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Adrian Smith FGA of Surety Valuations
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About this Valuer

Surety Valuations specialise in the same-day appraisal and valuation of diamond jewellery. Gemmologist and Independent Valuer Adrian S Smith FGA will conduct all meetings and the evaluation of your precious items.

This award-winning independent jewellery valuation practice does not buy, sell or broker jewellery, watches, gold, gemstones or diamonds, and offers a fixed price structure. There is no link between the fee and the value of the items.

  • Get your items back the same day
  • Established 1999
  • Ethical fee structure
  • Valuations accepted by all Insurance Companies and HMRC

Adrian has close connections with the oil and gas industry in Aberdeen and Dundee. As a result, he is very familiar with valuing diamonds and jewellery bought in the Diamond Malls and Gold Souks of Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE.

The items, most often engagement rings and other coloured gem and diamond rings, are thoroughly examined, including testing the metals and grading all diamonds. If a Diamond Grading Report (aka Diamond Certificate) accompanies the item, it will be checked for authenticity and establish that it relates to your diamond.

A same-day appraisal and valuation mean you do not need to be without your jewellery for longer than necessary. This swift service is often appreciated, especially by clients with a newly purchased engagement ring.

This appraisal business is the only laboratory in Scotland that can identify lab-grown diamonds rather than just screening for them. Most gem labs need to refer a gemstone suspected of being a synthetic diamond to another laboratory for identification if it fails their initial screening process. Surety does all this in-house.

All insurance companies accept Surety's gold-standard valuations and often direct their clients to his service. The valuation will include a detailed report and several photographs of each item.

Surety's office gemmological laboratory is easily accessible for clients in all the major cities in Scotland, notably Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Stirling and Dundee. So Email or ring Surety Valuations now, or if you prefer, book your appointment on their online booking system.


The Business

  • Private Practice & Trade Valuer
  • Business mix: 100% valuations
  • Principal + 0 staff valuers
  • Mon - Fri: 9am to 5pm

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  • Per-item based fees
  • All major cards accepted
  • Full valuation reports start at £155


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  • FGA
  • FJVA
  • RJDip (dist)


  • Gem-A, SGA, AGA


  • IRV - David Wilkins Award 2010

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Adrian Smith
Surety Valuations
Algo Business Centre
Glenearn Road

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  • Free, on-site
  • Visitors by appointment only
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For the valuation of 6 or more items, please contact Surety Valuations using the contact links at the top of this page.


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Reviews (76)
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avatarIan. Angus

Review starsJun 2022

Very Helpful & Professional

Family jewelry was looking like new after being with Adrian for a few hours.

Expertise / Items Examined: Sapphire and diamond pendant and other precious pieces.

avatarWindy Woo. Montrose

Review starsMar 2022

Great Service

Adrian was professional and informative from first contact until completion of the valuation!

Expertise / Items Examined: Several items of personal jewellery.

avatarSheila. Aberdeen

Review starsJan 2022

Insurance Valuation

Excellent service from Mr Smith who is obviously very experienced in his field. I had a ring valued for insurance purposes and he explained his report to me in great detail which was extremely thorough and detailed. I would definitely recommend Surety Valuations to anyone who wants the best possible valuation service.

Expertise / Items Examined: Diamond ring.

avatarMarion. Aberdeen

Review starsOct 2021

Valuations for Insurance

I had three rings to have valued especially one that was inherited. Adrian was very professional, knowledgeable and discussed my requirements, expectations and explained what would be involved.
The report was very comprehensive and understandable for a lay-person! I was delighted with the service and would have no hesitation in recommending Adrian

Expertise / Items Examined: Three different diamond rings, one engagement, one a dress ring and one that was inherited.

avatarJulie. Dundee

Review starsJun 2021

Excellent Service

I was very impressed by the service provided by Adrian. He is very professional and knowledgeable but also very friendly and polite. His office is lovely and clean and the set up ticks all the boxes in regards to covid precautions.
I will have no hesitation in recommending Adrian's service to others.

Expertise / Items Examined: Engagement ring.

avatarEleanor. Dundee

Review starsMay 2021

Absolutely Excellent

I took an emerald ring to Adrian for valuation at short notice. I was very impressed with how Adrian put me at ease and made the whole business stress-free. The final records are impressive and easy to understand.

Expertise / Items Examined: Emerald ring.

avatarRich. Aberdeen

Review starsMay 2021

Insurance Appraisal

I came to Adrian with 5 rings for insurance appraisal. It was clear that one wasn't of significance so Adrian concentrated on the other 4. What we got was a detailed and accurate fair assessment of our rings. I was surprised at how comprehensive the report was and like the idea of a USB stick for uploading to other family members. The service was seamless from start to finish and Adrian was polite and professional throughout. It is clear that he knows his business well and I wouldn't hesitate to use him again or recommend to others.

