Susan Schwartz, G.G.(GIA)

Franklin, Tennessee, USA

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Susan Schwartz, Jewelry Appraiser Gemologist
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About this Jewelry Appraiser

From her office in Franklin TN, Susan Schwartz, G.G. (GIA) will appraise your jewelry while you wait and watch. Your jewelry does not have to leave your sight as Susan cleans, examines, appraises and values your jewelry and diamonds in your presence. In most cases, your appraisal documents are prepared during your appointment, a digital copy is available immediately for you to forward to your insurance company and a hard copy in portfolio form can be taken away for your archives.

Susan Schwartz is full-time Independent Gemologist Appraiser who does not buy or sell jewelry, diamonds or gemstones. You can be sure of an appraisal document that is totally unbiased and based on a sound understanding of the relevant market forces and the latest appraisal and gemmological procedures. Her Graduate Gemology Degree (Gemological Institute of America) and ongoing studies as a Candidate for the American Society of Appraisers make her uniquely qualified in the state of Tennessee as both an Appraiser and a Gemologist to give thorough and accurate attention to your needs and problems.

A detailed, thorough, gemologically-correct appraisal prepared under the guidelines laid down by USPAP leaves no ‘wiggle-room’ or doubt in the event of a jewelry item needing to be replaced or repaired. If appraised for insurance replacement this makes for a swift, trouble-free settlement. Whatever the purpose of the appraisal, the report is defensible in court (Susan has worked as an Expert Witness) and, more importantly, is prepared for your specific circumstances and appraisal needs.

Susan carries out appraisals for all purposes, including: insurance coverage, estate settlement, division of property equitably among heirs, purchase verification, damage assessment etc, or maybe you simply want to know exactly what its is you have. Your needs always determine the purpose of the appraisal and Susan will conclude value in the appropriate market based on these needs and prepare the most fitting documentation. Sometimes a formal appraisal may not be necessary and Susan offers consultations in these instances. In all cases, your jewelry is cleaned and photographed, the carat weight of the stones is determined (no, diamonds and gemstones do not have to be removed from their settings), they are identified, graded for color, clarity and other value characteristics.

An appraisal appointment with Susan ensures that you will leave her office with more than a just the correct documentation for your needs. She firmly believes that a well-educated consumer makes better buying decisions and gets more pleasure from their jewelry as they have a deeper understanding of what it is that they own. For this reason, you will enjoy your time with Susan and are invited to ask questions while she works and, to a degree, be involved in the appraisal process.

Susan works by appointment at her secure, Franklin location, also serving Nashville, Brentwood, Cool Springs, Nolensville, Spring Hill, Murfreesboro, Columbia. Williamson County, Davidson County, Maury County and Rutherford County. Please use the contact links at the top of this page to make your arrangement with Susan.


The Business

  • Private Practice
  • Business mix: Mainly Appraisals
    Also Expert Witness & Broker
  • Principal + 0 staff Appraisers
  • Mon - Fri: 10am to 6pm. Sat: 10am to 6pm
  • At Appraiser′s office


  • Time-based fees
  • All major cards accepted
  • Full appraisal reports start at $125


  • GG


  • GIA Alumni
  • ASA(Candidate)



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Susan Schwartz G.G.(GIA)
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avatarChristi. Hixson

Review starsSep 2017

Excellent Professional Appraiser

Susan is a very experienced, knowledgeable, and professional jewelry appraiser. The final appraisal reports were very thorough. She provided a printed copy on nice glossy paper, as well as a digital copy for us to submit to our insurance company. I also liked the fact that my husband and I were able to sit in the room with her while she appraised the pieces. We will definitely use her again for our appraisal needs. Thank you Susan!

avatarJ. Davis. Nashville

Review starsJul 2017

Quality Service & Consultation

Susan was thorough and precise with her appraisal of my diamond. This was the second time I’ve used her services. She is professional, pleasant and helpful. I will definitely use her again if needed and have come to trust her and highly recommend the quality of her work.