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West Midlands Jewellers

Jewellers in the West Midlands who provide expert jewellery valuations

Presented below is a list of Auctioneers and jewellers in Birmingham, Brierley Hill, Solihull Sutton Coldfield and West Bromwich West Midlands who employ the expertise of an external professional Jewellery Valuer. All the Jewellery Appraisers associated with the Jewellers shown here are listed on the Jewellery Appraisers of the World directory, and:

  • Are full-time professional Valuers and Gemmologists, not retail jewellers.
  • Are fully qualified and experienced.
  • Have had all of their credentials independently verified by us.
  • Are held to account by national and sometimes also international appraisal governing bodies.
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During this difficult time, some companies are offering a zero-contact re-valuation service on jewellery that they have previously examined. Conditions will apply.
Other services may be available. Please look for the Coronavirus panel on the Appraiser's Profile page.

Please click the ‘View Profile’ buttons to display the Valuer's profile. The profiles show their verified qualifications & credentials, previous client reviews, images relating to the business and an outline of their areas of expertise.

The Jewellers below are arranged by town / city and then by the number of customer reviews received by their Valuer.

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Drop-off and Collect: This service allows you to take your jewellery into the jeweller without an appointment. Your jewellery may be examined on-site by the Valuer who attends the shop on a regular basis, or your items will be valued at the Appraiser's laboratory after having been securely delivered to them. You will be able to collect your items at a later date. Your valuation documents may be ready at the same time or follow later.


Valuation Days: The jewellers that have this service periodically set a day where you can make an appointment at the store to meet the Valuer and have your items examined and valued in their presence. Your documentation will usually follow a few days later once the Appraiser has researched the values and prepared your documentation. This service is sometimes also called ‘Event Days’ and ‘In-store Valuation Events’.

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Augusta House, 19 Augusta Street, Birmingham B18 6JA

Valuer: GW Valuations

5 star
3 Reviews

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drop-off jewellery valuation icon Ernest Jones

Birmingham, Brierley Hill, Solihull & Sutton Coldfield

Valuations are handled by all branches of Ernest Jones the Jeweller in the West Midlands.

Valuer: The Guild of Valuers & Jewellers

5 star
2 Reviews

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drop-off jewellery valuation icon H Samuel

Birmingham, Brierley Hill, Sutton Coldfield & West Bromwich

Valuations are handled by all branches of H Samuel Jewellers in the West Midlands.

Valuer: The Guild of Valuers & Jewellers

5 star
2 Reviews

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Please note: Not all JAW Associates offer a valuation service through Jewellers, Auction Rooms and Insurance Brokers, some focus mainly or exclusively on assisting private clients directly. To find Appraisers with whom you can deal with directly, please see the Birmingham Jewellery Valuers page.
Also, some Associates, whilst still involved in ascribing values to jewellery and diamonds, are legal consultants for jewellery-related issues and Expert Witnesses, and as such are not noted in this section. For further options, please refer to the main Jewellery Valuer Directory for England