer an extremely fair rate for her expertise. Deborah is passionate, knowledgable and as honest as they come. I was truly impressed and moved by her descriptions and at times surprised at the higher evaluations than what was expected. Deborah connects with her clients on a personal level and answers any questions or concerns that you may have. In fact, her motto is ‘I'm here for you’ and that is truly the case. She is now helping me out with recommending proper insurance companies to cover my jewelry. It felt like we were on a journey together and I walked out feeling elated and excited about the jewelry that I brought in. I highly recommend Deborah. You will be in the best of hands!

avatarLaura. Stamford

Review starsJune 2019

Excellent Experience

My husband and I went to Deborah to have my engagement ring appraised and had great experience. Deborah is extremely knowledgeable and we left her office feeling confident that we got a very accurate, detailed and fair appraisal. Deborah is very down to earth and easy to talk to which also helped make our experience with her so pleasant. She definitely seems to go above and beyond for her clients, I have had my ring for several years and am looking to have it reset, not only did she offer recommendations of good jewelers but she even offered to help oversee the process of redesigning my ring to make sure I get what I want and a quality product. Definitely recommending her to friends!

avatarPam Koskinas. Bayside

Review starsJun 2019

The Best

Deborah is absolutely amazing! I walked into her office and immediately felt such amazing vibes. She is so knowledgeable and she cared for my pieces as if they were her own. I had my engagement ring and my wedding band appraised. She was so informative and made sure I understood the process and everything she was doing. I have never had an appraisal done so therefore I had no idea what to expect. I walked out of there having learned so much, but more importantly with the confidence in knowing that I received the best service there is! Her professionalism is unmatched. What’s even better is that her lines of communications stay open even after your appraisal, because she wants to make sure that receive what you deserve. Now that, you cannot find anywhere!

avatarKevin DeN. Huntington

Review starsJun 2019

Incredibly Knowledgeable

We came to Deborah with a collection or various gemstones. She was able to identify and provide and appraisal for each. Her scope of knowledge and attention to detail is impressive.

avatarChris. Jackson Heights

Review starsJun 2019

16,000 Stars!

If I could give Debòrah a star for every dollar she helped me get back, she would receive 16,000 stars! An antique store recently sold me 3 ‘white jade’ sculptures. A friend suggested that I double check the value of the pieces so I decided to get them appraised. Debòrah broke the bad news to me regarding the fact that the pieces were not jade, but alabaster (which is a much cheaper, more worthless stone)! Thankfully, her kindness didn’t end there. She helped me and my family through the process of getting the money back from those con artists. I am so blessed to have met Debòrah and if I haven’t met her and received her appraisal and written report, I’d still believe that I had jade and my apartment would be plagued with bad energy that’s close to worthless! Debòrah is actually one of very few independent certified gemologist appraisers in the world so I knew that I could count on her to give me an accurate appraisal. I found Debòrah through he American Gem Society’s website after a friend recommended that I get the three sculptures appraised.

Debòrah and Louie (her manager) were a pleasure to work with and both of them are extremely friendly. The process of scheduling an appointment was as seamless as giving a quick call and within a week, they visited my apartment for an on-site appraisal. Debòrah has a mobile appraisal lab so she can do an appraisal literally anywhere and she did a thorough job examining my pieces and gave me a written report stating what I actually (and unfortunately) bought. After the bad news was broken to me, she worked with me personally and the merchant to get them to agree to provide a full refund of the alabaster. The return shipping process was a bit of a hassle, but in the end, I am getting my $16,000 back. I am so grateful to Debòrah for her expertise and kindness! If anyone out there has any jewelry or stone sculptures that you’re interested in purchasing, make sure that you get an appraisal before pulling the trigger. Even after you purchase, it doesn’t hurt (and it may be for your benefit!) to get an appraisal. Don’t get scammed like I did! In addition, if you don’t hire the best in the industry, you might end up losing...a lot without even knowing. Overall, I would highly recommend Debòrah’s appraisals. She went above and beyond and I’ll definitely reach out to her for future appraisals! Thank you again for helping me and my family!

