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Jewellery Valuer Gourav Sethi, Surat
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About this Valuer

Diamondguru performs a variety of jewellery valuation services for private individuals, businesses, banks and the Government. Gourav Sethi, the owner of Diamondguru, is the appointed Jewellery Valuer for the Office of the Chief Commissioner for Income Tax in Surat and is often instructed in tax investigations where jewellery, diamonds and gemstones are seized or form part of the investigation. Gourav Sethi is an experienced knowledgeable Valuer who is trusted as an honest private practitioner both within Surat and beyond.

Valuations for Private Individuals
Valuation of assets for the public can very often include jewellery and gems, particularly in the case of joint families. The valuations are carried out at Diamondguru's office while you watch. You will be able to take all your jewellery away with you once the appointment has finished. A mobile service is also available in cases involving a large quantity of items or where it is not possible for the owner to attend the Valuer′s office. In these instances Gourav Sethi will attend your home or office.

Purchase Verification for Consumers
These valuations are used to establish if the correct price has been paid of jewellery items, diamonds and coloured gemstones (sapphires, rubies. emeralds etc). These purchase verification assessments also check that the details of the gems given by the seller are correct and that all elements of the jewellery are of the same grade as noted on any sales documentation or verbal claims by the vendor.

Valuation of Assets for Businesses
Accurate valuations are crucial for situations involving collateral for bank loans and arrangements with other institutions. Diamondguru can supply the correct documentation for jewellery manufacturers, diamond dealers and retailers when they require closing stock valuations at the end of their financial year. Similarly, Diamondguru is hired by banks to verify the value of stock where a jewellery shopkeeper or dealer is seeking a working capital loan.

Please contact Diamondguru by using the contact links at the top of this page, to enquire about these services.


The Business

  • Private Practice & Trade Valuer
  • Business mix: Mainly Valuations
    Also market analysis
  • Principal + 0 staff valuers
  • Mon - Sat: 10am to 6pm
  • Mobile lab & at the Valuer′ office


  • Per-item, time-based & percentage fees
  • Cards accepted via PayPal
  • Full valuation reports start at Rs2000


  • FPDC
  • BA(Journalism), MA(Commerce)


  • SDA (Board Member)

Government Registration

  • OCCIT Income Tax Dept. in Surat



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Diamond Guru
9 Panchratna
Gujarat 395003

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  • Chargeable, Close-by
  • Visitors by appointment only
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