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New Mexico

Jewelry Appraisers in New Mexico

Reviews of Appraisers and Gem Labs who provide jewelry appraisal and gemological services in New Mexico, specifically the specifically the Albuquerque area, Bernalillo County. Appraisal services may also be provided to the surrounding counties of Sandoval and Santa Fe.

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Gemologically Speaking

Gemologically Speaking, LLC

Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA

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For jewelry appraisal in Albuquerque, there is one accredited appraiser who stands out as a clear leader in the jewelry appraisal profession, Mary Reich of Gemologically Speaking, LLC. This Master Gemologist Appraiser® is one of the most highly respected jewelry experts in the US and is heavily involved in gem appraisal education and codes of practice that other appraisers are required to follow. Jewelry appraisals, diamond grading, gemological services and jewelry-related consultations are available from this business's comfortable office in... [more]

Other Cities in New Mexico that are listed on Jewellery Appraisers of the World: Santa Fe and Rio Rancho.

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Gemologically Speaking, LLC

Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA

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