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About this Valuer

Lee-ona is an independent registered jewellery valuer committed to serving clients throughout the West of Scotland and beyond. As a dedicated professional with over twenty years experience in the retail jewellery sector, she is intent on providing her clients, both private individuals and businesses alike, with an impartial service tailored to suit their individual needs.

Being a highly driven individual allows Lee-ona to balance her time, effort and expertise between retail research and report writing. She believes that product knowledge, planning, research and analysis are essential prerequisites to carrying out valuations.

She provides a professional, impartial and confidential service in the privacy and security of the client's own home, for or on behalf of insurance companies or for other members of the jewellery trade who wish to employ the services of a Registered Valuer.

Services include: Gemstone identification, diamond grading, pre-purchase advice and valuations for insurance replacement, private sale and probate. Expert Statements can also be prepared for Court use.

  • Diamond Diploma Gemmological of Great Britain
  • Fellow of the Institute of Registered Valuers
  • Fellow Gemmological Association of Great Britain
  • Fellow National Association of Jewellers
  • Professional Jewellers Management Diploma
  • Retail Jewellers Diploma

Lee-ona, who is a Member the Scottish Gemmological Association, carries out a pre-valuation consultation to ensure individual requirements are established from the outset.
Valuation Fees are negotiated and agreed at this time. On receipt of items to be valued, they will be inspected and cleaned. Clients will be informed of any repair required to any article at the beginning of the appointment.

Each item will be described in detail and the colour, clarity and weights of gemstones will be measured and recorded. Hallmarks and any other markings will be specified in the valuation. The report will also contain high resolution photographic illustrations that will aid the identification of any item in the event of any loss or theft.

All enquiries are welcomed, please contact Lee-ona for further assistance.


The Business

  • Private Practice & Trade Valuer
  • Business mix: 100% valuations
  • Principal + 0 staff valuers
  • Mon - Fri: 9am to 5pm
  • Home visits & via jewellers in Ayrshire & Midlothian.


  • Per-item based fees
  • Cards not accepted
  • Full valuation reports start at £105


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  • DGA, FGA
  • FNAJ, PJManDip, RJDip


  • Gem-A, SGA


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LFL Jewellery Appraisal and Valuation - Scotland


LFL Valuation Services
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avatarScottish customer. Edinburgh

Review starsSep 2023

No Hesitation in Recommending

We have no hesitation in recommending this valuer. We felt well looked after and great care was taken both in the pre-valuation meeting, the valuation and the report.
There was a large number of items, many of which were of merely intrinsic interest. The cataloguing was most helpful to a widely dispersed family.

Expertise / Items Examined: An eclectic amount of jewellery kept by a number of generations.

Company Response:I am delighted to learn your appreciation of my pre valuation consultation appointment and your concluding valuation as per our agreement. Being an executor is no easy task, I am glad I could be of assistance with your probate valuation. Best wishes, Lee-Ona

avatarMarion. Perth

Review starsSep 2023

Excellent 1st Class Service

4 rings valued. Excellent, 1st class service. Always helpful, nothing was to much trouble. Would highly recommend!

Expertise / Items Examined: 1 diamond cluster, 1 five stone diamond eternity ring, 1 ruby and diamond ring, 1 emerald and diamond ring.

Company Response:You have a beautiful collection of rings from the pretty classic flower cluster engagement ring to the very modern Italian designer Picchiotti emerald & diamond dress ring. It was my pleasure to provide you with a current insurance replacement valuation. Kind regards, Lee-Ona

avatarCB. Edinburgh

Review starsAug 2023

Thank You

Very professional and helpful service. Lee-Ona was recommended to us to value a variety of antique jewellery items. We arranged a home visit, at which Lee-Ona appraised a number of items, providing very clear descriptions which allowed us to select a couple for full valuation. The full valuation was completed very quickly and the report and documentation were beautifully presented and again very clear. We're happy to recommend Lee-Ona without hesitation!

