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A JAW Associate Gemmologist with a gemological microscope Definitions of jewellery appraisal types

Definition of Appraisal / Valuation Types, by Country

Specifically for the Gem and Jewellery Disciplines

Any single item of jewellery can have several very different values ascribed to it depending on the purpose of the valuation. This fact is often overlooked by consumers, who are inclined to think that the ‘worth’ of an item is fixed, irrespective of what that figure is supposed to represent. To say to an Appraiser ‘I would like my ring appraised’ means nothing until why you want to know the value has been established and what you intend to do with that information.
A good appraiser will of course ask a few pertinent questions to establish your motivation but it helps enormously if you have some insight into the options that are available to you.

Below are links to pages that list and explain the various appraisal types, relative to the country in which you are located.


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