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Vickie Adams - Jewelry Appraiser and Gemologist
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About this Appraiser

Vickie Adams is a highly qualified Independent, accredited gem and jewelry appraiser and Graduate Gemologist (GIA in residence) heading Adams Appraisers. Her experience in the appraisal field is vast, teaching courses in the extension program at the University of California Irvine when Appraisal Studies program was active. Her office and certified gem lab is in Irvine. She serves jewelry-owning clients in the immediate area of Newport Beach, Laguna Beach, and San Clemente and the surrounding counties of Orange (OC).

An on-site service is available to local clients and those further afield throughout Southern California. This appraisal service entails Vickie traveling to your home, business or a bank vault with her portable gemological laboratory (there is a minimum 3 hour fee for this service). Clients or their representative observe the examination of the jewelry and watches followed by the development of a report in her office.

Vickie is a Master Gemologist Appraiser® and a Certified Insurance Appraiser. She performs appraisal services for insurance, estate taxes, and court matters. Diamond and gemstone set jewelry, designer jewelry, watches, unmounted diamonds and colored gemstones are among the items she appraises. All appraisals conform to the standards laid down by the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP).

Private Individuals

Clients receive high quality personal service whether the subject of the valuation is a large collection of fine jewelry or a modest grouping. The goal of a client directs Vickie to write an appraisal for their specific use. An appraisal for insurance coverage serves to identify the jewelry and/or watches and assign a replacement value. An appraisal for a charitable donation meets the criteria specified by the IRS. When property is left to divide among heirs, the values in this appraisal assures that each individual receives an equitable portion of the estate.

Other services carried out for members of the public and their professional representatives include support services in legal matters, valuation assistance in winding up a deceased’s personal or business estate (fair market values for estate tax), valuation for damage assessment and liquidation.

Legal & Wealth Management Professions

Ms. Adams is a qualified Expert Witness and offers expert testimony at deposition, arbitration or trial in all matters concerning quality or value in jewelry-related disputes. Appraisals provide a basis of value for divorce settlement or casualty loss. Consultations concerning estate planning and wealth management are part of Vickie’s service.

Estate & Trust Management

A variety of services and appraisal reports are available to assist in planning a Trust, the fair market valuation for the IRS, and/or the equitable division of the personal property to the decedent’s heirs.

Please use the contact links at the top of this page to discuss your appraisal requirements with Ms Adams.


The Business

  • Private Practice
  • Business mix: Mainly an Appraiser.
    Also Expert Witness
  • Principal + 0 staff Appraisers
  • Mon - Fri: 9am to 5pm
    Other days and times by arrangement
  • Mobile lab & at Appraiser’s office


  • Time-based fees
  • Credit cards not accepted
  • Service fee starts at $675 (3 hour minimum, on-site)


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  • GG
  • BA


  • AGA, GIA Alumni
  • FEWA
  • ASJH

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  • GIS


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