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Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

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Branko Deljanin - Diamond Expert
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CGL-GRS is the only jewellery appraisal gemlab in Canada with the necessary knowledge and advanced instrumentation to be able to identify certain types of treatments in diamonds, jade and other gemstones. They have a long association with the Chinese community in Vancouver, many of whom require accurate assessment of the true nature of jade jewellery and carvings.

Jewellery appraisals are carried out for all purposes, including Insurance Replacement, Estate Settlement and Liquidation. All items are extensively described, all gemstones are identified and treatments, if present, are noted. High resolution photographs are also included in your appraisal report and all fees are quoted and agreed upon before the testing and appraisal work starts.

One of the many benefits of using CGL-GRS Swiss Canadian Gemlab is that they are not only offering an independent jewellery appraisal service but are world renowned for their diamond grading, gemstone identification, education and research services, backed by a dedicated team of specialists staff members. This means that no matter how complex or challenging your items are, they have the staff, knowledge and equipment needed to accurately describe and appraise your gemstones, jewellery and diamonds.

The range of services for members of the public and the jewellery trade include:

  • Jewellery Appraisal
  • Gemstone identification and certification
  • Gemstone and diamond treatment analysis
  • Synthetic diamond research
  • Gemmology and diamond education in many countries worldwide
  • Diamond grading, certification and laser inscription

CGL-GRS Laboratory co-organizes the annual Mediterranean Gem and Jewelry Conference where other experts share research results through educational lectures and workshops.

For more information about appraisals or to book an appointment, please use the contact buttons at the top of this page.

CGL-GRS是加拿大唯一享負盛名的寶石實驗室。既有對珠寶鑽石作出專業鑑定評估知識,更擁有 先進的珠寶鑽石鑑檢測儀器。能夠識別鑽石、翡翠寳石等是否天然、人造或染色等類型。在溫哥 華居住的華人,有很多是需要知道他/她們的珠寶玉石,鑽石首飾的真確鑑定及價值。而 CGL-GRS 一直以來都有為華人圈子提供這種優質服務。

珠寶首飾是因為更換保險,資產結算和結業清盤等需要。而CGL-GRS都會為每一件的珠寶玉石, 鑽石首飾提供詳盡數據,圖片分析及發出有效估值證書,以配合上述所需。而一切鑑定及評估費 用,都會預先向客人報價,絕無濫收。

CGL-GRS寶石的實驗室擁有一組專業團隊,先進儀器,並提供一個獨立珠寶鑑定服務。CGL-CRS 是寶石業界翹楚,更肩負研究及培育業界人材。團隊精於各種珠寶玉石,鑽石分級,寶石鑑定等 。


  • 珠寶評估
  • 寶石鑑定及發出估值證書
  • 分析寶石和鑽石是否屬於後天優化
  • 研究是否屬於人造鑽石
  • 在普世寶石界及鑽石學上分級,認證及雷射刻字。

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The Business

  • Private Practice & Trade Valuer
  • Business mix: Primarily a Diamond Grading and Gem Identification.
    Also Appraisal and Education
  • Principal + 1 staff Appraiser
  • Mon - Fri: 9am to 4.30pm
  • At Appraiser′s office


  • Per-item & time-based fees
  • Visa, Mastercard
  • Full valuation reports start at $50


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  • BSc, DGA, DUG, FGA, GG
  • RMV


  • AGA, Gem-A, GIA Alumni,

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CGL - GRS Swiss Canadian Gemlab, Inc.
510 - 409 Granville Street
British Columbia
V6C 1T2

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