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Jewellery Appraisers of the World provides a valuable resource to consumers wishing to find a respected Appraiser in their own area. A professionally created jewellery valuation prepared by a highly qualified and experienced Jewellery Valuer is the very best foundation for protecting your treasured jewellery.

All the Valuers and gem labs featured on JAW are full-time professionals whose principal business activities are jewellery appraisal, valuation, gemstone identification and diamond grading. For your further protection, all JAW Associates featured on this directory have had their qualifications and memberships checked and verified. This ensures that your jewellery, diamonds, gemstones and watches receive the very best analysis and that you obtain an appraisal and valuation report that has been produced with expertise and pride.

For additional confidence, we invite reviews from the business's previous clients. These are published on the Appraiser's profile page. Again, this information has been verified as being genuine using our unique verification system, carried out by humans, not algorithms.

  • Respected
    All JAW Associates are respected Jewellery Valuers and Appraisers. Many are world-renowned within the jewellery appraisal profession.
  • Verified
    The Appraisers' qualifications, memberships and awards are verified. You may also check the quality of the service provided by viewing past clients' candid reviews, which are also verified by us.
  • Trusted
    All of our Associates are highly ethical professionals. Their integrity and standard of work is the very best that the profession can offer. Your trust in them is well-founded.
  • Ad-free
    Unlike other directories, there are no adverts on JAW... not a single one. No irritating automated pop-ups and scrolling banners, just the information you need to find a quality jewellery appraiser near you.


Select your country below to find a jewellery apraiser near you. Consumer advice can be found in the Consumer Resources section, this contains information to assist the jewellery-buying public, for example: Types of Jewellery Appraisals, Jewellery Articles and Jewellery Trade Asociations etc.

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