avatarBrian Anderson. Floral Park

Review starsJun 2019

God’s Work

I recently purchased diamonds for an engagement. Deborah Villepigue, appraised my diamonds and went above and beyond to make an engagement ring my girl would love! Seeing the look on my fiancé’s face when she saw the ring and said yes, I knew I could not have went to a better place. Deborah was very welcoming from the beginning and had an abundant amount of knowledge with any questions I had. I would highly recommend going to her and will be going back myself with future purchases.

avatarEmily K. Bayville

Review starsMay 2019

Definitely Recommend!

I was recently gifted a bracelet and wanted to find out more about it. I made a last minute appointment with Deborah and I’m so glad I did! Although I knew nothing about the appraisal process Deborah walked us through the entire process and thoroughly explained every step she took while testing my bracelet. Deborah was extremely knowledgable and I am so happy to have found an expert in this field so close to home! She was amazing and I would definitely recommend her!

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avatarJoe. Elmont

Review starsMay 2019


I went to Deborah to get a ring appraised for my wife. She was nothing short of amazing. She was extremely knowledgeable and detailed. She did everything right in front of me and gave me a verbal appraisal right on the spot with a written appraisal sent shortly afterward. I would highly recommend her.


Review starsMay 2019

Professional Service

I bought a ring and needed appraisal, I found Deborah. She is a very professional appraiser and has good customer service. She is very knowledgeable and provides great detail in her appraisals. She is very helpful for the whole process. Highly recommend her !

avatarP & H Gernold. Bronx

Review starsMay 2019

Extraordinary Knowledge and Willingness to Teach and Help

My husband and I recently went to see Debòrah at The Jewelry Appraiser and requested to have my diamond ring appraised. She was so patient and knowledgeable, going through each aspect of the ring, it’s characteristics, subtle nuances, educating us on quality, and displaying an overall peaceful ambiance. When I first found her online, I knew the level of education was unsurpassed but her personality is what makes the experience worth while. I knew we had to see her to appraise my piece and offer any advice on future purchases. If you don’t see Debòrah, then you are at risk to be taken advantage of. She is a blessing and we will never take our jewelry elsewhere.

avatarAshley L. Farmingdale

Review starsApril 2019

Best Experience!

?My fiancé and I went to The Jewelry Appraiser to get my engagement ring appraised for insurance. From the minute we walked in, we felt at home. Louie greeted us and made us feel so comfortable! When we met with Deborah, she was so knowledgeable and through. She even knew where my diamond came from and how it got here!! I was amazed at her talent. Deborah gave me her honest opinion and advice about how to insure my ring as well. I am very happy with my experience and recommend anyone that needs jewelry appraised to go to The Jewelry Appraiser!

avatarSH. New Hyde Park

Review starsApr 2019


Loved this lady. She could not be any more caring or honest. She tells it like it is, good or bad. She is very patient if you need explaining along the appraisal process.

avatarLuisiana G. Long Island

Review starsApr 2019

Engagement Ring Appraisal

Deborah and Louie are amazing... one of a kind! From the minute I called to make an appointment I realized I had chosen the right appraiser. When we arrived to the office, we were delighted to see how welcoming Louie was and how knowledgable Deborah was. My fiancee and I just got engaged and I had been a little nervous about how to go about cleaning/caring, etc. Deborah took her time explaining in detail what I had in my hands and how to care for it, which means a lot to me. Not only did she show me how to care for it, but she explained the why’s and how’s so that I know what I have in my hands. The best part is that I got my report within 4 days.

