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Shirley Mitchell FGA DGA Ltd offers a comprehensive, independent and professional jewellery & watch valuation service direct to members of the public (using a home visit service), insurance companies & jewellers (via secure post or at your premises).

Shirley is a member of the Association of Independent Jewellery Valuers, the Institute of Registered Valuers, the National Association of Jewellers, the Scottish Gemmological Association, the Society of Jewellery Historians and the National Association of Jewellery Appraisers (USA) which means that she has extensive knowledge and experience in valuing jewellery and watches as well as accessibility to a number of agencies for support should it be necessary when valuing your items.

Clients of Shirley Mitchell FGA DGA Ltd regularly comment on the friendly yet professional approach and service they have received. The service offered by Shirley is very much client focussed and tailored to the needs of the individual as she is committed to providing a high level of customer service. Upon completion of the valuation you will receive a very detailed and comprehensive report which is finished to a very high standard. It will contain photographs and details of each item valued which is easy to read and understand by both the client and insurance companies.

The benefit of having your jewellery valued by an independent jewellery valuer is that they are not affiliated to, or employed by, any insurance company, retail jeweller or company that may have a vested interest in any value placed on an item. If you would like your jewellery valued by someone who has the best interests of the client at the forefront of their mind and has a friendly yet professional approach then please use the contact links at the top of the page for more information.


The Business


  • Per-item based fees
  • Via PayPal
  • Full valuation reports start at £120


  • AGA, FGA, DGA, PJGemDip
  • PJValDip, FIRV


  • Gem-A


  • IRV - David Wilkins Award 2013
    AIJV - Valuer of the Year 2013


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Shirley Mitchell FGA DGA Ltd.
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avatarFaye & Jim. Hampton

Review starsOct 2017

First-Class Service

Shirley is friendly, helpful and professional. I was also pleased that a diamond ring valuation could take place at my home. Valuation was received the day of visit and hard copy posted the same day. Shirley is a delightful lady and I would highly recommend her valuation service.

avatarSara. Maidenhead

Review starsOct 2017

Excellent Professional Home Service

Shirley was great. She was with me for a about 30 minutes, examined and photographed and tested the piece. The report was sent via email within 24 hours. Her fees are really reasonable. Overall, a quick professional reasonable service with a smile.

avatarSteve. Reading

Review starsJul 2017

A Warm Welcome & Professional Service

Shirley is friendly, engaging and thoroughly professional. It’s clear that she has significant experience and knowledge in valuing jewellery and the valuation report provided is both comprehensive and well presented. Shirley was also able to provide insight into the Insurance claims process and highlighted some potential pitfalls to be aware of when covering individual items.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Shirley’s services

avatarSally. Sandhurst

Review starsJun 2017

Wonderful Service

Shirley is both friendly and professional. Her customer service is excellent as is her knowledge. Communication can’t be faulted and her fees are totally transparent unlike others I’d looked at. I had a home visit and Shirley brought everything required. My valuation report in itself is a thing of beauty! I would recommend her services without hesitation.

avatarBB. Maidenhead

Review starsJun 2017

A Brilliant Home Service

Shirley is really friendly, helpful and professional. I was particularly pleased that she could value my items in my own home.

I am delighted with her report, which is very comprehensive and included detailed photos and descriptions of my items as well as the values.

avatarJane. Surrey

Review starsMay 2017

Excellent Service

Shirley was both personable and professional, my insurance broker gave me her details and I was delighted that she was able to come to my home address. It turned out that Shirley had completed a valuation appraisal for me 3 years ago when I had taken several pieces to my local jewellers for an independent valuation. Although I didnt meet her on that occasion I was impressed with the professional detailed report I received with good photo images.

This time I also had a re-valuation of those items included so everything is currently up to date in one report plus a PDF which I sent to my insurance company. Will definitely be using Shirley again, she certainly knows her stuff!

avatarHP & KK. Marlow

Review starsMay 2017

Fantastic Service and Quick Turnaround

Shirley is fantastic and gave us a very quick valuation. The service she gave us was very professional and we received the valuation within 24 hours and in the post the following day. She is a lovely lady and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her for her valuation service.

avatarCameron. Reading

Review starsMay 2017

Excellent Service

We had a trilogy diamond engagement ring and diamond earrings valued and condition checked for insurance purposes. Unlike other valuation services, Shirley can attend at your home or work to do the valuation / condition check, rather than taking them away to do the work. We found this to be a rare service as most local and chain jewellers we spoke to needed the jewellery for a couple of weeks to do the valuation. Considering the great service provided, the fees were very reasonable. Shirley was also responsive and it was very easy to arrange an appointment.

avatarJon & Vicky. Wokingham

Review starsMar 2017

Excellent Valuation Service

We have used Shirley for 4 years and have been very pleased with her service, always prompt and efficient. We really appreciate that she come to our home which makes it more personal.