Expertise / Items Examined: Several items of antique jewellery.

Company Response:It was my pleasure to assist you and share my knowledge and present to you the current values of your family heirlooms, for the purpose of insurance replacement. I am pleased you enjoyed our consultation appointment and are equally satisfied with your valuation.

avatarJames & Patricia. Edinburgh

Review starsJul 2023

Professional Quality Service

Our insurance brokers asked us to get a current valuation for my wife's solitaire ring. Several jewellery retailers in Edinburgh suggesting contacting LFL Valuation Services. Our home visit was very relaxed and we were impressed by Lee-Ona's friendly and professional manner. We were surprised by how much we learned about a diamond during the visit. We would certainly recommend Lee-Ona, without hesitation, to anyone required jewellery valuation.

Expertise / Items Examined: Diamond solitaire ring

Company Response:Thank you both, it was a pleasure to share my knowledge and discuss Patricia's exceptional diamond solitaire ring with you. As we discussed, I enjoy meeting the client and making sure they get the most appropriate advice and outcome which they require.

avatarAunties' treasures. Troon

Review starsJan 2023

Wonderful Service & Experience

We had inherited a mixed lot of jewellery from four female relatives and were also acting as Executors and so needed to have some items valued for probate and some valued to help us decide what to keep and what to sell.

Lee-Ona was sensitive in how she helped us through the process. It was lovely to learn from her and her enthusiasm, particularly for one of our Aunts items which she had herself made, was genuine and gave much comfort during a difficult task.
The deep knowledge of an expert was obvious to us from the outset and she equally completed the administration for lawyers efficiently and with more detail than we had ever imagined.

We had booked a home visit and that was worth every penny for the relaxed nature of getting so much achieved in the comfort of home. I had been dreading the whole thing but found myself loving the time we spent looking through our financially but also sentimentally precious items. She treated everything with equal respect.
She has really inspired us to now get to our own items and we are looking forward to another Lee-Ona morning soon. Can not recommend more strongly.

Expertise / Items Examined: Various items from higher value rings to mixed collections of earrings, necklaces, brooches, pendants, bangles and including some silver hallmarked and made by an Aunt and some gold and diamonds. Some valuations for probate.

Company Response:It was my pleasure to meet with you both and share my knowledge. One of my highlights is meeting with clients and learning the history of their collections. Every piece of Jewellery has a story to be told and your aunts is one I shall remember! I look forward to meeting with you again for the purpose of your insurance appraisal.

avatarML. Prestwick

Review starsDec 2022

Excellent Service

Lee-Ona had previously provided valuations for my rings. Unfortunately these rings were lost a few years ago, but I had a very positive experience with my insurance company because I had good current valuations. I contacted Lee-Ona to value my replacement rings. A home visit was arranged, and I am delighted with the thorough and professional valuations. I have no hesitation in recommending her to friends and family.

Expertise / Items Examined: Diamond ring and diamond /sapphire ring.

Company Response:Thank you, it was lovely to meet up with you again. Your case is a perfect example of the importance of having a professional jewellery appraisal. Insurance Brokers who specialise in jewellery & watches appreciate the need for having a professional appraisal and are now insisting that these valuations are carried out by a qualified specialist.

avatarJohn & Susan. Irvine

Review starsOct 2022

Jewellery Appraisal

We have no hesitation in recommending this business. The service both in terms of quality and professionalism was excellent.

Expertise / Items Examined: A collection of 5 rings.

Company Response:Thank you both, it was my pleasure to provide you with our secure collection and delivery service. The Jeweller and I are delighted to learn you appreciated our professionalism.

avatarHappy Customer. Dunfermline

Review starsJul 2022

Friendly Business | High Quality Report

After receiving jewellery in a bequest we realised we needed a professional valuation. Many of the items had come from Cairncross in Perth and they recommended Lee-Ona to provide the valuation. We called her for a chat and were impressed by her knowledge and friendly, professional manner. She undertook a home visit and within a few days had provided a draft report. One item required a bit more research and Lee-Ona confirmed the final report a couple of weeks later. We were very pleased with the service and felt that we were in safe hands

Expertise / Items Examined: A number of rings, including diamond, opal and Tay pearl.