avatarB Goldman, MD. Old Brookville

Review starsApr 2019

Amazing Qualified Appraiser

I have had jewelry evaluated by various appraisers in the past. I learned that many appraisals are less than accurate, mostly for reasons of personal gain, some overestimating values while others grossly underestimate. Many appraisers have jewelry stores where they lure their appraisal clients to believe they are getting special values and savings. So I made sure to do my research to find an appraiser when I bought my wife some jewels from an online auction site. I needed to know if what I bought was genuine and if I got a good deal or not. That’s how I found Deborah Villepigue. Deborah is the only independant certified gemologist appraiser in NY and she owns the only accredited gem laboratory in NY. Deborah appraises jewelry. That’s it. There are no secret agendas. Her prices are reasonable and fair. When I met Deborah she was friendly and professional. She assessed each and every one of my jewels in her lab right in front of me. Deborah explained what stones she was evaluating, including the quality, cut, and setting. She explained every diamond’s 4Cs. She gave me both retail and wholesale price estimates for every piece I had appraised. Deborah had no problem advising me that the Tiffany Amethyst earrings I bought were fake! Overall I found Deborah to be competent, qualified, and experienced to give fair jewelry appraisals. I would pursue her services in the future without hesitation.

avatarA Vomvolakis. Manhasset

Review starsApr 2019

Debòrah is a Gem

I had my diamond engagement ring appraised. I had lost my original ring and this one was an insurance replacement. I was nervous because the insurer had me working with specific jewelers, so after the ring was made I took it to Deborah for appraisal to make sure it was worth what was paid for it and also so I could obtain new insurance coverage. She literally looked at every stone on the ring and the setting itself. Before she even saw my GIA certificate she conducted her own examination of cut, clarity, carat etc. She ended up giving me an appraisal very close to what the jeweler offered and charged. She explained everything to me each step of the way and had me look at the ring through lenses and in ultraviolet light so that I understood what she was talking about. She is so personable also and knowledgeable.

avatarDean K. Bethpage

Review starsApr 2019

Absolutely Amazing

So I went to Debòrah to get my fiance’s engagement ring appraised for insurance purposes. I didn’t research much about her. Her office is amazing, and they are all very friendly and welcoming. Our first encounter made me extremely nervous. She is a stern honest woman and explained her background and knowledge to me when it came to jewelry. I was not only impressed but nervous because i wasn’t sure what I was going to hear. Thankfully I made a great purchase, but her complete honesty is what I wanted to hear. She gave such a thorough review right in front of me and explained everything so I understood exactly what I had. Once we got to talking and knowing each other a little better, she offered so much more then just jewelry appraisals. We spoke about everything from jewelry, life problems, and much more. I now consider her a friend as well because she was so helpful with everything. Definitely go to her for your jewelry assessment. Oh, and her soap makes the diamonds sparkle like you’ve never seen before!

avatarTaichiqueen. New York

Review starsApr 2019

Extraordinary Customer Service

Just back from Abu Dhabi and Dubai with an exquisite 30 inch 21k gold necklace. Ms. Deborah Villepigue appraised the necklace at almost twice what I paid for it. Please know/note that in Abu Dhabi and Dubai the gold market is carefully monitored by the government and in many cases the buyer pays by the weight with only a small or no manufacturing fee! Weeeeee! But, Ms. Villepigue explained the intricacies and time involved in making it ... as well as the specialness of the style of the set of small chains linking each section. The complexity of defining and cutting each small circle. And even more so - the skill to create each circle exactly the same size! She also showed me how to, at whim, shorten the length - clean it, she noticed the finger prints. And in the future ways I might wish to alter the texture of the circles... This is the second time I have used the services of Ms. Villepigue, who travels internationally as well as being a respected appraiser and collector of Native American artifacts and jewelry - she also appraised the Tag Heuer watch I received as a gift last year - the one with the 64 diamonds surrounding the crown. Ms. Villepigue has a full lab tastefully integrated into her large office, so I was able to watch, at every stage, as she examined, photographed and took note of the things that the insurance company would want. Finally, let me say that she is extremely professional and has a delightful personality and keen intellect. It was a pleasure. She is extraordinarily nice. The appraisal was 10 pages - a thorough description of every aspect of the jewelry. I would, and have already recommended her with absolutely no hesitation.

