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Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

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Megan Austin - Jewellery Valuer
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About this Valuer

Megan is an Independent Jewellery Valuer and qualified Gemmologist registered with the National Council of Jewellery Valuers. She has worked in the industry for over 20 years and has over a decade of experience valuing gems and watches in Brisbane.

Megan believes in maintaining the highest standards of jewellery valuation as promoted by the NCJV and is dedicated to ongoing education. She has a wealth of experience and a long-term commitment to the jewellery valuation industry. Her pride in her work and attention to detail ensures that each piece of jewellery is examined with the care and expertise that it deserves.

She uses a combination of standard gem identification equipment and precision measurement instruments to ensure the most accurate assessment of your gems. These include a loupe, refractometer, polariscope, spectroscope, ultra-violet light and microscope. Diamonds are graded using industry standard 6000-6500K daylight equivalent light and a set of GIA graded master diamonds. Her precision scales are government approved and verified by the National Measurement Institute (NMI) and her measurement gauge is state of the art. Megan has a valuable network of industry contacts and reference material from which to source pricing information and remain informed of market demands and trends.

Megan's clients enjoy the benefits of dealing directly with a valuer as it gives them the opportunity to ask questions about their jewellery and the technical process of valuation. She is an independent valuer and doesn't buy or sell jewellery-related items which means she provides an unbiased valuation. Her clients enjoy her friendly, efficient manner and personal service.

Today, many people have unworn jewellery just sitting in a draw collecting dust. Some items may be new, some inherited and others antique but their quality and value are unknown or the paperwork has been lost. Other people may have purchased a diamond or jewel online and want to verify their purchase. Megan can perform an expert independent third party verification on all of your items, whether newly purchased, gifted or inherited.

She understands the variety of reasons why people want an appraisal & valuation and can prepare yours to suit your purpose; whether it be for insurance replacement, estate, auction reserve, private sale or probate.

Each valuation produced by Megan contains a full description of the item, a value, NCJV stamp and a photograph. This description is very useful if there is ever a need to have your jewel item remade, as in the case of insurance replacement, or in the happy event that you are re-united with a lost or stolen item.

Megan's interest in the jewellery industry began twenty years ago when she completed a Bachelor's Degree in jewellery design. Her passion and appreciation for gemstones, jewellery and manufacture developed over the ensuing years and today she loves to share her gemmological knowledge through journalism.

Megan is a published author and journalist of numerous gemmological and valuing articles for industry publications such as Gemworld International and The NCJV Valuer. She is a regular contributor to Jeweller Magazine, specifically the Gemmological Association of Australia's (GAA) Gems Page.

She offers one-hour while-you-wait valuations by appointment for those who prefer to wait for their items to be evaluated. Relax in the comfort of her air-conditioned waiting room, or browse the nearby luxury shops until your valuation is completed. Alternately, you may arrange to collect your items at a later date at your convenience.

Her secure office is conveniently located on level 2 in the Heritage listed National Australia Bank Building at 180 Queen Street Mall, in the heart of the Brisbane CBD.

A mobile laboratory service is also available to those who would appreciate having their precious items valued in the familiar surroundings of their home or office. A minimum number of items are required for this service, which also incurs a travel fee.

Contact Megan today for a free quote and an appointment by using the contact buttons at the top of this page.


The Business

  • Private Practice & Trade Valuer
  • Business mix: Valuer
    Also Author
  • Principal + 0 staff valuers
  • Mon - Fri: 9am to 4pm
  • At Valuer′s office


  • Per-item based fees
  • All major cards accepted
  • Full valuation reports start at $90


  • NCJA (statement of Attainment)


  • GAA, Gem-A
  • NCJV


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Megan Austin Valuations
Level 2/Suite 210
180 Queen Street Mall
Queensland 4000

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