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Jewellery Valuers & Diamond Experts in Tauranga

Reviews of respected Jewellery Valuers who provide valuation services to Tauranga and throughout the Bay of Plenty region. Antique, estate & modern diamond jewellery & watches are valued and included in appraisal reports for all purposes including: Insurance Replacement, Estate, Open Market, Divorce Settlement & Equitable Distribution etc.

All JAW Associates:

  • Are full-time accredited Valuers and Gemmologists, not retail jewellers.
  • Are fully qualified and experienced.
  • Have had all of their credentials independently verified by us.
  • Are held to account by national and sometimes also international appraisal governing bodies.

Click the "View Profile" button on the Valuers' listings below to see their full details. This displays their valuation prices, customer reviews, qualifications, gallery, an outline of their valuation & gemmological services and advice on how to arrange appointments. Some Valuers also have an online valuation booking system that can be accessed from their Profile Page.

The Valuers shown below are arranged by the number of customer reviews they have received.

Faceted Ametrine

We are actively seeking a high quality Independent Jewellery Valuation business with offices in the Bay of Plenty area of North Island to feature in this area.


The nearest Appraisers to Tauranga are listed on JAW

The office of the Jewellery Valuers Co Ltd

Jewellery Valuers Company Ltd.


Rating (28 reviews)
5 star rating5.0

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Conveniently located in the heart of the Auckland CBD this business offers high quality, same-day jewellery valuations to clients in Tauranga and beyond. The Principal, Donald Francey, has over 40 years experience, is highly qualified and prides himself on his company's extremely prompt service resulting in a high quality valuation.
All items are lathe polished and ultrasonically cleaned prior to the gemstones and diamonds being graded. So when you leave their laboratory, your jewellery will not only be protected but look like new again too... [more info, fees, reviews etc]

GemLab Jewellery Valuers

GemLab Jewellery Valuers

Auckland, New Zealand

Rating (4 reviews)
5 star5.0

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GemLab has a range of options to suit your needs, while-you-wait, one hour, same-day, insured courier and via a nationwide network of selected jewellers. The team of six qualified Valuers and Gemmologists is headed by Paul Nilsson a highly respected valuer who is known internationally for his knowledge of appraisal science and valuation ethics.
Valuations for all purposes are supplied but GemLab also have specialist reports relating to insurance claims, including; analysis and evaluation of damaged diamonds / gemstones and post-loss assessments... [more info, fees, reviews etc]

Appraisal info iconTypes of Jewellery Valuations

Only those specifically referred to on this page are described here

Further types will be mentioned on the Valuer's profile pages as there are several other types of valuation reports, each with its own particular wording, purpose, objectives and resulting values. For an expanded list of types, go to the Valuation Definitions page.

Divorce (rarely requested) - this type of valuation is used to help divide the tangible assets of a marital estate. The type of value provided in the appraisal report will typically be determined by law, by agreement between the parties or by the instructions received from the Court. Commonly requested types of value include fair market value, liquidation value, replacement value and/or marketable cash value. The level of detail provided may also be a matter of agreement or decree.

Insurance Replacement Valuation (routinely requested) - To be presented to an insurance company, prior to writing the policy, to enable them to establish their maximum financial exposure in the event of a loss. The value represents the modal retail replacement cost of an item of equal merit from the most appropriate source, usually a Jeweller that regularly sells jewellery, watches or gems of that type. Whether the item is valued on the basis of a new replacement cost or a secondhand retail value is dictated by the type and age of the piece. Some Valuers in New Zealand provide both values in the same valuation report, the latter being quoted as an Indemnity Value.

You may have to look outside the Tauranga area if you require a very specialised service that may be outwith the scope of a normal gem and jewellery appraisal, or if you require a jewellery expert or Gemmologist to travel to another country. Appraisal services such a jeweller's stock audit, Capital Gains assessments and certain types of evaluation for investigations by the Inland Revenue are handled by specialists on JAW but they may not necessarily be featured on this page.
Please see the New Zealand Jewellery Valuers page for more options.