avatarJosh Howard. New York

Review starsMar 2019

Superb in Every Sense

Deborah met with my mother and I on a Friday afternoon and I was immediately blown away by the experience. She introduced herself, sat down, didn’t even look at the GIA reports and was able to precisely detail out everything with perfect accuracy of the engagement ring I handed to her which matched perfectly with the GIA report that was in my hand. She was extremely knowledgeable and professional. Its clear she has years of experience and is an unbelievable resource in this space.

avatarDiamond Ring. Queens

Review starsMar 2019

Great Customer Service

You are all GOOD. Will definitely recommend to people!

avatarStephanie K. Garden City Park

Review starsMar 2019

Simply Amazing And Highly Recommend

A friend recommended The Jewelry Appraiser and I’m so happy that they did. Before I meet Deborah I thought a jewelry appraisal was a description of the jewelry, the valued price of the jewelry along with the signature of the appraiser, all on a single piece of paper. I thought this because that is how my jewelry had been appraised in the past. Not only is Deborah an extremely knowledgeable Appraiser, she’s a Certified Gemologist Appraiser. It’s was very interesting watching Deborah review, analyze and document each piece of jewelry that I brought her. She takes her time and has state-of-the-art gemological instruments right in her office and the jewelry never left my sight. Each Appraisal I received was a multi-page report containing multiple photos of the item being appraised, the condition of the item, a Diamond Grading Report, detail gem attributes along with the metal attributes. I highly recommend The Jewelry Appraiser.

avatarBrieann S. Massapequa

Review starsMar 2019


Came here to get my engagement ring appraised and there was a side of stones that weren’ set just right. Debòrah offered to fix it before appraising it and it could not look better! Afterwards she did my appraisal and was very honest. Luckily the jeweler who made my ring knew diamonds so we received a very good appraisal and she referred us to a great insurance company. Also she has jewelry cleaner that is her own brand and my ring has never been so clean I got bottles for all of my friends.

avatarM. Morris. Williston Park

Review starsMar 2019

An Amazing Experience

I had an engagement ring appraised for my proposal. Deborah was as helpful as can be and she helped me step by step as someone who is uneducated in the field of jewelry. She was patient with me to explain everything that was being done and how the appraisal was being conducted. I would recommend her services to anyone that needs an appraisal.

avatarCassandra. Floral Park

Review starsMar 2019

A Great Experience

My husband and I went to see Deborah a few weeks ago and as soon as we sat down, she made us feel so comfortable as if we have known her for years. She is so talented and amazing at what she does. She new where my diamond came from even before she looked at the GIA report (that was very impressive)!! The appraisal process was new to us and she explained every part of it step by step and made sure we understood all of the details. Deborah is so passionate, honest and extremely knowledgeable in her field. She is such a joy and pleasure to work with. Deborah has a wonderful personality. She's funny and charismatic and and will definitely recommend her to all of my family and friends.

avatarJacklen Segrete. North Belmore

Review starsMar 2019


My husband and I went to see Deborah a few weeks ago and as soon as we sat down, she made us feel so comfortable as if we have known her for years. She is so talented and amazing at what she does. She new where my diamond came from even before she looked at the GIA report (that was very impressive)!! The appraisal process was new to us and she explained every part of it step by step and made sure we understood all of the details. Deborah is so passionate, honest and extremely knowledgeable in her field. She is such a joy and pleasure to work with. Deborah has a wonderful personality. She's funny and charismatic and I give her 5 stars and will definitely recommend her to all of my family and friends.

avatarRonnie. Manhassat

Review starsMar 2019

Simply Amazing

This was my only jewelry appraisal and I was not sure what to expect but I cannot say enough how truly professional Deborah was and how she walked us through every step of the way explaining every little detail about our diamond. 5 stars isn’t enough to rate her expertise.

