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Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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Jewellery Appraiser, Anne Neumann
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About this Appraiser

Established 1977, Harold Weinstein Ltd is one of the leaders in the field of jewellery appraisal in Canada. From their office in downtown Toronto, Anne Neumann and her team of Appraisers and Gemmologists provide high quality appraisals and gemmological reports to the jewellery trade, the jewellery buying public, banks, the legal profession, the insurance industry and Government agencies.

For over 40 years, Harold Weinstein Ltd has been respected for its uncompromising approach to ethical standards. They believe that to be truly independent and offer unbiased opinions regarding quality and value, the Appraiser should be totally divorced from any commercial concerns relating to the products they are analysing; for this reason, this company does not buy or sell jewellery, diamonds, gemstones or watches.

Jewellery Appraisal Services

Appraisal and Valuation procedures are normally carried out on a while-you-wait basis at HWL's office. Your items can be dropped off at a pre-arranged time and collected later, or if you prefer, you may wait in the client waiting area while your jewellery is examined. Appraisals are produced for all purposes, including Insurance, Estate, Divorce etc. for clients in the Greater Toronto area, including Brampton, Mississauga, Oakville, Richmond Hill, Markham and Vaughan.

Gemmological Services

HWL is one of only a few laboratories in the world to have earned the titles of "Independent Certified Gemologist Appraisers" and "Accredited Gemological Laboratory" from the American Gem Society. Diamond Grading Reports (plot diagram included) and Coloured Gemstone Reports can be prepared on unmounted stones. These reports include all the salient elements about your diamond or gem, but do not attribute a value.

Consultations and Litigation Support

Anne and her colleagues are happy to share their expertise on a professional basis as consultants. They have served as arbitrators in disputes between jewellers and consumers for both Canadian and international clients. Anne Neumann has been engaged as an Expert Witness specializing in jewellery, gemstones and diamonds, their identity, quality assessment and value. She has experience working for the prosecution and defence in both civil and criminal cases.


The Appraisers and Gemmologists at HWL have travelled nationwide delivering jewellery-related courses and lectures on behalf of the Canadian Jewellers′ Institute and has been involved in gemmology tuition through George Brown College in Toronto. The classes can be tailored to the needs of jewellers, other members of the jewellery and gemmology profession and also members of the public who have an interest in these subjects.

To enquire about any of these services or to set an appointment, please use the contact links at the top of the page to speak to someone at HWL.


The Business

  • Private Practice & Trade Appraiser
  • Business mix: Appraiser
    Also an Expert Witness and Educator
  • Principal + 1 staff Appraiser
  • Mon - Thu: 9am to 5pm. Fri: 9am to 1pm
  • Mobile lab, via jewellers & at Appraiser′s office


  • Per-item and time-based fees
  • All major cards accepted
  • Full appraisal reports start at $100


  • FCGmA, GG
  • BA, MA


  • AGS, GIA Alumni
  • CJA
  • ASJH


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Harold Weinstein Ltd
55 Queen St. E.
Suite 1301
Canada M5C 1R6

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