Company Response:Thank you, Susan it was my pleasure assisting you with a current valuation of your personal & inherited collection of jewellery for the purpose of your insurance renewal. Dialogue, is one of the foremost important procedures within our services and I thoroughly enjoyed sharing my knowledge and expertise with you.

avatarW.Barr. Ayr

Review starsJul 2022

Professional & Educational

I found Lee-ona online having been advised by home insurance and jeweller that I needed a professional valuation for 3 rings and 2 necklaces. Lee-ona was very professional, friendly and helped educate us on the items. Some lovely surprises in the findings and an aspect we need to check up with one of the items which was very interesting. So not only excellent valuation to enable insurance cover but also super interesting experience learning about the items. I have passed Lee-Ona's details to friends and family as a reliable timely service particularly as they have inherited old jewellery items that she will no doubt be able reveal more interesting information about. Great experience and value for money.

Expertise / Items Examined: Diamond rings; diamond necklaces

Company Response:Thank you, Wendy it was a pleasure to book our popular collection & delivery appraisal service appointment with you. I am delighted to learn how satisfied you were with my service. In addition, may I also thank you for your kind recommendation to your family & friends. I look forward to hearing from them.

avatarSandy. Rothesay

Review starsMar 2022

Blown Away

I have never ever had to use a service of this kind ever. After doing some research at getting my late mother's jewellery evaluated, it all became a bit overwhelming. I wasn't crazy about leaving the jewellery just anywhere with just anyone, as I knew I may have a few valuable pieces. Also the fact that I live on an island can also become an inconvenience for me as I work full time and can't really ( with my job ) run all around the mainland trying to find a reputable jeweller that I would be comfortable leaving my pieces with. Also, using the post was also not an option I would have ever considered either.

So I found Lee-Ona on good old fashioned Google! After a lot of communication via telephone, text and even emails I finally decided she was the one for me!! A home visit? What more could you ask for? Done right there in the comfort of your own home...no hassle at all!

Lee-Ona was everything and more I could have asked for. She was well presented, professional and very polite and comfortable to be around. She explained everything as she worked away comfortably in my living room. And the fact that she had travelled to the island I live on was an absolute bonus. I honestly can't speak or think anymore highly of her than I already do!

A few days later I received all my documentation. It was far more than I expected. It was beautifully presented and so very very professional. And all the information included in the package was easy and interesting to process.

So overall I cannot recommend this service as anything but a 10+++++! Don't delay... get this booked... as she is a busy lady!

Expertise / Items Examined: Engagement ring, four stone diamond ring, antique watch, sapphire ring and a few random pieces that were also my mother's.

Company Response:Thank you Sandy for your kind review, it was a pleasure to take the ferry across to visit you in Rothesay. I too enjoyed meeting with you and assisting you with the appraisal advice and service that you required. Perhaps I talk more than I should, however within my role it is most important to listen to the client and understand what each individual needs. I am delighted you were satisfied with the service. May I wish you and the family a busy season on the Island, Best Wishes, Lee-Ona.

avatarTom. Edinburgh

Review starsJan 2022

Excellent Friendly Service

We had some inherited jewellery needing valued for insurance purposes and LFL were recommended to us by a local jeweller. After meeting with LFL we promptly received a detailed report on all of the items, along with a valuation. The service fully met our expectations and could not have been better.

