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About this Association

Jewelers Vigilance Committee (JVC) has been the recognized source for legal compliance information in the jewelry industry since 1917. JVC is a non-profit organization that uniquely serves every link along the jewelry supply chain through legal guidance, industry guardianship and member education. For over 100 years, JVC's sole focus has been helping jewelers build flourishing businesses that operate with the highest levels of integrity, ethics and legal and regulatory compliance.

JVC members have access to education on topics applicable to all sectors of the jewelry industry. Education is provided through webinars, sessions at industry trade shows and events around the U.S. They offer publications that can help you understand how legal issues apply to your businesses. By supporting JVC, you support their presence at national and international forums and support the industry-improving conversations with governmental and non-governmental entities responsible for setting jewellery businesses' rules and standards.

Members receive free education on the complex laws that apply to the manufacturing, advertising and sale of jewelry. JVC provides up-to-the-minute information about changes to the national and local laws that apply to the jewelry industry. The JVC team is available to answer questions about how these laws apply to your daily business practices.

Membership Benefits and Services

  • Education and Guidance on Legal Compliance
  • Webinars Hosted by the JVC Legal Team
  • Preferred Pricing on All JVC Products and Services
  • JVC's Website Compliance Check
  • JVC's Logo Use, Decal, and Membership Certificate
  • Real-time Membership Updates Sent Directly to You
  • Exclusive One-on-One Chat to JVC's Legal Team
  • Advocacy for the Jewelry Industry at the Government Level

JVC's educational tools help you comply with all laws that apply to businesses in the jewelry industry. Whether you are a retailer, manufacturer, distributor, gold buyer or appraiser, they can help you understand your legal obligations. The JVC guides and toolkits make compliance easy and keep the jewelry industry on a level playing field. With JVC's help, you can be sure you are in compliance and avoid costly lawsuits and government action.

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  • Identity: Non-Profit
  • Managed By: Board of Directors
  • Parent Entity: Autonomous
  • Inception: 1917


  • Legal Compliance (primary)
  • Jewelry Trade


  • Trade only
  • Home Country
  • Number Members: 500-999
  • Min Member Fee: $400


  • Courses Available: Yes
  • Topics: Legal compliance
  • Travelling Classroom
  • Online / Distance Learning


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Jewelers Vigilance Committee
801 Second Avenue
Suite #303
New York

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  • No visitors allowed
  • Mon-Fri 9am-5pm
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