JAW Subscription using Credit Card

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The billing procedure is simple, secure and requires no further input from you, once in place. Your subscription is automatically recurring, but you will be notified in advance of payment being made and you can cancel instantly at any time.

The subscription cost has been lowered to reflect the reduced amount of time we need to spend handling subscriptions manually.


You have two subscription options:

Monthly: £15 (GBP) Per Month.
Spread the cost over 12 low payments.


Yearly: £150 (GBP) Per Year.
Get a £30 discount by paying 1 annual payment.


Managing your subscription: We use Stripe and their authorised partners, InstaPayments, to handle your subscription account. The process is totally secure and PCI compliant. To modify, cancel or suspend your subscription within 24 hours, contact JAW by email or phone.


Want to pay by PayPal?: Go to our PayPal payment page.