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Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA

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Jewelry Appraiser in Colorado Springs
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About this Appraiser

Anton Nash Jewelry Appraisal has been the go to for jewelry appraisal in the Colorado Springs area since 1998. This appraisal expert a fully mobile service and come directly to the client's home or office in the Colorado Springs metro area. There is never a need to leave treasured jewelry with a store or other appraisal service. You can observe the whole process in the comfort of your own home. They are happy to meet clients from outside of the travel area in one of their partner jewelry stores and offer the same personalized service while you sit with your pieces.

Julie Nash is an Accredited Senior Appraiser and Master Gemologist Appraiser with the American Society of Appraisers (ASA). To achieve this elite designation, Ms Nash has to maintain credit hours through ASA and be periodically peer reviewed. The Accredited Senior Appraiser Master Gemologist Appraiser requires being a Graduate Gemologist (GG). The Graduate Gemologist (GG) is obtained through the Gemological Institute of America. Ms Nash obtained her GG diploma in residence at the Gemological Institute and was then employed as an Instructor of Resident Gemology there. Ms Nash is a Graduate Jeweler (GJ) also obtained in residence through the Gemological Institute of America.

Anton Nash Jewelry Appraisal offers appraisals for insurance and verification of the quality and value of a purchase. More complex appraisals for bankruptcy, divorce, estate tax calculation, estate distribution and for lost items are available as well. Anton Nash has performed appraisals for criminal cases and testified in court on several occasions concerning jewelry and jewelry appraisal. Ms Nash has been a court appointed referee as well.

Julie Nash is the Co-Author of ‘Working With Gemstones: a Bench Jeweler’s Guide’ along with articles in JCK, Professional Jeweler and MJSA Journal magazines.

Please use the contact links at the top of this page to contact Julie about your appraisal requirements.


The Business

  • Private Practice & Trade Appraiser
  • Business mix: Principally an Appraiser
    Also: Expert witness and Author
  • Principal + 0 staff appraisers
  • Mon - Fri: 9am to 5pm
    Other times by arrangement
  • Mobile lab & via jewelers


  • Per-item based fees
  • Cards not accepted
  • Full appraisal reports start at $100


  • GJG
  • ASA, MGA


  • ASA


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Anton Nash LLC
PO Box 25011
Colorado Springs
CO 80936-5011


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