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Jewelry Appraisers in Tennessee

Reviews of Appraisers and Gem Labs who provide jewelry appraisal and gemological services in Central Tennessee, specifically the Greater Nashville area and the Counties of Davidson & Williamson. Jewelry appraisal services may also be provided to the surrounding counties of Rutherford and Wilson.

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Susan Schwartz GG - Jewelry Appraiser

Susan Schwartz, GG(GIA)

Franklin, Tennessee

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Susan Schwartz Jewelry Appraisals

From her office in Franklin TN, Susan Schwartz, G.G. (GIA) will appraise your jewelry while you wait and watch. Your jewelry does not have to leave your sight as Susan cleans, examines, appraises and values your jewelry and diamonds in your presence. In most cases, your appraisal documents are prepared during your appointment, a digital copy is available immediately for you to forward to your insurance company and a hard copy in portfolio form can be taken away for your archives.

Susan Schwartz is full-time Independent Gemologist Appraiser who does not... [more]

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Susan Schwartz,GG(GIA)

Franklin, Tennesse, USA

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Rating 5.0