avatarSonia. Rockaway Park

Review starsMar 2019

Deborah Jewelry Appraiser

I can’t express in words how much I found Deborah, who is the jewelry appraiser, to be so professional and honest but the sweetest person I’ve met. She handled my jewelry piece by piece explaining to me everything she was doing and perfectly separated the more expensive down to the least expensive in perfect units. She took my box of mess and turned it into dollars. When I went to her I truly thought I would be wasting her time but she sure proved me wrong. My box of mess was actually a little pot of gold! I recommend her to the highest extent. I know she will not disappoint... thank you Deborah for all your help. All the costume jewelry I was so positive was worthless and gold pieces she specifically let me know we’re there and silver. This money that I will get for these pieces will go to my dearest friend who is in assistant living suffering Parkinson’s. Deborah thank you again for all the good you do! This was a huge help to me.

avatarJohn F. Bethpage

Review starsMar 2019

Overall 10/10 Experience

Deborah was a joy to work with. As soon as I sat down in her office I knew I had made the right decision by coming to her. The appraisal process was new to me and she explained every part of it step by step and made sure I understood all of the details. She was super passionate and knowledgable in her field. I would absolutely recommend her to my friends and family.

avatarJ Ribando. New Hyde Park

Review starsMar 2019

Diamond Stud Earrings

I recently purchased diamond stud earrings for my wife and wanted to get them appraised. I found Deborah online and based on her resume and experience I went with her. Getting an appointment was quick and easy. Upon meeting Deborah she went over the process with me and then took her time as she appraised the diamonds in front of me. She explained what she was doing throughout the process. She is very detailed in her evaluation and really took her time during my visit. The entire process took around 40 minutes. She told me the appraised amount and within 2 weeks sent me my detailed report. She also showed me how to clean the earrings and did so for me too. I thought the process was great and I am very happy with the appraisal.

avatarS Munz. Oakland Gardens

Review starsFeb 2019

An Expert With a Big Heart!

Our experience with Deborah was nothing short of amazing. The care, concern, expert knowledge and kindness she displayed was above and beyond. Notably, her passion for jewelry and what she does stood out among all traits. She is the consummate professional. I would highly recommend this establishment and Deborah without reservation.

avatarChar. New York

Review starsFeb 2019


Deborah Villepigue is a Godsend! I needed to get my ring appraised and was searching for nearly two years for the right person. Everyone that I came across when trying to sell my ring had horrible reviews or tried to lowball me on it’s actual value. I was so tired and worn down thinking that I would not be able to find someone trustworthy enough to appraise my ring so I can sell it. But then, I came across Deborah online.

All of her reviews are amazing and it seemed like she was too good to be true. After reading Deborah’s website, I found out that she is one of the very few people in the WORLD with her accreditations and I set up an appointment with her right away. I saw firsthand that she truly is the real deal! Not only that, Deborah is a beautiful soul and an amazing person. I am so glad that I found her. Deborah was very thorough and taught me a lot while in my appointment about jewelry care, maintenance, diamonds, and gold. This is something that none of the other jewelers and appraisers ever took the time to do. Deborah is honest and you can see why she has all of the amazing reviews that she has now. I recommend anyone who wants a trustworthy, world-renown, and highly credentialed appraiser to Deborah Villepigue. You will not be disappointed!

avatarR Wilkinson. St. Albans

Review starsJan 2019

Simply The Best

The Jewelry Appraiser, Inc are the best. I recently got engaged and purchased my fiance’s engagement ring. I’ve never had to make a purchase like this before so I was beyond nervous about making the right choice but went ahead and got the ring. I knew I had to get it appraised to get insurance on it, so the search began and I found Deborah. She was more than welcoming. She made me feel comfortable and secure with my purchase, especially when she told me I did a great job of selecting the ring. I was very pleased with the appraisal value as well as the fact to know that if I had gotten screwed with the ring, she was gonna go to bat for me to ensure that I got what I paid for. She is the best when it comes to jewelry evaluation. If you ever need jewelry appraised once purchased go see Deborah at The Jewelry Appraiser.

