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Gaynor Haylett-Mustafa - Jewellery Valuer
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About this Valuer

GHM Jewellery Valuations is headed by Gaynor Haylett-Mustafa who has over 25 years experience in jewellery trade, having worked with some of the UK's most prestigious jewellers. GHM specialises in home-visit jewellery appraisals within the home counties of Cambridgeshire, Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire, and South Lincolnshire. Gaynor also works with retail jewellers in these ares to provide a swift valuation service to clients who prefer to work directly with their family jeweller.

Gaynor, who studied diamond grading at the International Gemological Institute in Antwerp and the Gemmological Association of Great Britain in London, invites enquiries from clients within 1.5 hours of St Neots. After establishing the scope of the appraisal assignment, you will be given an estimate of the valuation fee, the cost of your appraisal is calculated on a straight forward price per item basis. For your peace of mind, all grading of the diamonds and gemstones and the assessment of your jewellery will be carried out in your home or office. To minimise the disruption to your routine, all the research and report-writing is carried out off-site. The Valuer usually completes your documentation within a week, subject to the complexity and quantity of items examined.

GHM provides jewellery valuations for the purposes of Insurance Replacement, Probate, Division of Assets, Sale by Private Treaty, Open Market and Family Division. Jewellery of all types (antique, period and modern) are handled by this jewellery expert. Two bound reports are provided, one for your own records which includes quality photographs of your precious items, the other copy can be forwarded to your insurance company or solicitor.

Gaynor is very approachable and would be delighted to answer any questions about her service to you. Please contact her using the email and telephone links at the top of this page.


The Business

  • Private Practice & Trade Valuer
  • Business mix: 100% valuations
  • Principal + 0 staff valuers
  • Mon - Fri: 9am to 6pm
  • Home visits, via jewellers & at Valuer’s office


  • Per-item based fees
  • Cards not accepted
  • Full valuation reports start at £65


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  • DGA, PJGemDip
  • BA(Hons)


  • Gem-A, JVA, MIRV
  • FNAJ, SoJH


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avatarMike. Cambridge

Review starsSep 2021

Valuation for Insurance Purposes

Gaynor undertook a very thorough examination of our gold, pearl, jade and diamond jewellery from the Far East, giving us clear explanations of what she observed. The two copies of her report were detailed, well presented and included photographs. The whole process was stress free, interesting, and unhurried, in our own home; and the fee was fair and very reasonable.

Expertise / Items Examined: Jade and diamond ring, diamond earrings, gold chains and belt

avatarPeter. Cambridgeshire

Review starsDec 2020

A Great Solution

Come insurance time we didn't want to trust our personal pieces to the post or a capital city gem lab, though some of them called for lab-quality assessment. I'm glad I didn't, Gaynor literally brought her lab and her skills to our home and covered everything from opal through diamond to investment watch, in three types of metal. From the first friendly contact to receipt of the official valuations this was such an easy, punctual, meticulous process. We'll definitely be back in future.

Expertise / Items Examined: Gold watch and assortment of diamond, opal and mixed gem rings.

avatarJude. Cambridge

Review starsDec 2020

Professional, Knowledgeable, Polite

We were searching for jewellery valuations for probate purposes and came across Gaynor's details. From the very beginning, Gaynor was extremely helpful and when she visited our house, she worked in a very professional and competent manner. Our report arrived a few days later and was nicely presented and comprehensive. Gaynor was very informative and knowledgeable and it was very interesting listening to her. We would have no hesitation in recommending Gaynor at all.

Expertise / Items Examined: A selection of jewellery.

avatarAmanda. Bedford

Review starsJun 2020

Superb Professional Service

Having come across Gaynor when looking for a jewellery valuer in the Bedfordshire area, I instructed her to value three items of jewellery for insurance purposes. On visiting her house with my jewellery, I found her to be extremely professional and can confirm that she is able to conduct her business safely during the Covid-19 pandemic. Gaynor is a very knowledgeable and interesting lady and I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending her. Aside from obtaining the valuation report, it was a real pleasure to spend time with her and learn about my pieces of jewellery. A very comprehensive and well-presented report (with photographs) arrived in the post just two days after my visit. A super service - thank you Gaynor.