Expertise / Items Examined: A Sapphire ring and multiple diamond rings.

avatarZoey & Steve. Perth

Review starsNov 2020

Professional, Informative and Lovely To Deal With

We bought a large solitaire diamond ring at auction and wanted it assessed quickly. Adrian came recommended by 2 jewellers we went to see. I received a prompt reply to my emails and a full explanation about the session and costs involved prior to the meeting. I was concerned about the diamonds authenticity but Adrian quickly gave us a very detailed and accurate assessment. The session is much more than that though, his knowledge is exceptional and no question was a problem. We really enjoyed hearing about the piece in detail. I highly recommend Adrian and will definitely use his service again in the future.

Expertise / Items Examined: A solitaire diamond ring.

avatarLC. Aberdeen

Review starsNov 2020


I came to Adrian to have two unusual pieces of jewellery appraised. He was excellent from start to finish. It is clear that he is passionate about what he does and this absolutely shines through in the genuine interest he shows in the jewellery and his obvious knowledge in his field when it comes to the history of type of designs/ settings and stones that are presented. I found Adrian to be the consummate professional from the way he deals with clients, his detailed and thorough examination and reporting of the jewellery, to his confidential and polite manner.
A great experience and I would absolutely recommend his services.

Expertise / Items Examined: A diamond ring and emerald pendant.

avatarBob. Edinburgh

Review starsNov 2020


Adrian valued 3 rings that had been custom made by retail jewellers in Edinburgh. We did not wish to use their valuation services because the fees depended on the valuation (so an overvaluation would financially benefit the Valuer), and, the Valuer would not be independent of the retailer. We wanted a truly independent valuation.

The service was excellent - very swift and very professional. I particularly appreciated the time he took to discuss the details in the report and all the aspects of the gemstones that affected his valuation.

We will definitely use his services again and would strongly advise others to do so.

Expertise / Items Examined: Three rings.

avatarJohn W. Auchterarder

Review starsOct 2020

First Class in Every Respect

Adrian assessed and valued my fiancé's engagement ring providing a comprehensive and thorough report and valuation. From enquiry to booking to appointment all delivered with a friendly, caring and thoroughly professional manner. Extremely pleased with all aspects of his service and no hesitation in recommending Adrian to anyone looking for an independent and highly qualified expert in his field.

Expertise / Items Examined: Sapphire and diamond engagement ring

avatarA Nicol. Aberdeen

Review starsOct 2020


Adrian was very flexible and was happy to accommodate us when our plans changed. A seamless, professional service. Excellent details and explanation of the jewellery I brought in to be valued and examined. Now all added to my insurance and have full peace of mind. I will be back to Adrian again and will definitely recommend him.

Expertise / Items Examined: Four diamond rings

avatarBob & Kate. Aberdeen

Review starsOct 2020

Great Service

We had for while been concerned that a ring my wife has, was overvalued and that caused problems for insurance companies and of course ourselves if we needed to claim. We had an unofficial valuation which confirmed our fears that the official valuation was double what it should have been. We contacted Adrian and he was excellent at every stage. We now have a bona fire document that clearly states the provence of the ring and the real value, which was very close to our unofficial valuation.

I have to say insurance companies have been very difficult when we approached concerning the ring but the report that Adrian produced instantly gives them all the information they need. We now have peace of mind and ironically saved money on our insurance as we now have a true valuation.

Expertise / Items Examined: A ring

avatarJan Shirley. Jedburgh

Review starsOct 2020

Excellent, As Always

Adrian has been providing me with a valuation service for my jewellery for many years now. His office is relaxing and professional. Adrian is charming and provides a friendly and extremely knowledgeable service. I would not hesitate to recommend Adrian for even the smallest pieces, he provides a very honest and trustworthy valuation.

Expertise / Items Examined: A black opal and 12 diamond ring, a 5 diamond engagement ring, a pair of single diamond earrings and a single diamond necklace.

avatarMarcia Niven. Aberdeen

Review starsOct 2020

Diamond Ring Valuation

Had a diamond ring checked and valued by Adrian. The report was very comprehensive and provided more information than expected. I was impressed and grateful to have the paperwork as peace of mind and for insurance purposes.

Expertise / Items Examined: A solitaire diamond ring.

avatarHappy Customer. Dundee

Review starsSep 2020

Very Professional

It was a pleasure to meet Adrian and to get his professional opinion on my pieces. I was very impressed with the amount of detail. The final report book and USB card are excellent.