avatarCtirado. Massapequq

Review starsJan 2019

The Best

Deborah was honestly the best. She was so down to earth. From when we walked in she made us feel comfortable, she explained everything. She goes out of her way to make sure your jewelry is 100% the best it could be - She won’t let it be any less. She’s so passionate about her work. Super great lady! We would absolutely would recommend to friends/family!

avatarMel W. Queens

Review starsFeb 2019

Amazing and Knowledgeable

Deborah was amazing to work with. The minute we sat down she explained the appraisal process, which was nice because we were not familiar with it. Each step of the way, she would detail what she was doing and make sure to ask if we had any questions. She made it a very comfortable, seamless and inviting experience. Deborah has so much knowledge, just being able to speak with her we learned a lot of facts about the diamond industry and diamond grading system. She was very open and thorough with sharing her advice and we learned a lot. She even pointed out characteristics of our ring that we didn’t know about, which was really special to learn about. The entire experience was like talking to a very friendly expert. Her persona really eased our worries and made the appraisal a positive one. Thank you Deborah and her husband Louie (who was very responsive when we set up our appointment, checked in during the appraisal, and provided overall excellent support) for a wonderful appraisal experience!

avatarCarol & Henry. Cambria Heights

Review starsFeb 2019

Best Ever Selected

We selected The Jewelry Appraiser after very favorable individual and TV reviews. Our initial visit was impressive. Deb was informative, knowledgeable, and most of all, not pushy. She made us feel comfortable and certain that we had made the right choice. We have returned to her several times and have not been disappointed. She is the epitome of professionalism.

avatarMichelle. Franklin Square

Review starsJan 2019

Professional and Knowledgeable

Deborah and Louis are amazing. I recently had my ring appraised and I accompanied my daughter for her appraisal. I was very pleased with the knowledge that Deborah has in the area of gemology, her passion for this subject is apparent and impressive! Deborah has a high level of expertise and professionalism, and her kind heart made for a great experience. Thank you!

avatarCatherine M. Searingtown

Review starsJan 2019

Amazing and Informative

I was very surprised at the amount of information I received and the time that Deborah put into my bracelet and my single round diamond. I would put all my faith in her and recommend her to anyone who needs an appraisal.

avatarFrank & Jillian. Astoria

Review starsJan 2019

An Amazing Experience

Deborah was informative, thorough, passionate and funny. Her experience truly shines when talking and working with your jewelry. It’s incredible knowing that I have someone like Deborah to work with for as long as possible. I will be going to her for all appraisals and help when buying more. Thank you!

avatarMaria R. Valley Stream

Review starsJan 2019

Beautiful Lady, So Kind

This it’s my first appraisal, and I’m very happy to be in the right place, she is an excellent women and her experience make us very impressed, thank you! See you soon!

avatarN Ramos. Freeport

Review starsJan 2019

The Easiest Decision to Make

I had an appraisal done by Deborah yesterday and I have nothing but great things to say about our visit to the Jewelry Appraiser Inc. Upon entering, Deborah and Lou were very welcoming and helpful with the introductory paperwork. At the start of the appraisal session, I was very relieved to see how very professional and knowledgeable Deborah was with the item I had brought in. From the start Deborah was very clear about her services and how she would be able to guide me through the process of making my item into valuable material. Seeing how enthusiastic Deborah was throughout the process of appraising my item eased my nerves and made me confident that I was working with the right professional. I am excited to be working with Deborah over the next couple of months.

avatarVincent G. Bayside

Review starsJul 2018

Knowledgeable and Courteous

Working with Deborah was such a positive experience. She provided explicit and thorough information regarding our jewelry and explained many tips on how to care for it. Deborah took the time to work with us, showed concern and care for both my husband and I, and answered all the questions we had. She is professional, courteous and kind. I will absolutely be returning in the future for all my jewelry appraisals. Thank you so much!