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Jewelry Appraisers in Massachusetts

The Appraisers and Gem Labs listed here cover the area of central Massachusetts, specifically in and around Worcester in Worcester County. Appraisal services may also be provided to the surrounding counties of Norfolk and Middlesex.

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Paul Indorf

Massachusetts Jewelry Appraisers, LLC

Millbury, Massachusetts, USA

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Massachusetts Jewelry Appraisers, LLC (MJA) is an independent appraisal firm specializing in jewelry appraisals for insurance, estate/probate, distribution and divorce purposes. As a highly qualified independent Appraiser and Gemologist based in Millbury, Paul Indorf is a recognized authority in the field of gemstones and jewelry appraisal. MJA is not engaged in the business of selling gems or jewelry. Thus, reports completed by MJA represent an unbiased valuation of the jewelry appraised.
Experience and Integrity: Over 25 years experience... [more]

Other Cities in Massachusetts that are listed on Jewellery Appraisers of the World: Boston, Brockton, Cambridge, Lowell, Newton (inc. Brookline & Waltham) and Springfield.

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Massachusetts Jewelry Appraisers, LLC.

Millbury, Massachusetts, USA

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