Lonestar Gemological Laboratory, LLC

Flint, Texas, USA

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Richard Armstrong - Jewelry Appraiser
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About this Appraiser

Lonestar Gemological Laboratory is a small independently owned and operated gem lab that puts client service and satisfaction first. They continually work to improve their services and the quality of their reports. Gemological, appraisal reports and services include but are not limited to:

  • Diamond, colored stone and pearl Grading Reports
  • Identification of gemstone treatments
  • Gem and synthetic material Identification Reports
  • Insurance appraisals
  • Fair market value appraisals for all purposes
  • Damage Evaluation Reports
  • Customs Reports (to prove ownership of your jewelry when returning from overseas travel)
  • Consultation regarding gems and jewelry tailored to the needs of the client

As an account-holder with the GIA laboratories, arrangements can be made for any advanced testing that may be required.

All gems and jewelry are photographed, weighed, measured, tested, evaluated and documented with a professional written report. Appraisal reports are thoroughly researched in the applicable markets. Along with the printed and signed original report they provide a CD with PDF copies of the reports and copies of the photographs including micro-photographs of the gems and jewelry details to document identification features and condition of the gems and/or jewelry.

Lonestar Gem Lab primarily serves the Northeast Texas area including the Ark-La-Tex area, but they also serve clients from all over the US who ship their gems and jewelry by registered mail for identification, grading and appraisal. Lonestar Gem Lab also provides trade services to jewelers who need unbiased, independent opinions on gem identification and treatments.

Richard Armstrong is qualified and experienced to evaluate and appraise the Crown of Light® diamond sold by Diamonds International.

Lonestar Gemological Laboratory specializes in opals, all varieties of colored gems, and rare gems that your local jeweler is not familiar with and has provided consultation with respect to rare gems to clients as far away as Australia.


The Business

  • Private Practice only
  • Business mix: 90% appraisal, 10% lab work
  • Principal + 0 staff Appraisers
  • Tue - Sat: 12pm to 5pm
  • At Appraiser's office


  • Per-item & time-based fees
  • All major cards accepted
  • Full valuation reports start at $95


  • GG
  • CM
  • AJP


  • Gem-A, GIA Alumni

Background Checked

  • GIS


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Lonestar Gemological Laboratory, LLC.

  • Limited Access
  • Free, on-street
  • Visitors by appointment only
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avatarD. Patel. Longview

Review starsMay 2016

Great Guy. Very Good Appraiser

Mr. Armstrong is a very good Gemologist and Appraiser. He knows his gemstones and has a passion for his work. He is very reasonable on his price. He also has all the equipment needed to identify gemstones and to see if they have been treated.

He takes the time to do the job right and he is very knowledgable.

avatarPaul. Jacksonville

Review starsMar 2016

Very Thorough Ring Insurance Appraisal

Richard is great to work with and pays attention to details. His report is extremely comprehensive and written at a technical level for the non-experts to comprehend. His communication throughout the entire process was impeccable and would definitely use his services again. Thanks Richard for the honest appraisal on my diamond engagement ring!