Kim Piracci, GG

Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA

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Kim Piracci Jewelry Appraiser
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About this Appraiser

Kim Piracci is an independent jewelry appraiser in Chapel Hill and serves the entire Research Triangle area including Raleigh, Durham and Cary. She chooses to work in her own gem lab, so that she can write a completely unbiased appraisal and provide impartial consultations. You can be sure that Kim holds your interests, her clients′, above those of any other person.

The highest level of customer service is Kim′s priority. She offers ‘while you wait’ appointments. You can remain with Kim while she appraises your jewelry. She has quick turnaround times, normally able to set up an appointment within three to five work days. Her pricing is equitable and competitive in the Triangle area

Start by calling Kim to ask questions and set up an appointment. You can wait and relax in Kim′s office while she appraises your jewelry. For scheduling purposes, plan on an hour per piece. First she cleans the piece, identifies and grades every stone, and records all important details. She will explain to you the completed appraisal report and answer any questions you may have. You leave with your jewelry and the completed document. Insurance companies appreciate Kim′s appraisals because of their thoroughness.

Sometimes clients are worried that someone will switch their beautiful diamond for a stone of lesser quality. That is not really likely to happen. But if desired, Kim can show you how to identify your own stone under the microscope. Have other concerns? Just ask. If she doen′t know, she can find out and get back to you. Need a referral for another jewelry related service? Kim has a broad network of jewelry professionals she can introduce you to.

Kim is proud to be a Certified Senior Member of the National Association of Jewelry Appraisers. This is assurance for her clients that she is well qualified to write their appraisals as well as consult with them about their fine jewelry. Take a look at the testimonials on her website and Facebook page.


The Business

  • Private Practice only
  • Business mix: 100% Appraisals
  • Principal + 0 staff Appraisers
  • Mon & Thur: 12 to 7pm
    Tue, Wed, Fri: 8am - 4pm
    Sat: Possible
  • At Appraiser's office


  • Per-item based fees
  • All major cards accepted
  • Full appraisal reports start $75


  • GG
  • CSM


  • GIA Alumni
  • NAJA


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Kim Piracci, GG
1709 Legion Rd
Suite 113
North Carolina
NC 27517

  • Accessible
  • Free, on-site
  • Visitors by appointment only
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avatarAnnette. Durham

Review starsNov 2016

Inherited Jewelry

I would highly recommend Kim Piracci and her jewelry appraising services. She is incredibly knowledgeable and a consummate professional. Her office is lovely, easy to find, and showcases many of the tools of her trade.

I inherited a few pieces of jewelry from my mother, and was gifted some pieces by an in-law. I was unsure about what type and quality of items I had. I choose Kim because she is an independent jewelry appraiser, and wouldn′t personally benefit from any information she shared or with-held from me.

Kim explained the details of each piece and fielded all of my questions, no matter how small. Knowledge truly is power, and I now know that I can be confident and enjoy wearing these sentimental pieces without insurance coverage. None have a monetary value to warrant separate insurance on my home-owners policy.

I truly think her services are a huge value, and would recommend her without hesitation.