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Jewellery Valuer - Padraic Lavin
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About this Valuer

JVI (Jewellery Valuations Ireland) is Ireland′s premier independent jewellery and gemstone valuation service, established 2010 by Padraic Lavin FGA PJ Dip to provide professional jewellery, diamond and watch valuations tailored to your needs, whether they be for Insurance, Cash Liquidation, Probate, Transaction Dispute Resolution or confirmation of quality and authenticity of a recent purchase.
Items valued include all types of antique and modern jewellery, loose diamonds, gemstones, and watches.

Valuation Report

The completed appraisal report records the results of a thorough examination, metal tests, diamond grading assessments and quality characteristics. The detailed report, together with several photographs of each item, is provided in both bound print and digital form, containing all the information necessary to support and justify an insurance claim, in an easy to read format.
Accompanying Diamond ‘Certificates’ are checked for authenticity and that they correctly match the diamond(s) in your ring.

Your Jewellery History

At JVI Padraic Lavin FGA recognizes the enormous importance that jewellery has in marking some of the most important events in people′s lives, becoming milestones in the inventory of their family history. In many multiple generation families, jewellery represents the only remaining markers in the family narrative.

Apart from establishing and justifying monetary values, JVI regards the completed report, as a golden opportunity to explore with you the unique features and history of your individual items.

Padraic Lavin FGA brings to bear on his work as a jewellery valuer, enthusiasm and a broad spectrum of experience in the jewellery industry, derived from his work over a period of 50 years, as a teacher/trainer to the jewellery trade, university lecturer in gemmology, goldsmith, watchmaker and retailer.

  • Have the comfort of knowing that you jewellery is accurately valued, neither over nor under insured.
  • In the event of a loss have the confidence that your claim will be settled free of hassle.
  • Have the assurance that your important purchase is genuine.


Private client valuations by appointment are usually carried out at the JVI laboratory office. Depending on the number of items, on a same-day or while-you-wait basis. Typically an engagement ring or other diamond ring valuation for insurance purposes takes approximately one & a half hours.

Call Padraic Lavin FGA PJ Dip now, to discuss your requirements and book an appointment.


The Business

  • Private Practice & Trade Valuer
  • Business mix: Primarily Valuer
    Also Educator
  • Principal + 0 staff valuers
  • Mon - Fri: 9am to 5.30pm
  • Service at the Valuer′s office and via jewellers in 18 Counties in the Republic of Ireland & Co. Down in Northern Ireland.


  • Per-item based fees
  • Cards accepted via PayPal
  • Full valuation reports start at €145


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  • FGA
  • RJDip (Dist)


  • Gem-A
  • AFJ


  • RJI - President′s Award


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Jewellery Valuations Ireland
Pound Street
Co. Roscommon

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  • Free, on-street
  • Visitors by appointment only
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avatarLorna. Galway

Review starsJan 2019

Professional, Knowledgable and Reasonably Priced

I visited Padraic at his office in Ballaghaderreen after we bought my engagement ring abroad and needed it valued for insurance purposes. I set up an appointment with Padraic easily, and found the entire process to be informative and enjoyable.

Padraic explained to me the best way of looking after my ring, and explained the features of value in a diamond. I left him for around an hour while he examined the ring and when I returned, I received a detailed and well presented valuation Report. The detailed report included several photographs of the ring and was presented in a beautiful bound print and on CD, containing all the information necessary to support and justify an insurance claim. Moreover, my ring was imacculately clean and sparkling!

A nice touch, I thought, was the inclusion of a section in the folder for "the story" of how I got my piece of jewellery; Padraic understands the sentimental value of the piece, as well as the monetary value. Padraic is a professional and enthusiastic jewellery valuer, and I felt confident and comfortable that I left with an accurate and genuine valuation.

avatarMargaret. Mullingar

Review starsAug 2018

Ring Valuation

We had the pleasure of meeting Padraic in person last week. We decided to drive up to him in person as opposed to having the rings sent to him as they be gone for 4 days when he will have them valued in 1 hour. He gave us a quick tuturial on the diamond quality and how the light shines through to give it’s sparkle.

We would highly recommend getting a ring valued by Padraic, you get a CD and a printed report for the insurance companies.