Expertise / Items Examined: 6 pieces, 4 rings and a pendant and bracelet set.

avatarKayla. Perth

Review starsAug 2020

Professional Excellence

I needed my engagement ring, which is a family heirloom to be appraised, for my insurance. I had enquires with a few places that said they could value my article, but would need to send it away to their main sites for 3-4 weeks. Not wanting to have the ring away from me that long, I looked up on-site jewellery valuation services on Google. I found Adrian, and I am so glad I called. He swiftly booked me in and appreciated my concerns about the piece being so valuable to me. The service was professional, and he was clear and upfront about all aspects of his work. I will most definitely recommend him to others, and would return in future.

Expertise / Items Examined: My Hearts on Fire, 3 stone engagement ring.

avatarELG. Aberdeen

Review starsJul 2020

Thorough, Professional Service

I have used Adrian twice to value my engagement ring and I am so impressed by how thorough he is. Quick, efficient, and quality service. Would highly recommend. Thank you.

Expertise / Items Examined: Emerald cut, diamond solitaire engagement ring.

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avatarIan & Patricia. Tillicoultry

Review starsJun 2020

Expert, Professional Service

Adrian is both welcoming and expert in delivering the service he offers. Thorough in his appraisal of our old cut diamond solitaire ring and genuinely enthusiastic in adding to our knowledge by sharing his expertise.

Expertise / Items Examined: Edwardian old cut diamond solitaire ring

avatarViviane. Irvine

Review starsOct 2019

Fantastic Service

I have been using Adrian's services for about 12 years on an annual basis for appraising my jewellery. He has been outstanding during this period, providing knowledge to me about my various purchases. He also maintains and cleans my jewellery. He is always thoughtful. I have come to regard him as a friend. Recommended highly.

Expertise / Items Examined: Rings, bracelets and earrings

avatarJames. Ayrshire

Review starsSep 2019

A True Expert and Absolute Gentleman

Attended along with my wife to clarify the correct identification of an item inherited by her some time ago, something Adrian was able to do very quickly, and for which he refused payment. Was in no rush to end our consultation and we had a pleasant and interesting conversation around jewellery purchase and the difficulties posed by the modern scientific methods of producing faux stones. Really genuine and nice person, clearly at the top of his game!

Expertise / Items Valued: Unmounted stone

avatarMichelle. Fife

Review starsSep 2019

Exceptional Service

I found Adrian online as I wanted to use the same day valuation service. My local Jeweller, who also uses Adrian, would take 7-10 days for the same service. My appointment was arranged at a time that suited me and Adrian's office was easy to find. Upon collecting my items Adrian took his time to go through the valuation in detail and answered all my questions. Adrian's knowledge and enthusiasm for his profession is clear and I cannot recommend him highly enough. I certainly will be using the service again.

Expertise / Items Valued: Wedding and engagement ring and chain

avatarMcGregor. Glasgow

Review starsMay 2019

Professional & Knowledgeable

We had a very friendly and relaxed experience in the capable hands of Adrian. It was a most interesting and informative day and surpassed all expectations. The report was comprehensive and to a high standard. Highly recommended.

avatarE Dobson. Banchory

Review starsMay 2019

Excellent Service

I couldn’t have asked for a quicker or a more professional service. Adrian is very knowledgeable and couldn’t help me enough. My ring was also thoroughly cleaned in order for him to do the valuation and it looks dazzling now. I will definitely return and also recommend him to my friends.

avatarKirsty & John. Dunfermline

Review starsApr 2019

Exceptional Service Yet Again

I made an appointment to see Adrian again when the jewellery condition inspection was due. Once again I was extremely happy with his advice and recommendations. Adrian noticed that some of the claws on the diamond in my ring had been caught and lifted slightly off the diamond causing it to spin and was at risk of coming out of the setting. The aquamarine was also cloudy as I had not managed to get an extremely difficult spec of dirt out of it. Adrian tried to clean it for me while I was there with the equipment that he had but unfortunately could not get it to budge as it was in an awkward part of the setting. He explained that a "pickling" solution would remove the dirt and also recommended that an ultra sonic device, that I could source at a reasonable price, would help me keep it at bay. He explained that he would need to take note of the loose claw in my file for insurance purposes but that once I had got it fixed and sent him the receipt for proof he would add this to our file. I have since visited a jeweller and had the claws tightened and the ring was put through a "pickling" solution and looks brand new again. Sorry for the long winded review but I just wanted to show how much care and attention Adrian showed my ring yet again and how grateful we are to have found him and to say again that we will most certainly always use Adrian's services. Thank you to Adrian yet again.

