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Jewellery & Diamond Valuers in the Sunderland area

Reviews of Valuers & Gemmologists providing a jewellery valuation service to the Sunderland area including South Shields and Washington.

All Valuers listed here provide a home or office visit service as well as a postal service. Valuations are also available through selected jewellers in the Tyne and Wear region.

All JAW Associates:

  • Are full-time professional Valuers and Gemmologists not retail jewellers.
  • Are fully qualified and experienced.
  • Have had all of their qualifications & credentials independently verified by us.
  • Are held to account by national and sometimes also international appraisal governing bodies.

To display each business's jewellery valuation costs, verified qualifications & credentials, reviews and contact details, click the ‘View Profile’ buttons.

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Negus Jewellery Valuations Ltd

Negus Jewellery Valuations Ltd

Durham, County Durham, UK

Rating (5 reviews)
5 star5.0

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Negus Jewellery Valuations Ltd is owned and operated by Patricia Negus FGA, FIRV, a fully qualified Registered Valuer and Gemmologist. Patricia offers a qualified, independent appraisal service for jewellery, diamonds and watches in your home in the Sunderland area and throughout the North East of England.
Whether your requirements are for insurance, probate or division of assets, private or trade, Patricia offers a friendly, individual and prompt service. All fees are fixed before the work is undertaken. Same day service can be provided by arrangement... [more info, fees, reviews etc]

info iconTypes of Jewellery Valuations

Only those specifically referred to on this page are described here

Further types will be mentioned on the Valuer's profile pages as there are several other types of valuation reports, each with its own particular wording, purpose, objectives and resulting values. For an expanded list of types, go to the Valuation Definitions page.

Division of Assets (sometimes requested)- This appraisal and valuation is used to establish the value of one or more items of jewellery to be used in an equitable distribution scenario. The basis of value is largely dictated by the function of the valuation. An example could be the division of property in a scenario where you require an informal valuation so that a collection of valuables can be distributed among two or more recipients following the death of the owner of the gems. The ascribed values are usually based on Fair Open Market values, but there are other possibilities. In the UK there is an increasing likelihood that this information could be delivered verbally during an informal consultation, rather than a formal report being produced.

Insurance Replacement (routinely requested) - Used to present to an insurance company prior to taking out or renewing an insurance policy. This enables them to establish their maximum financial exposure in the event of a loss. The value represents the modal retail replacement cost of an item of equal merit from the most appropriate type of source within a given broad geographic area. Whether the item is valued on a New Replacement Value (NRV) or Secondhand Replacement Value (SHRV) basis is largely dictated by the type and age of the item, although it is possible for the policy-holder and/or the insurance company to have some sway too. All values normally include VAT.

Probate (commonly requested) - Used to establish the value of a Deceased's estate to enable the calculation of Inheritance Tax due to HMRC and settling of probate. The cited values represent the open market value of the item(s) as of the Date of Death. The values do not include VAT.