Expertise / Items Examined: Three diamond rings of varying types and ages

Company Response:Thank you for your kind review Tom, it was my pleasure to meet with you both in Edinburgh and assist you with a current valuation for the purpose of insurance replacement of your rings. It is always fascinating piecing together the puzzles of clients' inherited jewellery items. I am delighted to learn you were happy with the service which we provided. May I take this opportunity to wish you well in your new retirement.

avatarNaomi. Edinburgh

Review starsNov 2021

Professional Service

I inherited a dress ring a few years ago so I had no idea of its value. I didn't think it was hugely valuable in financial terms although priceless in sentimental value. I contacted my jeweller to arrange to have another ring, one I'd commissioned, cleaned and checked when they mentioned there would be a valuation expert available that day so on a whim I took my inherited ring to be valued.

The valuer was very friendly and helpful and a week later I received a very professional valuation schedule. My guess regarding the value was pretty close, I was only £200 out which isn't bad. My curiosity was satisfied and I learned a lot about the ring in question.

Expertise / Items Examined: A diamond dress ring.

Company Response:Thank you for allowing me to fulfill your curiosity by valuing your very sentimental inherited diamond ring. In addition it was my pleasure to assess your beautiful bespoke Aquamarine & Diamond ring as per your insurance brokers requirements. I enjoy meeting my clients during these one to one valuation appointments. Dialogue is the key connection, there is always a story to be told or a memory to be treasured. Thank you for sharing yours with me. Kindest regards, Lee-Ona.

avatarJ. Hunter. Edinburgh

Review starsSep 2021

Excellent Professional Service

I was recommended to use this company and was very happy with the service they gave. Lee-ona Long could not have been nicer and gave me a thorough breakdown of what she saw in my rings re valuation but also what she thought needed to be repaired before valuation. I thought the advice she gave was clear and the valuation was well presented. I was delighted with the whole process and can thoroughly recommend Lee-ona and everyone else on the team that helped with the valuation.

Expertise / Items Examined: A diamond engagement ring and a dress ring made for me in Egypt.

Company Response:Thank you for your review, I thoroughly enjoy meeting my clients and discussing the history of their jewelry collections. I am fortunate to collaborate with many jewelry goldsmiths & designers throughout Scotland and provide our clients with the best advice possible. If I may be of further assistance in the future, please do not hesitate to contact me. Kindest regards, Lee-Ona.

avatarRoy & Anna. Irvine

Review starsApr 2021

First Class Cost Effective Service

Lee-Ona provided a first class service above and beyond our expectations. Collecting the items to be valued from our home and returning them in a speedy manner gave us extreme confidence in her service. The paperwork and its presentation was in our opinion above and beyond our expectations. Her personality and her overall personal service was exceptional that promoted our confidence in her overall performance. We cannot thank her enough for her excellant service. I would take this opportunity to recommend her to anyone requiring jewellery and watch valuations.

Expertise / Items Examined: A collection of watches and gold attachments.

Company Response:Thank you for your kind review. Our collection and delivery services have been very successful with our clients during the current government restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic. I am pleased to learn you were very happy with your Probate & Insurance valuations which you received for your watch, jewellery & silver collections.

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avatarKirsty. Musselburgh

Review starsMarch 2021

Excellent Service

Lee-Ona provided an excellent service for us from start to finish. We needed a probate valuation of 10 items of my late mother-in-law's jewellery. Lee-Ona responded to our initial enquiry within a few hours and provided a clear explanation of the process. Due to current covid restrictions we had to use a secure postage service and she kept us updated as soon as the items were received by her and as soon as she had returned them to us. The whole process was completed within one week of our original enquiry. The documentation was professionally presented and detailed, with clear photographs. We were really impressed with the whole service and wouldn't hesitate to recommend.

Expertise / Items Examined: A collection of 10 items comprising rings, earrings, pearls, pendants and watches.

