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Houston, Texas, USA

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Houston jewelry appraiser
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About this Appraiser

What makes a Jewelry Judge appraisal unique?

Over 67 Years in the Jewelry Business

With over 67 years in the jewelry business, Ben Gordon, Master Graduate Gemologist / Independent Appraiser has seen and done practically everything related to jewelry. He started his career as a runner in New York’s Diamond District, worked as Vice President of Merchandising for a nationwide entity with responsibilities for design, manufacturing, distribution and merchandising. In 1977, he dedicated full time to his appraising business in response to consumer demand.

What is a Jewelry Judge?

Mr. Gordon joined the elite network of professional appraisers to become a Jewelry Judge in 2000. This nationwide network of independent jewelry appraisers adheres to the highest industry standards for ethics and business practices. Jewelry Judge appraisals and consultations are always done in full view of the client. Furthermore, Mr. Gordon has played a role as advocate for the jewelry industry as well as the consumer.

Types of Services (from single items to large estates)

  • Insurance
  • Estate and trust evaluations
  • Inheritance and property division
  • Diamond and gemstone color grading & appraisals
  • Before and after consultations for buying and selling
  • Professional cleaning and polishing
  • Luxury watch authentication and evaluation
  • Virtual and off-site appraisals
  • Loss Recovery Documentation
  • Expert witness - legal claims

Broad Knowledge

Genealogy of jewelry: Mr. Gordon includes a verbal genealogy of each piece. With his encyclopedic knowledge of gemology and jewelry he looks for clues presented by each item. His trained eye often uncovers details of family history. Ben Gordon has expertise in ethnic to elegant; from old mine cut and old European cut diamonds to Crown of Light. He has lived through the charm bracelets of the 1950s, the cluster rings of the 1970s, and the Cushion and Princess cuts of the early 21st century.

Crown of Light specialty: The Crown of Light is a trademark for a luxury line of jewelry featuring earth mined diamonds that have a particular patented cut. COL items are often purchased outside of the US. Mr. Gordon is one of the few appraisers with adequate knowledge and experience to value Crown of Light for replacement insurance purposes.

Synthetic and enhanced colored stones: Lab grown or manmade gems, especially diamonds are increasingly popular and Ben Gordon is qualified through additional advanced gemological training, to authenticate and differentiate these stones from earth mined gems. He also distinguishes diamond look-a-likes such as moissanite and cubic zirconia from natural enhanced diamonds and colored stones.

Specialty watches: For the collector of high-end vintage and contemporary men’s and lady’s watches, The Jewelry Judge can research and value trade names such as Piaget, Rolex, Breitling, Cartier, Tag Heuer, Movado, Omega, among others.

Connecting with the Client

Ben Gordon connects personally with each client in several ways:

  • First, he encourages his clients to ask questions and participate in the valuation process. Every step from cleaning and authentication to final description and printing the written appraisal report is transparent.
  • Second, as an independent appraiser, he does not buy or sell jewelry. Doing so would create a conflict of interest. When requested by clients who need to determine value prior to selling an item, Mr. Gordon can provide names of buyers and/or auction houses who are known to be fair and reliable. Similarly, when a client wants to purchase a quality item, Ben can offer guidance and direction.
  • Third, clients make appointments at their convenience by linking directly to his online schedule that is available through social media and his website. Feedback is actively encouraged and shared with the public.
  • Lastly, the gem lab is in Houston’s Galleria/Uptown area with easy access to Loop 610 and Southwest Freeway. And if getting to his office is inconvenient, special arrangements can be made.

This secure well-equipped laboratory and office is welcoming. When arriving, Linda or Ligia will greet you and make you comfortable. Each item is described on a written form and the cost of the appraisal or consultation services will be specified before any work is done.

Ben Gordon is most proud of:

  • The trust that clients have placed in him for generations. He now works with the grandchildren of his very first clients. People may come to him with a single item or with suitcases of inventory.
  • Staying up to date with technology. His gem lab uses state of the art equipment when testing and authenticating jewelry.
  • Over three-hundred and fifty five-star testimonials across the Internet.
  • His role as Consumer Advocate working to prevent fraud in the industry, by delivering public awareness presentations. He is frequently interviewed for TV by investigative reporters. Mr. Gordon is a campaigner for fair pricing in the jewelry industry and often speaks to interested groups with his fees going to local community organizations. He educates on buying and selling precious gems and fine jewelry and his talks are full of ‘buyer beware tips’.
  • Being recognized by the Greater Houston Better Business Bureau for Excellence in the Workplace for eight consecutive years including 2019.


Price, based upon the type of service, and the amount of time and research involved, can be on a ‘per item’ or ‘per hour’ basis, whichever will be more economical for the client. Special pricing is offered for large estates. Fees for professional services such as depositions and court appearances are determined on a case by case basis and may require a retainer.
Pricing is always quoted before any consulting or appraisal work is done when the jewelry items are viewed.


The Business

  • Private Practice
  • Business mix: Appraiser
    Also: Expert Witness
  • Principal + 3 consulting associates
  • Mon, Wed, Fri: 12 noon to 5pm
    Tue, Thurs: 10am to 5pm
    Sat: 10am to 2pm
  • At Appraiser’s office


  • Per-item & time-based fees
  • All major cards accepted
  • Full appraisal reports start at $95


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  • GG
  • MGG/A
  • MBA


  • GIA Alumni
  • NAJA
  • JVC


  • BBB - Pinnacle Award for Excellence, Eight consecutive years to 2019

Background Checked

  • GIS



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Jewelry Judge Ben Gordon
5433 Westheimer Suite 606
TX 77056


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avatarS. Galetka. Angleton

Review starsJan 2020

Absolute Confidence in Judge Gordon’s Assessment

I found a necklace with an alexandrite stone that I really liked. The jeweler we had purchased it from assured us that it was quite rare and well worth the asking price. So, we decided to hedge our bets and take it to The Judge for his professional assessment. The stone was indeed a natural alexandrite, but...turns out, it was only with about 1/2 of what my sweet husband paid for it! Fortunately, we were able to return the necklace. Mr. Gordon’s expertise was absolute in determining the value, or lack there of, of our purchase. He and Ms. Linda were very friendly and were happy to answer all our questions. We’re thankful and grateful for your services.

Expertise / Items Examined: Alexandrite stone necklace.

avatarJosie. Houston

Review starsJan 2020

Gem Guru

I had a beautiful diamond ring appraised. Super experience with extremely knowledgeable jeweler. Ben and his wife are helpful and you will learn alot in the process. Learned some of the history of the ring.

Expertise / Items Examined: A beautiful diamond ring.

avatarBob & Paulette. Houston

Review starsDec 2018

Detailed & Accurate

Without knowing what, or details of what was a recent wedding ring purchase, he nailed the 4C’s. Wanted to make sure we were not screwed over. Retail we expected. After all, they did not adopt us! Nice man who did a thorough examination and assessment of what we bought. Also had him appraise multiple pieces from the 70’s for insurance. Glad we did as the pieces were way under insured. Fair and thorough!

avatarMaynard & Tamela. Polarville

Review starsJan 2018

Was a Great Experience

Judge Gordon and his wife as well as one other person that worked there were great. He took his time and explained everything that he was doing. The other two people were very friendly and kind, and each person was very knowledgeable about jewelry. My wife and I drove 400 miles just for this appraisal and were not disappointed. We would recommend Judge Gordon and the people that work with him to everybody. I had read a lot of people that stated their thst jeweler could not appraise the Crown of Light diamond cut but I will say Judge Gordon did a great job.