She sends PDF copies of her appraisal which my insurance company accepted and the original documents arrived bound. We would recommend Shirley for anyone needed professional, personal service with a smile.

avatarWatchman. Windsor

Review starsDec 2016

All-Round First Class Service

Following renewal of an insurance policy and an advised requirement to submit conditions reports and valuations in respect of a number of pieces of jewellery (including watches and an engagement ring) within a limited time-frame, I contacted Shirley to make an inquiry as to how my insurers requirements would be best met. Shirley replied promptly, provided comprehensive advice as to how the valuation / appraisal process would work and gave a firm cost for the work involved. The appraisal / valuation was carried out at my home at the time agreed, with Shirley evidently having undertaken prior research of the pieces and being happy to answer my questions as she worked.

Following the visit Shirley provided a thorough report on each piece (both hard copy and by e-mail), together with invaluable advice as to how the pieces would be best insured, which was subsequently met with agreement by my insurer at minimal cost to me!

I found Shirley to be highly professional in her approach, with all stages of the process being undertaken within agreed timescales and at agreed costs. Shirley was most personable; she clearly enjoys her profession and has a wealth of knowledge, which she was willing to share with me for my benefit. I would not hesitate to recommend her services to others.

avatarPhillip. Maidenhead

Review starsDec 2016

Comprehensive Service With A Smile

Shirley came to my house to appraise some jewellery. She tested the items with a complex set of gadgets which gave me confidence that they were what they purported to be when I bought them. She was very thorough and took measurements and photographs. Her report was very well presented and clear. The retail values she put on the items were credible, according within a range of what I had paid for them. At my request she also provided, verbally, realistic (much lower!) values for what I might be paid if I chose to sell them. She was also able to help pointing me in the right direction to obtain alterations and insurance. All in all, I was very satisfied with Shirley's service.

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avatarChristine. Sandhurst

Review starsDec 2016

Professional & Very Helpful

Shirley was extremely helpful when I had to provide a gift valuation for Inheritance Tax purposes. She valued a diamond ring for insurance in 2014 and when I requested a further valuation for probate, she researched the HMRC requirements and advised me accordingly. She visited me at home to perform the valuation and sent me a PDF the following day, which I was able to forward to my solicitor.

Shirley went the extra mile to help me in rather difficult circumstances. I would highly recommend her services.

avatarObhrai. Surrey

Review starsDec 2016

A Truly Professional Service

We have now used Shirley on a few occasions and are very happy with her service. Over the years Shirley has not only carried out valuations but she has also advised us. Most recently we where sold a non-genuine watch and through Shirley's advice and contacts we received a full refund for the watch from the place where we bought it.

When we went to renew our insurance policy we mentioned that Shirley Mitchell had done our valuation, the insurance company needed no further evidence / documents, we were told that she is very well know in the industry and very highly respected and regarded!

avatarB Powell. Walton on the Hill

Review starsDec 2016

No Fuss Service

Efficient friendly service, well presented report and valuation, highly recommended.

avatarThibault. Henley on Thames

Review starsOct 2016

A Great Experience

Shirley was recommended to us by our insurance broker and we will definitely turn to her again for future appraisals. Not only was Shirley very professional and efficient but she was also most accommodative. She was thoughtful and considerate too which we enjoyed given the emotional content and sensitivity surrounding the jewellery that needed to be appraised (i.e. my wife’s engagement ring). We are very happy to recommend her services.

avatarMr H. Woking

Review starsJun 2016

Excellent Home Service

Shirley was incredibly helpful in providing an insurance valuation for my wife's engagement ring with very short notice. She travelled over to my house to perform the valuation and had the comprehensive report back to me in just a few days (as a bound, hard copy and digital copy).

Shirley was professional at all times whilst also being very personable. She was running a little late from a previous appointment but phoned me to let me know she was running 5 to 10 minutes behind schedule. In total Shirley was with me for around 30 minutes and the process was completely unobtrusive.

All in all, an excellent service and I would certainly recommend Shirley and will no doubt call upon her services again in the future.