avatarDonna D. Aberdeen

Review starsMar 2019

An Honest & Detailed Valuation

Adrian is like the fine jewelry he appraises, a unique and sophisticated gent. Not only is he is accomplished, proficient and obviously skilled at his unique profession, he is also exceptionally well-informed and on top of todays market. I was looking for an honest, realistic valuation of my particular piece and that is exactly what I got from Adrian and then some! In 90 minutes I walked away with a tremendously detailed report of each and every single individual diamond, the quality of the setting and I now know exactly what my piece is worth in today’s market. Thank you for the fine jewelry education Adrian, I’d highly recommend your services as nothing short of world class!

avatarM Mitchell. Aberdeen

Review starsMar 2019

Excellent Service

Adrian was incredibly welcoming and professional. He was very flexible, finding the time to provide a valuation for some extra pieces of jewellery on the day. The process was very smooth and we were very happy with the result. We would absolutely recommend Adrian for anyone thinking of using his services. Thank you for a great experience!

avatarChristine & Robin. Aberdeen

Review starsSep 2018

A Thoroughly Professional Experience

We were very impressed with the whole experience of the valuation carried out. From the reception given by Adrian upon our arrival and his explanation of the valuation process to the receipt of the very detailed report just a few hours later. In particular we were so pleased to receive a full explanation on the valuation findings and some very good advice on taking care of our valuables in the future. We certainly intend to use Adrian’s services again to carry out checks and more valuations.

avatarKirsty & John. Dunfermline

Review starsJan 2018

Exceptional Service

We really appreciated Adrian seeing us at short notice (especially as he hadn’t planned on opening until the following week after Hogmanay) and giving us very detailed information about my aquamarine and diamond ring.

The service he provided was very friendly, professional and the consultation was a delight as it was clear that he has a passion for his line of work. His knowledge and expertise is second to none, and when the time comes for the various condition checks and valuation updates for my ring, we will most certainly be returning to this company.

We have now read through the report, which is very clear and user-friendly, and are delighted that the ring is what the manufacturer said it was and that it was worth more than we’d paid.

Thank you again Adrian for answering all our questions while in your office, and for your time, enthusiasm and professionalism in dealing with us.

avatarMrs O. Dundee

Review starsOct 2017

Truly Professional Service

Having had some work carried out on a piece of Jewellery I had to establish that a genuine stone had been used. I asked Adrian to carry out this check and was very pleased by the professionalism, proficiency and detail of the report that I received. So much so that I will now have other pieces valued by him. Ideal service for insurance documentation.

avatarGemma & Matthew. Aberdeen

Review starsAug 2017

Very Professional Service

I sent my engagement ring and pendant to Adrian for valuation as my home insurer required a professional valuation to secure the item (engagement ring). The report that we received was of a very high standard, exceptionally detailed and of a very high quality finish. Adrian also provides a PDF copy of the report - these small details make it so much easier to then send the report on to the insurer.

We were both very impressed with the service and would happily recommend Adrian’s services. We will definitely use again in the future.

avatarKate A. Falkirk

Review starsJul 2017

First Class Service

I recently inherited a ring and watch that was my grandmothers and wanted to get them valued before wearing them for insurance purposes. I came across Adrian via Google and I could not be more happier with the service I received. Everything about my appointment was just above and beyond my expectations. The report I received was of a really high quality, I have already recommended him to several of my friends and family and will definitely be back for further valuations / appraisals.

avatarJan Shirley. Perth

Review starsJul 2017

First Class Service

This week was the second time I have asked Adrian to prepare a valuation for me. Some items he was updating, and others he was appraising for the first time. On both occasions, I've been at the receiving end of a first class service in terms of quality of work, quality of the documentation provided, and the flexibility of the service.

Adrian certainly has the right kind of approach for dealing with one’s personal valuable possessions.

avatarMr & Mrs B. Aberdeen

Review starsJul 2017

Totally Professional

We have used Adrian several times over a number of years. He was originally recommended to us by Finnies, the premier jeweller in Aberdeen, and his name comes up with a number of other contacts.

He gives an air of quiet confidence, is very friendly, easy to deal with, and helpful in making arrangements. The valuation report is very comprehensive giving photo's and details of all our jewellery valued. It is an excellent reference.

avatarK.W. Dundee

Review starsMay 2017

Excellent Service

I attended Adrian's office today to have my diamond engagement ring valued. I initially contacted Adrian via his website, and he was very accommodating in fitting me in around my work schedule. When I came to collect my ring, Adrian had a very professional CD and folder ready for me to collect and took time to go through his findings and explain everything to me. I would definitely use Adrian again and would recommend him to anyone looking for a professional jewellery valuation service.