Expertise / Items Examined: Sapphire and Diamond cocktail ring, diamond drop earrings and a diamond solitaire platinum ring.

avatarSarah. Letchworth

Review starsJan 2020

Recommended without hesitation

As per other reviews; it was an absolute pleasure to meet Gaynor when she came to value our jewellery and watches. Gaynor was polite, professional and thorough from my initial approach via email through to receipt of our valuation documents. I would not hesitate in recommending Gaynor for a valuation. Gaynor is well educated, experienced and knowledgeable in her field. She is so interesting, I could have chatted with her all day.

Expertise / Items Examined: Diamond jewellery and watches

avatarGina. Cambridge

Review starsNov 2019

Home Valuation - A Great Experience

It was a pleasure to meet Gaynor for the purposes of jewellery valuation. Gaynor was polite, professional and thorough throughout the valuation. I was impressed with her detailed knowledge and felt confident in her abilities. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending Gaynor for any such jewellery valuations.

Expertise / Items Valued: A diamond jewellery collection.

avatarPhil C. St Neots

Review starsJun 2019

Great Expertise

Gaynor clearly has expertise in jewelry valuation and knows about the origins of jewelry. She also has a practical, friendly and helpful attitude. She came to the house to look a collection of items. She gave a quick assessment and information on everything and then carried out insurance valuations where appropriate. The detailed descriptive report with photographs arrived promptly. I would happily use Gaynor again and/or recommend her valuation services to family or friends.

avatarHappy Client. Cambridge

Review starsJun 2019

Outstanding Job!

I found Gaynor to be very professional from the outset. It was easy to arrange a time around my busy schedule and she made a home visit. It was clear that she is very knowledgeable in her field and was able to advise on what is valuable and should be insured vs what is not. I have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone with unusual or bespoke jewellery.

avatarPeter H. St Neots

Review starsMay 2019

Very Helpful

Engagement ring valued for insurance. I can only echo all the things previous reviewers have said. We had trouble finding a local valuer who was not on holiday so, nearing our insurance deadline, were relieved when we finally came across Gaynor. She came to see us at her first opportunity, did the valuation as well as looking at a number of other inherited items of little value and advising us where we would get a fair offer for them, and then very kindly got the paperwork back to us the next day, just in time for the deadline. Highly recommended!

avatarStephen. Cambridge

Review starsMay 2019

Prompt and Efficient

I’m very pleased that I found this lady through this website. She came to our house and quickly sorted through 3 generations of jewellery for probate valuation, but also told us something of the age and design of the pieces. She quickly separated them into things worth identifying and valuing, which she grouped to further reduce the time and cost, and the rest! She then produced a very detailed report with photos to help me connect the description with the item. Very good value!

avatarMike & Rae. St Neots

Review starsOct 2018

Excellent Information

Gaynor really showed a great knowledge of all the jewellery we had valued and gave us lots of additional interesting information on certain rings and watches. Gaynor really knew her stuff.

avatarS Dalby. Chelmsford

Review starsOct 2018

Insurance Valuation

12 items valued for insurance purposes and also my own interest... I thoroughly enjoyed the process. Gaynor explained some of the technical aspects of the valuations and demonstrated these with my pieces. This provided a valuable insight to the history, provenance and the many varying facets that can impact the valuation of a piece. I thoroughly enjoyed learning about my jewellery and the report produced was both detailed and an interesting read. I will use Gaynor again and would recommend her to anyone who requires a professional but personal valuation service.

avatarSteve. Cambridge

Review starsOct 2018

Jewellery Valuation

We found Gaynor to be very friendly and extremely knowledgeable. She was able to visit our home and provide a full valuation the following day. We would both recommend her to anyone wanting an open and honest valuation of jewellery.

avatarTP. St Albans

Review starsSep 2018

Fast, Friendly, Efficient

Insurance valuation - This was the first time that I have needed to have this done and I found Gaynor to be friendly, open, honest and very efficient for my needs. I would definitely recommend her to family and friends for any valuing services.