Company Response:Thank you, Kirsty, for your kind review of my fully insured postal valuation services. It was my pleasure to provide you with my knowledge and expertise for a probate valuation for your late mother-in-law's estate. I am pleased you were satisfied with our service and your appraisal documentation of her jewellery & watch collection.

avatarYvonne. Glasgow

Review starsFeb 2021

Amazing Attention to Detail

From first contact to delivery a professional friendly service from Lee-Ona who completely understands the reservation of handing over and being parted from items due to covid restrictions, this is the only way fir it to be done, 6 personal gem set items required for insurance purposes, carefully valued by Lee-Ona who completely understood my anxiety of being separated from the items overnight. Such a professional service throughout and she returned items as promised sparkling like new.

Expertise / Items Examined: 6 gem set items.

Company Response:Thank you for your kind review. It is paramount that I continue to provide clients with my professional appraisal services during this pandemic, so I was happy to collect and return your jewellery via my secure collection and delivery service. It was a pleasure to assess and value your beautiful collection of diamond jewellery, I am sure that your Insurance Broker will be pleased to see such a comprehensive appraisal and valuation schedule. I look forward to receiving news of your new arrival and I will include it within your valuation schedule.

avatarTherese. Ayr

Review starsOct 2020

Exceeded All Expectations

Lee-ona paid a home visit and spent seven straight hours examining my jewellery. Hugely impressed by her painstaking approach, knowledge, technical prowess, stamina, patience and professionalism. Charming persona. Promptly delivered a clear, comprehensive and authoritative catalogue of her findings to our door step - beautifully presented.

Expertise / Items Examined: Bangles, charms, earrings, necklaces, pendants, brooches and rings, mainly gold, and pearls; 52 items in all of Asian and European origin.

Company Response:It was my pleasure sharing my knowledge and expertise in the comfort of your dinning room where we were able to comply within the current challenging covid 19 restrictions. Your patience was mutually appreciated, it allowed me to discuss, assess and catalogue each item in detail. I am humbled by your kind words, many thanks for your inspiring review.

avatarSamantha Gribble. Kilmarncok

Review starsSep 2020

Passionate and Very Caring

Lee-ona attended an initial consultation in our home, and has been exceptionally supportive when advising on our jewellery. Not only was she very organised and within covid 19 regulations, but entered our house fully prepped and allowed a slow and gentle talk through family jewellery. Lee-ona's manner is kind and caring and she has a vast knowledge - guiding me on costume and heirloom jewellery. I would highly recommend Lee-ona, not an overkill approach but a gentle and encouraging discussion. The consultation took 2 hours and I thoroughly enjoyed all her insight and guidance.

Expertise / Items Examined: A collection of jewellery - costume and heirloom.

Company Response:Thank you Samantha, one of my favourite roles is meeting my clients. As you have experienced, I am very mindful of what you / the client require from our services. I take great pleasure in providing my clients with the advise and appropriate valuations that they require. I wish you good luck with the auctioneer and look forward to hearing from you again.

avatarCustomer Troon. Troon

Review starsSep 2020

Very Professional, Helpful & Friendly

Very helpful by coming to the house so I didn't have to leave my jewellery with anyone. Advised on repairs that were required. Professional service all round, and well worth the time and money. Will highly recommend Lee-ona to all my friends.

Expertise / Items Examined: Many pieces of family jewellery which were of sentimental value.

Company Response:Thank you, It was good to have the opportunity to discuss your collection of jewellery and advise the appropriate insurance replacement values that would be applied to the older pieces of jewellery and the old cut diamond set items. I thoroughly enjoy one to one consultations with my clients to enable me to educate and advise them the best I can. Kindest regards Lee-Ona

avatarRhonda. Maybole

Review starsJan 2020

Professional & Friendly Service

Lee-ona visited my home to value various items of jewellery for me. She is very professional and friendly, and answered any questions I had. The report she produced was very detailed. I would not hesitate to recommend her services to friends and family. This is the second time I have used Lee-ona and cannot rate her services high enough.

Expertise / Items Examined: Various pieces of diamond jewellery.