avatarN Gibb. Dundee

Review starsApr 2017

Excellent Service

We attended Adrian's office to have a couple of items valued, his having been recommended by a local jeweller. Adrian's service provided everything we wanted for insurance purposes, but beyond this Adrian was able to provide us with some most interesting information regarding the pieces, none of which we would have otherwise have been aware of. Highly recommended.

avatarGrantK. Aberdeen

Review starsMar 2017

Excellent Service - Highly Recommended

We had two diamond rings and a watch valued by Adrian. Excellent service, very professionally run. Adrian was very welcoming and friendly and provided us with useful expert advice. Adrian also took the time to talk through and explain the very detailed and professional report that he had produced regarding our items. Very much apppreciated the care and attention Adrian took with our jewellery. Excellent communication. Would not hesitate to recommend service to anyone. Thank you.

avatarEnriequetta. Elgin

Review starsJan 2017

Professional Service with Meticulous Care

I am glad I contacted Adrian to evaluate two diamond rings, I could tell he knew his subject very well and his expert knowledge gave me a very detailed insight in to my jewellery, he took time to explain the whole process and fully discussed my requirements.
Adrian′s beautifully presented valuation report was a wonderful appraisal and is a complete record of my rings.

avatarAli S. Morayshire

Review starsOct 2016

Highly Recommended Service

I requested Adrian's services to validate and value a diamond engagement ring. The whole process from initial contact through to the end report was first class.

Adrian is extremely helpful, polite and knowledgable. His friendly, yet professional manner put you immediately at ease on first meeting. He explains the process and work required in clear terms, then on completion takes the time to run through the whole valuation report produced, making sure you understand the conclusions made and the reasons for them.
This gave me peace of mind and confidence to proceed. Well worth the trip to Perth. Would wholeheartedly recommend the man and his gem expertise.

avatarAndy. Inverness

Review starsSep 2016

Exceeded Expectations

From initial phone call to make an appointment through to receiving my documents, every aspect of having my white gold and diamond ring assessed was polite efficient punctual and professional. The documents include a digital version along with comprehensive paperwork and photographs and are bound in a a very nice hardback cover. Adrian explained every item, answered all of my questions and though a very busy man, was generous with his time and advice. I unreservedly recommend Adrian Smith.

avatarJulian. Southhampton

Review starsSep 2016

Extremely Professional and Polite

My wife did an exchange deal with a London based jewellery dealer and was unsure of the value of the diamond earrings she had ended up with. I found Adrian via a Google search, called him and found him to be very helpful. The service was slick and I had the earrings back in my hands within 2 days. The report supplied was very comprehensive and the price was reasonable. I would definitely recommend Adrian's services.

avatarMW. Perth

Review starsAug 2016

Valuation Update

My late husband & I have known Adrian for many years & have had our jewellery valued by him for many years, providing a 5* service together with a detailed portfolio which would help should any item(s)get lost or worse stolen!
All items are scrutinised for any problems i.e. loose stones/fixtures as well as cleaning. A very friendly person to deal with - absolutely the BEST!

avatarAJ. Aberdeen

Review starsAug 2016


I had been meaning to have some jewellery pieces noted on my insurance policy for some time and I used Adrian based on a friend's recommendation. I'm so pleased that I did. The service was very professional and extremely efficient. I was delighted with the report and particularly the PDF which I was able to forward directly to my insurers. I will definitely use Adrian's services again and would be more than happy to recommend him.

avatarKB. Fife

Review starsAug 2016

Gold Standard

I had 2 inherited rings valued by Adrian and found the standard of service to be exceptional. My partner attended the appointment during which a very detailed report of each item was prepared. Additionally a PDF of this document was provided on CD so that it could be emailed to our insurers with ease. Unlike many jewellers Adrian does not charge a percentage of the value of the items he examines. He has also been happy to answer any queries we have had regarding insurance and care of the rings since our appointment.
I would certainly use Adrian′s services again and would recommend him to anyone seeking an independent and professional valuation of their jewellery.

Company Response:Hello KB, I am delighted that you feel this way about my business, thank you. Just to clarify one point for the benefit of others, I am not qualified to give specific advice concerning insurance but I was very happy to point your partner in the direction of some companies who most certainly are qualified and will give very sound advice on all aspects of insuring your rings.

avatarBill S. Monifieth

Review starsAug 2016

First Class Service

Adrian has been valuing our jewellery and watches for several years and has always provided an extremely efficient and professional service. Not only is he professional he is also very friendly and easy to deal with. We would not go to anyone else for our valuations.

avatarEllon. Edinburgh

Review starsAug 2016

Excellent Service

I was delighted by the service I received from Adrian when he valued my jewellery on this visit and a previous occasion. He was friendly and welcoming and very professional. He provided me with a very detailed report which was beautifully bound.
I would highly recommend this business.

avatarMr & Mrs Graham. Kintore

Review starsAug 2016

Outstanding Service

Adrian was highly recommended by a reputable Jeweller in Aberdeen. From the website inquiry to the consultation meeting, all was very professional and easy to arrange.
The passion and professionalism of Adrian was amazing. Overall, the report was very detailed and well presented. We will be returning with additional items in future and have no hesitation in recommending Adrian to others.

avatarC & J. Aberdeen

Review starsAug 2016

Could Not Fault Him

We made an appointment with Adrian. He was very flexible about this and was ready on time. He has a very professional office and workshop and we were made to feel welcome.
This was a revaluation so he had the documentation largely prepared and after his examination and cleaning he was able to finish it very quickly. He explained the contents in detail.
His charges are reasonable and overall I could not fault even one little bit of the service he gave us.
We will be back!

Company Response: Thank you for your review C & J. I am delighted that you were pleased with the work I did for you. You described the laboratory part of my office as a ‘workshop’ as people often do, this rather suggests that I carry out repairs etc. For the benefit of others reading this, I would like to clarify that I am a truly Independent Valuer and that valuations is all that I do. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to reiterate this important point.

avatarA&P Pirie. Banchory

Review starsAug 2016

Valuation for Insurance

A jeweller in Aberdeen recommended that we use this valuer as our insurance company wanted us to get my wife's engagement ring revalued. We liked that he doesn't charge a percentage of the evaluated figure, so decided to have other diamond pieces valued too. We also liked that the valuation could be all completed on the same day.

Adrian is a very professional yet personable businessman and we enjoyed our meeting greatly. The valuation we received was detailed and told us everything we would ever need to know about the jewellery and was very well presented. The report also included a diagram showing the different type of flaws in our largest diamond.

My wife and I have already recommended Adrian and will do so again without hesitation. He turned a rather mundane task into a very enjoyable experience.

avatarMrs Harris. Perth

Review starsAug 2016

Very Comprehensive

I was recommended by a friend to use Adrian. Excellent service from start to finish. Easy to use online booking system with an email confirmation sent. A further text reminder sent the day before the appointment.

Adrian provided a comprehensive report for the diamond ring he valued. His paperwork is very professional. Further ongoing care for the jewellery was given. All round great valuer. Detailed and experienced. I would recommended to anyone.

avatarCM. Aberdeen

Review starsAug 2016

Various Rings

I am very happy with Adrian's service. He gave a good appraisal and was open and honest about the value of the jewellery appraised.
I would have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone who is looking for a reliable independent assessor.

avatarLiz. Dundee

Review starsAug 2016

First Class

This Valuer was recommended by a friend. I had recently purchased a ring which required valuation for insurance purposes. Adrian provided a thorough and comprehensive report. I also appreciated his advice regarding care of jewellery in general. Would highly recommend! Thank you.


Review starsJul 2016

Outstanding Service

We first visited Adrian almost 10 years ago and were immediately impressed with his professional service, attention to detail and first class documentation. Adrian is extremely accommodating and is focussed on providing customers with a first class service. Hence why, we have never gone anywhere else.
Quite simply he goes above and beyond so if you require these services, look no further.

avatarDiane. Glenrothes

Review starsJuly 2016

Extremely Professional

I took my jewellery to Adrian on a recommendation by a friend. I was not disappointed as he was extremely professional and thorough. Adrian firstly spent time explaining the process and was kind enough to give me a detailed account of my jewellery condition and quality. On the return of my jewellery, Adrian presented me with a hard bound report that was comprehensive, precise and clearly laid out with several photographs of each piece of jewellery. The report also had a detailed cd, which I thought was a great idea for my insurers. Finally Adrian gave very useful advice on how to make my insurer aware of the value of my jewellery.

With all the above I would not hesitate to recommend Adrian to anyone who wants a highly professional and detailed valuation of their precious jewels. Thanks Adrian, I will be back.

avatarDavid & Viviane. Irvine

Review starsJuly 2016

Great Service and Knowledge

We have been customers of Adrian for about 8 years,and he has been a great source of information to us and very informative regarding our purchases. When we have bought items abroad he has been extremely informative and has given us so much information regarding the 4C in Diamonds.
We now regard Adrian as a friend and he has always given us wonderful service, we cannot speak too highly of the help we have been given over the many years we have been using his services.

Thoroughly recommend his services.

avatarMr Mitton. Aberdeen

Review starsJune 2016

Fantastic From Start to Finish

My partner and I took a single piece to be appraised by Adrian Smith and we were extremely impressed with the treatment we received. Everything from the booking process to the reminder text message that is sent, to the nicely-bound report that we received on the day of the appointment, it was all incredible.