Company Response:It was my pleasure re appraising your jewellery for the purpose of insurance. I enjoy a trip along the west coast in South Ayrshire, many happy memories. If I may be of any further assistance please do not hesitate to contact me, kindest regards Lee-Ona

avatarJanice. Prestwick

Review starsAug 2019

First Class Professional Service

Lee-Ona produced for me a very detailed and thorough valuation of a cherished item of jewellery. A very friendly and professional service and I would have no hesitation in recommending Lee-Ona to others.

Company Response:I am delighted to hear you were pleased with our appraisal services. It was my pleasure assisting you with a valuation of a very sentimental piece, giving you reassurance of the current value, for the purpose of Insurance replacement. Kindest Regards, Lee-ona.

avatarA&JK. Dalry

Review starsJan 2018

Valuation of Personal Items

From initial contact Lee-Ona provided a friendly, efficient and highly professional service. Her enthusiasm and knowledge are to be commended as is her dedication to the research of older pieces. We would not hesitate using IFL Valuation Services again.

Company Response:It was a beautiful day in Dalry, with idyllic setting to catalogue your jewellery for the purpose of insurance in the comfort of your own home. If I maybe of any assistance in the future please do not hesitate to get in touch. Kindest regards, Lee-ona

avatarSiobhan. Greenock

Review starsDec 2017

Excellent Service

Lee-Ona visited our home to value my engagement ring. She was absolutely amazing. Arrived on time and was friendly, informative, efficient and very easy to talk to. She answered all my questions and did a really great job for us. Thanks so much Lee-Ona.

Company Response:It was my pleasure to provide you with a valuation of your diamond engagement ring for the purpose of insurance.
If I may be of any further assistance please do not hesitate to contact me. I look forward to assisting you with an update in the future.

avatarHelen. Ayr

Review starsSep 2017

Professional & Friendly Service

Lee-ona visited my home to value various items of jewellery (diamond rings, a diamond bracelet and necklace, diamond earrings and a watch) for me. I wanted to ensure I was properly insured. Her knowledge was extensive and her advice most helpful. The valuation schedule that she produced is detailed and very professional. I would not hesitate to recommend her service to others.

Company Response:Thank you for contracting LFL Valuations to provide you with your jewellery appraisal for the purpose of Insurance Replacement.
It was my pleasure calling to your home then followed by a visit to your office in Ayr. If I may be of any further assistance please do not hesitate to contact me.

avatarAshlea. Troon

Review starsNov 2016

Jewellery Valuation for Insurance Purposes

I was very impressed with the valuation service Lee-ona provided. She came to my house at a time that suited me. She is a lovely, friendly, professional person & after inspecting my jewellery provided me with a very detailed report including photos which I then used to send my insurance company. I would highly recommend!

avatarElaine. Strathaven

Review starsNov 2016

Superb Service

Lee-Ona provides an excellent service in the comfort of your own home. She arrived promptly, carried out the valuation of my necklace in a very competent, professional and friendly manner and was happy to let me decide whether I would then like a written report for insurance purposes. The report then followed by post within a couple of days. I would not hesitate to recommend LFL valuations to anyone who is interested.

Company Response:Thank you for taking the time and reviewing the service you received from LFL Valuations. It was a pleasure to assist you with your necklet, if I may be of further assistance in the future please do not hesitate to contact me.

avatarMichelle. Ayr

Review starsJul 2016

Excellent Service

Lee-ona valued my jewellery recently, she was helpful and friendly I was very impressed with the detailed information given in my valuation folder.
I would highly recommend LFL valuations to any one looking for a valuation of their jewellery.

avatarLinda J. Ayr

Review starsJun 2016

Jewellery Insurance Valuation

Lee-ona is very knowledgeable and efficient. She visited my home to evaluate my diamond jewellery and a short time later presented me with a folder containing a detailed description of my items with current values. I would not hesitate to recommend her.