I wouldn′t hesitate going back to Adrian in the future for a further appraisal - I know we'll be seeing him soon!

avatarLesley. Perth

Review starsJune 2016


The valuation of my items of jewellery was carried out to a very high standard, in a timely manner and at a reasonable cost. I would recommend this very professional service.

avatarMairif1. Aberdeen

Review starsJune 2016

Excellent Service

Adrian provides an excellent personal service. We Will certainly use him again.

avatarCaira. Aberdour

Review starsMay 2016

Exceeded Expectations

I had three pieces of jewellery appraised, two of which had had a valuation done before in a retail environment - the difference between the two was astonishing. The previous report actually told me nothing about the pieces apart from a very brief description; when Adrian presented me with my documentation portfolio I was just so impressed by the superior quality of the product in itself and then when I realised how much information was given I was so impressed.

From the moment I entered Adrian's place of work I knew that I had made the right choice, he is so knowledgeable, clear and honest it was a joy. I also really appreciated the online booking service and fee structure.

It seems Adrian has really thought about the customer journey and experience and then factored everything in that needs to be attended to. Adrian's offer of ongoing condition reports etc definitely means there will be an ongoing relationship.

avatarMargo. Dunfermline

Review starsMay 2016

Excellent, Efficient, Friendly Service

Received a delightful hard copy report along with a CD. Have further items requiring valuation and will have no hesitation in returning to Adrian.

avatarJB. Crieff

Review starsApr 2016


I was delighted with the service I received from Adrian when I asked him to value a ring for insurance purposes which I had inherited. He was very informative and could identify various aspects of it immediately. His report was first class, very comprehensive and interesting. The service I received was excellent, friendly, quick and efficient and I would have no hesitation in using his expertise again and recommending him to others.

avatarSusan. Montrose

Review starsMar 2016

Very Impressed

Having inherited some jewellery and having no idea as to what was valuable and what wasn't. I asked around and was recommended to Adrian by some friends of ours. Phoned to make an appointment and had a short discussion with Adrian regarding the jewellery I had. The security measures he has in place give you confidence as does the calm feel of his office etc. Adrian examined all the pieces I had taken down with me and split them into what needed valuing and what could be disposed of etc. I arranged to collect the pieces in about 10 days and was delighted with the way the report was presented and the photos etc. Also the way everything was explained to me. Will definitely recommend Adrian and won't hesitate to use his services again.

avatarAllan & Eileen. Dundee

Review starsMar 2016

First Class Service

Adrian was recommended to us as we wished to confirm the value and quality of a piece of jewellery which we had purchased on a cruise ship. On our first visit we were impressed by the security measures and peaceful but purposeful ambience within the office. Adrian was extremely knowledgeable and professional, guiding us through the process and answering every question we had. We left the piece for valuation and returned the following day when we were presented with a hard copy report which also contained a CD. The report was clearly laid out and contained all relevant detail with accompanying photographs which were really good.

As a result of this first meeting with Adrian we have since had further pieces valued and combined into one report for insurance purposes. Adrian is very professional, is easy to speak to and listens very well. We have absolutely no hesitation in recommending his services to anyone who may be considering a valuation.

avatarSimon. Edinburgh

Review starsMar 2016

Adrian Smith Jewellery Valuation

Outstanding service from Adrian, very informative and enjoyable.

avatarP Watson. Kirkwall

Review starsMar 2016

Excellent Service

Adrian valued our jewellery.
We would thoroughly recommend Adrian, he made the whole experience very easy, informative and completely hassle free, he couldn't have been more helpful.

avatarDayle. Dundee

Review starsMar 2016

Excellent Service

For me the biggest draw with Adrian was the ability to have my piece valued and returned within 1.5 hours, but the service I received will make me use him again and again. The report is very impressive, the photos included are as good to look at as the ring itself! It made dealing with my insurance company very easy.
Adrian even made sure, at my request, that the report was sealed so no prying eyes could see the value of the engagement ring. Excellent service, thank you very much.

avatarHamish. Aberdeen

Review starsMar 2016


I have had jewellery valued by Adrian in the past but this was the first visit to his office. Very impressed with the speed, quality and professionalism of his service. Also, his advice on why jewellery should be valued every 3 years was good, as I never realised how strict insurance company′s can be and its something everyone with jewellery should be aware of. The report he supplies is very comprehensive with full descriptions, prices and pictures and in my opinion, is well worth the visit.

avatarMiss V. Aberdeen

Review starsFeb 2016


Adrian was so professional and informative throughout the valuation. He was quick to reply to any communication and so flexible with appointment times. The report I received is excellent and made the insurance company interaction so easy.

avatarCD. Aberdeen

Review starsFeb 2016

Sensitive and Trustworthy

The service and sensitive trustworthy advice I recently received from Adrian was remarkable. I can recommend without reservation the integrity and professionalism of his company.

I shall certainly advise anyone in my networks to make Adrian the first 'port of call'. Thank you SO much.

avatarCharles Aberdeen

Review starsFeb 2016


Very efficient service, pleasant to deal with.

avatarAlex. Edinburgh

Review starsJan 2016


We were incredibly impressed by the speed, value and detail of Adrian's valuation service. We had looked at many valuation options in Edinburgh and decided we didn't want to be without my engagement ring for 7-14 days, or pay a percentage of the value of the ring as seems pretty standard. Adrian sent us away for 1.5 hours, so we had a lovely lunch in Perth and came back to our very in-depth valuation report at a fixed cost. His aftercare service is also exceptional. We will be back with our wedding rings soon! Many Thanks.

avatarJenny Milne. Aberdeen

Review starsDec 2015

A Gem of a Company!

I recently had the pleasure to contact Adrian in regard to valuing some of my new pieces of jewellery and also to re-value and check my older pieces which he had seen before. I was given an appointment to fit in with my travel plans which gave me no disruption at all to my schedule.

The items were received, checked over and documented and ready for collection at the agreed time. The reports are very thorough and informative and come in a documentation pack with a dvd which is easy to navigate. I will not hesitate to use Adrian again and would highly recommend his services to my friends and relatives. I will also make sure to use his jewellery checking service which I know will keep my Insurance Company happy.

avatarLiz M. Stirling

Review starsDec 2015

Fantastic Service

This was the first time I had actually had a full appraisal / valuation service. I have had jewellery valued before but in a regular jewellers. It resulted in a signed and stamped piece of paper with basic information. I had to have jewellry appraised by someone independent and approved due to a dispute. Adrian is the only one in Scotland from the list provided to me. This gave me some doubt as unable to "shop around" as such. My views are definitely no longer in doubt. From the first call to Adrian to discuss the issue, my mind was put at rest. He was extremely knowledgeable, listened very well and explained clearly the way forward, possible outcomes and the process. I took the jewellery to his business in Perth. Again all was discussed and explained fully.

I was extremely impressed by the report. It is very professional indeed, including full descriptions and photographs. It actually made me appreciate the jewellery more, reading it's make up in detail. I received a hard back A4 size report book which included a detailed description, photographs , standard of stones, weights and of course the valuation. Adrian explained how he got to this amount and that it was based on replacing it here (I had bought it abroad). I was more than happy with the service from start to finish. I think the cost was worth it. The process was pleasurable and extremely professional. I am now considering getting some other pieces appraised. I would have no hesitation in recommending this service to anyone.

Company Response: Thank you for your review Liz. I am glad we managed to find an elegant and satisfying conclusion to this dispute. I should point out to other visitors that I am not the only Independent Jewellery Valuer in Scotland, merely the only one on that retailer's list of approved Valuers given to Liz.

avatarSheila F. Aberdeen

Review starsDec 2015

Five Star Service

I've visited Adrian in his very comfortable and welcoming office in Perth a couple of times over the last year or so, to get diamonds and bespoke jewellery evaluated, and have always found his service to be highly professional, efficient, fast and informative. I wouldn't hesitate to highly recommend Adrian Smith to anyone requiring this service.

avatarF. Sims. Aberdeen

review starsNov 2015

Valuation required for insurance purpose

I needed to have jewellery valued and found from initially speaking with Adrian over the phone to presenting him with the jewellery was a very smooth and easy process. We had a few pieces that required evaluating and took them to his office in Perth. After evaluation we were given a well presented Appraisal and Valuation folder. We found the whole process quick and straightforward and would certainly use Adrian for any future valuations. His manner was highly professional and we felt that he dealt with us with integrity.

avatarAaron & TessEdinburgh

Review starsSep 2015

Fantastic Service

We′d done our research prior to selecting Adrian and knew to expect a quality service, and that′s exactly what we received.

The report was fantastic as expected, covering a few additional requests such as having the laser inscription checked and documented and hiding the final value from my other half when handed over!
We especially appreciated Adrian′s easy, professional manner and vast knowledge/experience taking us through the report, process etc. We didn't just leave with a report, but with an added appreciation and understanding.

Well worth the short drive from Edinburgh, many of the jewellers we would have used in Edinburgh send items to Adrian in any case, so it made sense to go to the source! It was great to have the entire process turned around in 90 minutes. I wouldn′t hesitate to recommend Adrian in the highest terms.